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  1. R1FF


    Anyone ever signed up with them before? They were supposed to post league schedule yesterday. They didnt. No phone number to contact them. Is this site legit?
  2. R1FF

    Tournament Scoring Question

    What are the official rules or code regarding calling out score during a match? I always call out score on every point when serving. I expect my opponent to call out score when they are serving. As I’ve progressed, I’ve found better players think that calling out the score is beneath them...
  3. R1FF

    Tennis ball life...

    I like to buy a case of balls and open them all up for use of practicing strokes/serve. Naturally, having new balls to practice with is a plus. I use either Penn Marathons or Wilson US Open XDs. In your opinion how long should a case last in this fashion before the “new ball” benefits have...
  4. R1FF

    "Swing" Tennis App

    Anyone else use this? Seems like it would be a useful tool for finding courts and partners to play with but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to find an opponent in my area.
  5. R1FF

    Starting a Tennis Club

    I really love tennis. I think I'll be a junkie the rest of my life. And I really hope my 18mo old daughter falls in love with it also. Unfortunately there are no indoor clubs near where we live and the weather here is pretty poor 6 months out of the year. So because of all this, I've been...
  6. R1FF

    post your All-Time favorite match?

    Hands down my favorite match I’ve ever watched. Im a big Nadal fan but I cant help but appreciate his opponent here. I love all the unorthodox stuff he does.
  7. R1FF

    I've never won a match... LOL

    I started playing tennis exactly 2 years ago at my local club. EVERYONE that plays there has watched my game go from first day to pretty decent. In the beginning, nobody really wanted to hit with me because I was so inconsistent. After about a month I improved so then players would hit with...
  8. R1FF

    returning faults?

    Question... I play with a guy that uses my fault serves as a chance to practice his returns. He also calls fault as he’s swinging. Sometimes I cant tell if it’s a grunt or not. Over time, if my serve is close, I often cannot tell if he’s called a fault or not and Im left guessing or assuming...
  9. R1FF

    Friendly Matches & UTR

    The UTR website says that it takes into consideration friendly matches for the non-verified UTR ranking. It's been a while since I've entered a NTRP tourney but I have entered a non-sanctioned tourney and played plenty of friendly matches against UTR ranked players. How do I enter the results...
  10. R1FF

    what is a "draw line"?

    I always see this on tournaments. But I have no idea what it means, ie: -8
  11. R1FF

    TennisLink Rating System...

    How exactly does it work? Does anyone understand the algorithm? Here's a scenario I saw: Player A - used to be a 4.0 player (won appx 50% of his matches), appealed himself down in 2012 - since then he's entered 33 tournaments - made it to the finals 14 times - won 9 Just in the last 12 months...
  12. R1FF

    250lb+ players...

    Im here to say that I recently witnessed a 250+ lb player that was GOOD. Really good. I mention this because ttwarrior takes a lot of flak from members here. Many think he's trolling or full of crap. And I will concede, that the concept of a 300lb dude playing competitively at a 4.5 level...