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  1. George Turner

    Things that could bring me back to tennis.

    Five months ago, i posted the result of the Wimbledon final was a travesty for tennis and i was done with following the the sport. And my opinion on this has not changed one jot. I haven't seen such an undeserving...
  2. George Turner

    Thank you and goodbye

    I have lived on this earth for 30 years and i have never witnessed a sporting result that made me want to stop following a sport. I say this as a Man U fan whose witnessed us turn to rubbish (and Liverpool win their sixth champions league.) An England fan who witnessed that abysmal 2015 rugby...
  3. George Turner

    Big 3s opposition are so bad, we can't assess their form

    Australia 2019. Nadal looked like the GOAT, until he faced Djokovic. Those wins over Tiafoe and Tsit were truly epic. Wimbledon 2019; Nadal looked like the GOAT taking apart old Tsonga and 65th ranked Querrey. Djokovic also looked like the GOAT in that mesmorizing quarter final against...
  4. George Turner

    Federer vs Nadal Wimbledon final 2028

    Will it happen? Who will win?
  5. George Turner

    ATP is heading for a crash

    If the big three didn't exist, we would be looking at a semi final line up of Goffin vs RBA and Querrey vs Nishikori. At the next major throw in four other random names for those semi finals. Like Pouille vs Coric and PCB vs Anderson. The latter has already happened, in a tournament when there...
  6. George Turner

    Jo Konta complains about questioning

    Konta, who is hardly the most clutch player there's ever been, got prickly when a reporter suggested she didn't play the big points well. Is Konta right here? Or was the reporter just doing their job? Are reporters generally fair when questioning...
  7. George Turner

    Are 'baby Fedovic' labels killing players?

    Theres nothing wrong with calling a young player baby x, y or z, if it's a realistic comparison. For example Opelka as baby Isner or Medvedev as Baby Simon is fine. Unfortunately the number of young players who get called Baby Federer or Baby Djokovic is getting out of hand. Dimitrov has...
  8. George Turner

    Nadal toughest draw ever

    In his own words, Sousa is highly dangerous. And Evans would have been aswell. Nadal points out Evans has a good serve. Those 110 mph first serve bombs sure are terrifying.
  9. George Turner

    Is this the diamond gens worst major yet?

    With the third round not even underway, Only three diamond genners remain. Hurkacz, who is not hyped as one of the big prospects. Medvedev, who generally gets mocked for his style of play. And FAA, a prospect whose only recently broken through. Some of the next genners performances were...
  10. George Turner

    Nadal vs Kyrgios; tennis needs more of this Something about this match up is fascinating. The polar opposite styles and attitudes. The obvious dislike of each other. And the fact Kyrgios, for all his faults, is not afraid of playing the big three and isn't beaten before...
  11. George Turner

    Next gen wimbledon watch after R1

    Z- Out Shapo- Out Thieminator- Out Tsit- Out Tiafoe- Out Reilly the Smiley and FFA got through, but the next gens biggest hope for this tournament is now Kyrgios. P.S. future Wimbledon champ in elect Dimi is also out.
  12. George Turner

    Tomic the tank engine strikes again Tomic lost the shortest wimbledon match in 15 years. He barely ran all match, attempted absurd drop shots and made little effort to...
  13. George Turner

    Who has the best nickname in tennis?

    Following on from my "worst nickname" thread.. Theres many good ones that i reluctantly excluded such as Dr.Ivo and Bull.
  14. George Turner

    worst nicknames

    Just a bit of relief from the boring seeding threads we're seeing atm. Who has the worst nickmane in tennis? These are some of the worst IMO. These do not include daft troll nicknames like Nadul, Fraud.erer etc.
  15. George Turner

    "Nearly" players biggest missed opportunity?

