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  1. omniexist

    So who's done?

    I notice some players are pretty much over career wise and some heading that way. Stick a for in 'em done (as in formally retire already): Capriati (haven't even heard from her) Kuerten (spirit is willing the flesh is weak) Seles (said she's still into it but doubt she'll be back) On...
  2. omniexist

    Should Roddick use gamesmenship?

    I know it's unethical but it seems these up in comers go into a zone quite a bit against Roddick. I mean the most I've seen Roddick do was scowl at the opponent. Should he be slow serving (ala Lendl, Nadal) or doing the fake injury bit? Just to break their groove. I know Roddick gets...
  3. omniexist

    Tennis elbow with my diablo mid.

    Hello, I'm experiencing a sore elbow (I guess this is "tennis elbow) after playing with my Diablo Mid. I hit fairly flat on all strokes. I try to whip the racquet around quickly on serve. Is this predicament the racquet or my technique? I got the Diablo because it's supposed to be good for...
  4. omniexist

    So why is Blake bald?

    We know about Agassi... Personally, I think a young guy doing this stinks.
  5. omniexist

    Federer's shirt.

    Saw his match against Ancic. He was wearing a cool Nike shirt. Is it the Nike Control React? It was white with some interesting ventilations holes on the back.
  6. omniexist

    Observation of Roddick/Johannson/Hewitt match.

    I noticed Roddick's groundstrokes (forehand) had just enough topspin (that it bounces high) for Johannson to take a good wack at it. With Hewitt, I think Johannson (or someone) said Hewitt kept the ball low so he couldn't tee of on it. Interesting. :idea: