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  1. Tranqville

    Seeing the ball clearly for a brief moment - but how do I replicate it?

    I sometimes have these experiences when I see the ball extremely clearly for a brief moment, just fractions of a second. Usually after i hit a great shot, rarely right before I hit the ball. Time slows down, I see the ball shaper, observe its revelations as if in show motion. Usually I have...
  2. Tranqville

    How do I work on fundamentals?

    My weakness is my fundamentals: ball recognition, ready position, split step, unit turn, footwork, contact point, kinetic chain, recovery footwork. I'm often late to the bounce, feel rushed and have late contact point. I'm particularly bad at vertical movement - stepping in for short ball and...
  3. Tranqville

    Excited about Alcaraz - Medvedev matchup

    Among all current ATP players, Medvedev has the game to stop Alcaraz. Medvedev's keys to victory: Backhand-to-backhand pressure Big first serve Alkaraz' keys to victory Dropshots S&V behind kick serve Who do you favor in the matchup and why:
  4. Tranqville

    TWE Matching Service riddle

    @TWE Staff Tried to add a racquet matching service to my order on TWE. I was instructed by support to check out with wire transfer and email the order number, which I duly did. Now trying to pay with a credit card: I was requested to email the cc number, which I cannot do as it's not safe. Is...
  5. Tranqville

    Are 305g, 3-4 HL racquets arm safe? Blade, TF40, RS, Pure Strike, Solinco Whiteout etc

    How do 305g 3-4HL racquets compare to more traditional players' racquets, say 320g 7HL in terms of arm safety? What role does recoil weight play? Why are 305g supposedly better for 2HBH? Are 305s less safe for 1HBH? I consider committing to a 305 racquet (TF40), but worry about its long-term...
  6. Tranqville

    Battle of attacking frames - PST vs Prestige Tour vs TF40 vs PS97

    NTRP 4.0 with big, technically sound groundstrokes, 1HBH, attacking game style closing points at the net, weak serve and fitness. Physically strong and can handle heavy racquets (playing history Dunlop 200G Hotmelt, 12 oz frame). Comfort is important for my wrist and elbow, frequency over 140...
  7. Tranqville

    Modifying VCORE PRO 310 (2021)

    I want to add a bit more SW to my VCP 310: bring it up from 320 to 330. I searched the old threads and the consensus was that it was a difficult frame to modify. Of course, this was about the old versions of 310. Adding weight @12 was often criticized, as the racquet felt sluggish and lost...
  8. Tranqville

    Sensational Roger Federer Interview - injury update and retirement

    It looks like it has not yet been posted in this forum. Most open Federer interview ever!
  9. Tranqville

    Federer disguise - do you see what I see?

    When I watch tennis, I usually try to read the direction of play for each player. Most of the time, I can guess it right. With Federer, I keep getting it wrong, again and again. Is it just me? Even the matches I saw many times before, like the 5th set of AU 2017, when I rewatch them, I keep...
  10. Tranqville

    Tourna Black Zone 16 mains / TNT2 Natural 17 cross

    Tourna Black Zone 16 mains / TNT2 Natural 17 cross I'm new to hybrids. Would this setup work? Yonex VCORE PRO 97 (310) Player NTRP 4.0 aggressive baseliner, full strokes, not a string breaker. Working on a more topspin-heavy game. Current setup: Yonex PT Rev 1.25 @ 48/46 Priorities from...
  11. Tranqville

    Training Regiment NTRP 4.0 - help please!

    I'm looking for advice on how to structure my training sessions. How can I get the most out of limited practice time? NTRP 4.0 in my 40s, coming back to the game after a long hiatus. I play 3 times a week for 1 hour with a pro hitting partner. Plan to start playing in a local league soon...
  12. Tranqville

    please suggest a soft poly, Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    I'm looking for a soft poly/copoly to string my new Yonex VCP 97 310. String pattern 16x19. The frame is a bit muted so I want a lively, responsive yet controlled stringbed. I prefer 1.25 gauge but am open to suggestions. Will string around 40-44 tension, unless you would suggest otherwise for...
  13. Tranqville

    Medvedev about Big 3 egoism

    In an interview with a Russian newspaper, Medvedev praised Djokovich, how he's a genuine guy who cares about people around him, fights for low-ranked players. Federer and Nadal just care about themselves, he said. Is that a fair assessment, what do you think? Medvedev also later said that once...
  14. Tranqville

    How to avoid chronic injuries with modern technique?

    I used to hit a relatively flat ball with moderate topspin. I have now transitioned to a more modern technique both on 1BH and FH. While I'm happy with the control and reliability of topspin play, I noticed it puts a lot of stress on my body, particularly on my wrist, elbow, shoulder, and upper...