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  1. itrium84

    Alcaraz will not reach SF at RG2022

    Yeah, he's hot right now, and he deserves all the attention with his great clay results, but - he's not ready enough to win few 4 and 5-setters in a row, not experienced enough to overcome troubles of GS tournament format. I expect last year RG Musseti game level and results from Alcaraz this year.
  2. itrium84

    Novak: all-time surface rating

    Is it too optimistic to expect that by the end of his career, Novak will end up as: #1 HC player all-time #2 Grass player all-time #3 Clay player all-time ?
  3. itrium84

    2 consecutive wins against Novak

    So far in 2021, only 3 players had the opportunity to beat Novak 2x in a row. Nadal - Won Rome, lost RG Zverev - Won OI, lost USO Medvedev - Won USO, lost Paris What should they change in their game in order to beat GOAT in two consecutive matches in 2022? So far, it seems like impossible task...
  4. itrium84

    Fedal - Last 3 biggest wins against Novak

    Which ones would those be? Which 3 for Fed, which 3 for Rafa?
  5. itrium84

    Nadal's indoors ATG position

    In your all time list, what place does Rafa take among indoors ATGs? Which players are definitely in front of him? How many overall ATGs are behind Rafa indoors?
  6. itrium84

    Greatest era timeframe

    I trully believe Big3 era is greatest in tennis history, in front of Laver-Rosewall-Gonzales era. It started in USO2007 - when last of the big3 entered his first GS finals. It ended in W2019 - when first of the big3 entered his last GS finals. That's the timeframe. Almost 12 years period, it was...
  7. itrium84

    Fed can't win W2021

    Is there anybody here believing Fed can't win W2021, especially among his fanbase?
  8. itrium84

    Young and old ATGs

    Young ATG is the ATG player before his 1st GS title win. Old ATG is the ATG player after his last GS title win. It's quite simple.
  9. itrium84

    Murray OG record

    Murray has won the same number of OG gold medals as ALL atg+goat players combined! Amazing! Can we draw any conclusions from this fact?
  10. itrium84

    Slamless Medvedev to reach no1?

    What do you think?
  11. itrium84

    Big3 no2

    How long has each member of big3 been no2? Lew, anyone?
  12. itrium84

    Big3 underrated achievements

    What are most underrated achievements of big3 players you are NOT a fan of? Fed - His insanely long and sustained dominance 2004-2007. It's rarely praised, even by Fed fans. Reason for this would be toxic weak era arguments, every single time his dominance is mentioned. Fed fans should be...
  13. itrium84

    Wimbledon 2040

  14. itrium84

    Does Nadal deserve his no2 position

    ...since he earned less points than Thiem in 2020?
  15. itrium84

    Novak lost the 1st round in Vienna

    Lost to Kevin Anderson, not a big surprise.
  16. itrium84

    Vienna M500 draw

    People are saying this year Vienna M500 draw is (one of) the strongest in last 20 years. How much truth do you find in this statement? How many M500 tournaments had stronger draw in this timeframe, which ones and why?
  17. itrium84

    2020 no1 - points and fairness

    At the moment, there are only 2 contenders for 2020 year no1 spot, Nadal and Djokovic. If we look at their "real" points earned so far (points they actually won), here is the situation: Djokovic - 6365 atp points Nadal - 3290 atp points That's 3075 atp points difference. Theoretically, Nadal...
  18. itrium84

    If Novak wins RG2020..

    .. he will overtake Nadal at no2 in GOAT race. In case he wins, it will be: Most weeksNo1 in history Most yearsNo1 in history Most big titles Most m1000's NCYGS 2xCGS Win against clay God in RG finals Better H2H Having 1 slam more can't cover for so much better career portfolio, it's not even...
  19. itrium84

    20 with asterisk

    Should there be an asterisk on Fed's 20, because W2020 is a title taken from Djokodal hands? During his long career, Fed was never in a situation GS title was unobtainable for him, but Rafa and Novak lost a very important chance to add 1 W title to their tally. Because of this, it's fair to say...
  20. itrium84

    Lew made a YouTube video about Novak

    ... and here is what he said:
  21. itrium84


    There are less than 3000 male and female tennis players on atp/wta tour. Imagine if those organizations (+itf) gave a pay for all of them, 1000$ each. For majority of players, this is life-saving money, pro or not-pro money. Total annual sum for this would be less than 35 million. That's just...
  22. itrium84

    Wikipedia GOATs

    Do you agree with Wikipedia on this? Sent from my Mi 9T using Tapatalk
  23. itrium84

    Wimbledon - Fed 8 and Nole 8

    Hypothetical scenario - both Federer and Djokovic end their careers with 8 Wimbledon titles. Which one of them would you consider greater grass player? My answer - Novak, because of H2H and historic 40-15. Sent from my Mi 9T using Tapatalk
  24. itrium84

    USO and RG 2020 - Rafa and Nole

    Scenario - Rafa wins USO2020. Novak wins RG2020. Would you be ok with this, and why not? Sent from my Mi 9T using Tapatalk
  25. itrium84

    Novak's career agenda

    From his interviews during last year or so, I get the this clear vibe of Novak's career agenda - he wants all important records: Most slams Most YECs Most no1weeks Most no1years All the titles, OG gold included He wants to nail his goatness down, to leave no breathing room for any...
  26. itrium84

    Rafa-Novak GS count since 2007

    Before Novak won his 1st GS title, Rafa already had 3 under his belt. Since 2007, during last 12 years, they both won 16. I'm not sure there's some strong conclusion to be made based on this info, I just find it interesting. (Also, Rafa had won 17 titles before Novak got his 1st) Sent from my...
  27. itrium84

    Pure admiration

    This was dominant emotion I felt during 5th set of W finals, and even more of it after the match. Pure admiration for both of them. Second one was - big relief immediately after Novak won. Happiness was on the 3rd place, but it's still mixed up with disbelief. This is the greatest tennis match...
  28. itrium84

    Possibly realistic scenario for RG2019

    Nadal basically cakewalks through until finals, similarly to his AO2019 run. Plays the finals fresh, ready and focused, like in Rome 2019. Novak wins easily first few rounds, then wins the QF with few problems, barely wins the SF against Thiem (3-1 or 3-2), after long and exhausting match...
  29. itrium84

    2xNCYGS Novak vs Laver

    If Djokovic wins RG this year, winning another NCYGS, does that make him greater than Laver? I would say yes, and here is my reasoning: Laver's OE CYGS is (arguably) greater than Novak's 2015/16 NCYGS, but not as much as Novak's (potential) 2018/19 NCYGS is greater than Laver's amateur CYGS...
  30. itrium84

    Should RG central court be renamed again?

    It's name was "court central" until 2001, when it was renamed to "Philippe Chatrier" after important french tennis official, so there's no long history of this name. I believe Rafael Nadal made most significant mark on this court, of any player at any tennis court in history. I believe that the...