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  1. Tranqville

    Golfers change clubs based on the surface, so…

    Must check for right underwear before serve.
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    Can you guess my level off a forehand alone?

    My thought exactly. Solid technique, I'd love to see a bit more weight transfer forward and more extension on the follow-through, otherwise all the fundamentals are there.
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    Pure Strike 3rd Gen vs TF40 305 vs EZONE 98 16x19

    I'd strongly consider the new Technifibre Tfight ISO 305g, that combines power, control and feel. It is a viable competitor to Pure Strike. Pure Strike Tour is a perfect combination of power and control, with low string tension it plays comfortably. Give it a try if 320g unstrung weight and...
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    Yoga vs Pilates vs Stretching?

    @atatu How many times per week do you practice Pilates?
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    Fake underarm serve should not be allowed

    I agree with OP. Fake serve should be considered a fault, just like a failure to connect with the ball on a regular serve. In our sport, the point starts after the serve is made. The fake action indicates the start of the point, so if the serve is not delivered, the player faults.
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    Seeing the ball clearly for a brief moment - but how do I replicate it?

    My understanding is that the Zone is a more continuous and flowing experience. My experiences are very brief. It's as if everything becomes more vivid and hyper-real just for a split second.
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    Seeing the ball clearly for a brief moment - but how do I replicate it?

    @Chas Tennis I actually hit with decent topspin, including the winners I mentioned.
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    Seeing the ball clearly for a brief moment - but how do I replicate it?

    I sometimes have these experiences when I see the ball extremely clearly for a brief moment, just fractions of a second. Usually after i hit a great shot, rarely right before I hit the ball. Time slows down, I see the ball shaper, observe its revelations as if in show motion. Usually I have...
  9. Tranqville

    Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO

    With 335 SW, looks like a promising alternative to Pure Strike Tour 3G. I remember Tenncom from Youtube saying that RS plays similar to PST but slightly better. ISO looks like improvement over RS in terms of SW. My only concert is 305g weight, as I really gelled with my 320g racquet and its...
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    Another "racquet advice wanted" thread

    I would suggest Head Speed Pro (2022). Same head size of 100, a bit lighter, similar SW, nice low flex of 60, decent vibration frequency of 140, excellent reviews. Also worth considering: ProKennex Ki Black Ace (315g) Wilson Clash 100 Pro v2 - 2022 Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100 (310) - 2022
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    Is Dominic Thiem back?

    He will get back to peak form by the time Babolat launched Pure Strike Gen 4, that is in 2024 :-)
  12. Tranqville

    Racquet closest to Babolat Pure Control Tour???

    @socallefty You and I believe PST is "very plush", but most reviewers do not recognize it as such. I wonder why. Maybe did not spend enough time with the racquet to find the right string setup?
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    Racquet closest to Babolat Pure Control Tour???

    @socallefty I always wondered how PST compares to Pure Control Tour - I think you played with the latter?
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    Looking for recommendations please

    I second @Bunco 's suggestion - Lotto Raptor Hyperpulse 100. Cushioning is nice, firm and elastic, not mushy at all. Foot doctor Zach of Youtube fame said it's the best shoes in 2022, and that grabbed my attention. Lotto has some special compound material from a partner company that promises...
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    Why does Djokovic lose so many 1st sets?

    My guess is that he needs to warm up his visual system. He has a "lazy" left eye, or some other problem with the left eye that he never disclosed specifically. He starts to hit cleanly towards the end of the first set.
  16. Tranqville

    Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 - 305g

    If arm-friendliness in 305g/98/16x19 format is your biggest priority, Blade V8 16x19, TF40 305 16x19 are your best bets. TF40 is more similar to Pure Strike that the Blade.
  17. Tranqville

    Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 - 305g

    I agree with you - just to be clear, I'm speaking about my experience with PST and comparing it to others in the Pure Strike family, as requested by the OP. I'm happy to recommend a different racquet if it's a better fit. PST is most suitable for baseline/all-court attacking style. I would not...
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    Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 - 305g

    Pure Strike Tour 3d gen is a magic, arm-friendly frame. It's the best Pure Strike in the history of the line. Total sleeper. With the right string setup: natural gut/poly hybrid, or soft poly at low tension, its' actually provides magic feel. It's also arm-friendly, with vibration frequency...
  19. Tranqville

    Former 6.1 18x20 user trying to decide what to upgrade to

    PST and regular lighter PS 16x19 are quite different. PST is more stable, better plough, less vibrations, overall a better racquet.
  20. Tranqville

    Tecnifibre TF40 305 vs 315 vs Yonex VCore Pro 97 310

    If you plan to develop a modern topsin game, I recommend TF40 305 16x19 as a racquet you can play and grow with long-term. With your current assumed level of play, a more power-oriented stick like EZONE would work better.
  21. Tranqville

    looking for a raquet with a bit more power than vcore pro 310 (2019) but still a decent amount of control

    I was on the same quest a few months back, played with VCP 97 310, wanted more power. Switched to Pure Strike Tour 3d Gen, extremely happy with it. You need a racquet with high twistweight: it will help your 1HBH stability and will work well with flatter forehands (extreme topsin benefits from...
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    Former 6.1 18x20 user trying to decide what to upgrade to

    The stock form is excellent! That was a major appeal for me, because in the past I had difficulty customizing lighter frames to my liking.
  23. Tranqville

    Former 6.1 18x20 user trying to decide what to upgrade to

    PST is a magic racquet. It has excellent weight and flex distribution. Feel, control, and power - it has it all. Great comfort and arm safely, as well.
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    Dunlop 200G Hotmelt 95

    I played with Holtmelt in 2000s. It's a very arm-friendly stick. However, very low-powered, would not recommend it for a modern game. @StanAO14 analysis is spot-on. Both Hotemlt and PT 2.0 have tiny sweet spots. Yonex Vcore Pro D or previous model HD is very arm-friendly, plays modern but...
  25. Tranqville

    Cushioned, stable shoes

    I found Lotto Raptor Hyperpulse 100 to be super stable and maneuverable. Best tennis shoes I ever had. As I have chronic Achiless tendonitis and an assortment of other foot pains, cushioning is important for me. The level of cusioning is medium-high. The sides and uppors are also comfortable...
  26. Tranqville

    Fellow tennis lovers ---need advice .

    Transitioning from PD, you don't want to make too big a change that either raquet you're suggesting would represent. Considering the age, playing level and previous racquet, I guess you still want to get extra free power with a bit more comfort and arm safety. I would suggest: Yonex Ezone 100
  27. Tranqville

    Help with new racquet

    You need an attacking frame. Within 305g range, Technifibre RS 305 (more power) or TF40 305 16x19 (more feel) will work well. Transitioning from PS 18x20, you will feel right at home with RS 305. If you're open to playing with a heavier stick, consider: Babolat Pure Strike Tour 3d gen...
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    Light Replacement Grip?

    Wilson Pro Perforated - light, absorbs well, feels amazing, kind of cusioned. You will have to replace it often.
  29. Tranqville

    Lotto Raptor 2021

    Just played the first practice in my new Hyperpulse 100 today. I wear size 13, bought 13 and the fit was perfect. Size 13 for them is 30,5cm, I normally wear 31cm, so the fit is slightly larger indeed, as reported. Very happy with the shoes, not much to add to what previous posters have said...