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    Observations on 12/31/17 USTA Ratings

    Interested to know what folks are seeing in different areas. Here in NC this is what I notice initially: Usually always a handful of guys that get bumped down to 2.5. This year only 1 Also very few males bumped down to 3.0 or 3.5 Not a lot of movement overall 4.1% of players bumped down 7.0%...
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    Who should play the ad side?

    The lefty/righty combination thread got me thinking. When playing doubles what's your opinion if neither player has a side preference and given that both players are right handed. Should the stronger player play the ad or deuce side? My preference is always for the stronger player to play...
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    SI article on changing tennis scoring The proposal is to essentially change from 6 games to a super-super tiebreak to 24 pts. Thoughts?
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    Why no Self-Rating guidelines for coaches?

    Recently became aware of a player that coached d3 tennis for 3 years. Self-rated as a 3.0. He blew everyone away at 3.0. Got dq'd to 3.5 and continued to blow players away but now does have a 3.5 C rating which I anticipate will become 4.0C at the end of 2016 because there are no 3.5 players...
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    2016 USTA Regs eliminate 2.5 men/mixed nationals

    Just went through the 2016 regulations. Looks like very few changes. One thing that seems way overdue is the elimination of 2.5 men and 2.5 mixed at nationals. Having seen men that are computer rated 2.5 players they should not be advancing to anything.
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    Ladies 2.5 Tennis Is Serious Business

    Wife just called me after her combo 5.5 match. The team they played hadn't lost a ct all year. My wife's ct 1 team won. After the match the ct 1 opponent refused to shake hands and the 2.5 opponent stormed off the ct. Then a few minutes later she came back and got in the 3.0 on my wife's...
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    Are You Good Enough To Be a Tennis Line Judge?

    Pretty cool little game by the WSJ. There are always threads about line calls. So let's see how good everyone is.
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    Hanes Cool DRI Shirts

    Anyone else use these for tennis? Personally I can't say enough about them. Great and lightweight. Seem to hold up really well. Have been wearing them for about a year now and just ordered another batch. Wait for a sale on their site and look for a $1.99 shipping sale. Awesome shirts and...
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    Are DQs From USTA Leagues Down This Year?

    Can not find a single instance in our area of a DQ this year and the season is over for most teams. Anyone else notice a lack of DQs or is it just an anomaly that we haven't had any?
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    Are there game penalties for lateness in USTA League play

    Friend at Court has the game penalties but it looks like that might just be for Tournaments with a referee. In officiated league matches is there a penalty for lateness other than a default after 15 mins? I know some sections/local leagues might have their own rules published but in the...
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    When is a ball considered over the net?

    Last night playing doubles I was at the net. Opponent hit a weak ball that floated over the net. I waited to hit it until it seemed part of the ball was on my side of the net but part of it was still over the net so part of the ball was still on their side. Is the ball able to be hit as long...