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  1. dcdoorknob

    Adding new players for sectionals?

    So I'm on a team that's getting a wild card to sectionals in Texas. Yesterday my captain mentioned that, apparently, there's a new rule that allows a team to add up to 4 completely new players to their team for sectionals that didn't play at all for them in the regular season. Gone is the must...
  2. dcdoorknob

    Math oddities on TennisRecord

    I've noticed some things like this before, but a couple things jumped out about my and my partner's ratings on tennisrecord after my latest doubles match was updated that just don't really make sense to me. So we lost a close match in a 3rd set tiebreak, but our opponents were both rated...
  3. dcdoorknob

    Would you default a match due to the part of town it was in?

    First, I am not the team captain and my understanding of the situation is both second hand and limited, but here is the gist of it: Our mixed team, which I just recently joined, was supposed to have a makeup match today, after a match a couple weeks ago was rained out. The two captains...
  4. dcdoorknob

    2012 ESPN Wimbledon Coverage - Impressive!

    I didn't see a recent thread on this yet. Was just checking out the specifics of the ESPN coverage for Wimbledon this year, and I must say I'm impressed. I'm not really referring to the quality of the commentators or fluff pieces they run, but the quantity is more than I remember before...
  5. dcdoorknob

    local doubles ladder

    Has anyone played in one of these? I've joined one just recently, played for the first time in it last night. Really enjoyed it. The format is: 32 total spots in the ladder (+6 subs/fil-ins), 4 people to a court. You play 8 games with a partner, record the score, and then switch partners...
  6. dcdoorknob

    My 6.0 mixed district recap (too long, will anyone read?)

    Ok, so I played on a 6.0 mixed team at State (or districts, our district is just the state of MS). It was my first USTA playoffs. Had a fun time, figured I'd write up a little recap. I don't know if people will actually find it interesting, but it's fine if you don't and just click to the next...
  7. dcdoorknob

    The other side of USTA leagues

    So far this year I've played in 3 leagues in a total of 11 matches (it would have been more but separate bouts with bronchitis and a sprained ankle cost me a few matches). This admittedly isn't a ton but I wanted to still take a second to share some overall experiences. In those matches, I...
  8. dcdoorknob

    Started breaking strings, does this mean I'm getting better?

    So I had a league match tonight, doubles. I was returning during the first game, didn't quite catch it cleanly, and POP, there went a string. Normally this wouldn't be a problem as I carry a backup, but the same thing happened a couple weeks ago, and I'd put off getting it restrung, this this...
  9. dcdoorknob

    This one felt good.

    So I just felt like sharing. I'll start with a brief back story. A couple years ago I joined a newly forming 3.0 mens team for the spring league. At the end of that year I along with the majority of the team was bumped up to 3.5 in the Great Bump Up (despite only slightly above average...
  10. dcdoorknob

    LOL Tracy Austin

    "Isner is 245 (lbs) in weight, Youznhy 160. So Isner more than.... way more than double." :shock::oops::shock:
  11. dcdoorknob

    Federer may or may not need to count his last days at number 1

    Fed may or may not ever win a match again. Rafa may or may not be the 'real' number one. TT may or may not have enough threads on this topic being discussed at the moment. Discuss.