    Berdych, Ferrer, Tsonga, Dimitrov, Raonic, Nishikori. Have been "nearly" men for years. Their limitations are apparant; Berdych doesn't get enough from his serve for a big guy, Ferrer cannot win enough service games, Raonic hasn't learned how to hit a backhand etc. What was the major where...
  16. George Turner

    Kyle Edmund believes he can win Wimbledon Discuss the British number ones chances here.
  17. George Turner

    Kyrgios can win Wimbledon

    With the right draw. If Kyrgios draws the likes of Millman, Seppi, Simon, Tiafoe etc. It's just not gonna happen. This lot are too far below Nicks talent level for him to try. He needs a draw that keeps him motivated, like when he decimated Acapulco. This Is the best draw for Nick IMO. R1...
  18. George Turner

    Why has Dimitrov not lived up to the hype?

    For someone with the hype he has received, a career 8 titles is a lousy return. He will not even be seeded for this upcoming Wimbledon Why has he not done better and won majors?
  19. George Turner

    1st round Wimbledon matches i want to see

    I keep hearing Djokovic vs Kyrgios has to happen. There's some others i'd like aswell. Nadal vs Brown Karlovic vs Schwartzman Paire vs Monfils Murray vs Rosol Tomic vs Hewitt Isner vs Opelka Medvedev vs Simon Fognini vs Verdasco PCB vs RBA What you hoping for?
  20. George Turner

    Chung vs Rublev

    Two promising next gens. A grinder vs a ballbasher. Neither of them can serve, neither of them have a notable netgame, neither can play on grass, and they are both very injury prone. But they can hit groundies all day. Very textbook modern players. The question is, who will have the better career?
  21. George Turner

    If only Simon was 10 years younger

    We'd have many more matches like today to look forward to! Like Sampras-Federer back in 2001, we're instead left wondering what might have been if they'd played in the same era. Simon has had his share of thrilling match ups over the years such as David Ferrer and Gael Monfils, but Medvedev is...
  22. George Turner

    Is FAA the next new major champ?

    Watching him at queens, i have to say he already looks a more complete player than Shapo. His groundstrokes are already better and more solid than Shapos and he serves as well as Shapo. FAA obviously has good movement and his return of serve certainly can't be any worse than Shapos. I'm...
  23. George Turner

    Ranking players by return game

    This purely ranks players based on their skill at returning serves across different surfaces, not their ability to win the subsequent rally. 10* -Connors, Agassi, Coria, Murray, Djokovic 10- Chang, Hewitt, Ferrer, Schwartzman 9- Borg, Wilander, Davydenko, Nalbandian, Nadal 8- Lendl, Edberg...
  24. George Turner

    The decline of Kyrgios' mental state

    Interesting video summarising this decline throughout his career. Here, we can see Kyrgios was not always a Tsit. When he first came onto tour in 2013/2014, he actually had a good attitude. Combined with his naturally entertaining style, he quickly became a crowd favourite. The first real...
  25. George Turner

    Is Sascha playing too much? Ofc the guy is a genetic freak, so normal human limitations do not apply to him. Nevertheless 12 tournaments entered in a row is asking a lot, even for him. Is this the best way for him to regain form and peak for...
  26. George Turner

    Dustin Brown, the grass court specialist

    Brown shows he's still got that magic, showing his top form against an elite baseliner in a fantastic clash of styles. This for me shows why homogenization is a sad thing, and that tennis would be more entertaining if there was more grass court tournaments. Other players like Brown would...
  27. George Turner

    Most dangerous unseeded wimbledon player?

    Kyrgios will probably be seeded with his amazing record on grass. So whose the most dangerous outsider?
  28. George Turner

    Is Shapovalov a dark horse for the grass season?

    Shapo had a forgettable clay season, winning only two matches and becoming Struffs bunny (first time anyone has become "Struffs bunny.") From the first time i seen him play it's been obvious his game is gonna be lousy on clay. But he can now put this patch behind him and enjoy playing on a...
  29. George Turner

    If Thiem was playing in the 90's

    He'd probably have won RG three times. He's as good on clay as Prime Jim Courier. He's better than Agassi on clay, who had a very favourable draw when winning it in 1999. He's better than 1996 winner Kafelnikov aswell, though probably not as good as 1995 Muster. Point is, when playing in...
  30. George Turner

    IN other news

    Monfils and Svitolina have both deleted all photos of each other from their instagram and no longer follow each other on instagram. I do not use instagram, this is just information i have seen.