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  1. George Turner

    Things that could bring me back to tennis.

    Five months ago, i posted the result of the Wimbledon final was a travesty for tennis and i was done with following the the sport. And my opinion on this has not changed one jot. I haven't seen such an undeserving...
  2. George Turner

    Thank you and goodbye

    I have lived on this earth for 30 years and i have never witnessed a sporting result that made me want to stop following a sport. I say this as a Man U fan whose witnessed us turn to rubbish (and Liverpool win their sixth champions league.) An England fan who witnessed that abysmal 2015 rugby...
  3. George Turner

    Kyrgios wants Fed to win Wimbledon

    Whens Nick gonna be in a major final
  4. George Turner

    First tennis robot was Federer

    Lendl was the first tennis robot. Djokovic has taken that mantle.
  5. George Turner

    Fed has a chance to secure his legacy Sunday

    AO 2017 was the match to secure the GOAT status. The final one before Dimitrov and the next gen took over. Two and a half years later, with the big three having won all the majors since, we are indeed still making these threads.
  6. George Turner

    Can we agree now that Nadal is way past his prime?

    If they played in the 80's -Federer would have great matches against Prime Mcenroe at Wimbledon. I believe Federer would edge out Becker and Edberg there, particularly the former whose big serving style would play into Federers hands. -Djokovic vs Connors, McEnroe and Lendl at US open would be...
  7. George Turner

    Can we agree now that Nadal is way past his prime?

    Actually today was peak Nadal, the best he's ever played, and was also Fedrs greatest match. Nadal managed to top his performance in the AO final this year where he also peaked. ^^People who write this BS clearly didn't watch tennis from the previous decade. They probably think Thiem would...
  8. George Turner

    The greatest problem Nadal has off clay now

    Nadal has no wins over Djokodal off clay since 2014 Australian open (not in any tournament!) He relied on speed to get wins before then. Nowadays he has to be more of a shotmaker to make up for that declining speed. That is great against the rest of the field (he could beat them walking...
  9. George Turner

    Congratulations Roger! A brilliant win

    -Kyrgios has won about 12% of return games this year. -Querrey is a poor man's Roddick -Tsonga is at 19% for his career and is well past his best. He was abysmal against Rafa -Sugita and Sousa aren't worth mentioning. Your point is spot on ;)
  10. George Turner

    Big 3s opposition are so bad, we can't assess their form

    Australia 2019. Nadal looked like the GOAT, until he faced Djokovic. Those wins over Tiafoe and Tsit were truly epic. Wimbledon 2019; Nadal looked like the GOAT taking apart old Tsonga and 65th ranked Querrey. Djokovic also looked like the GOAT in that mesmorizing quarter final against...
  11. George Turner

    Would Rafa have won if he was seeded [2] instead of [3]?

    Exactly right. Clear bias from the seeding commitee cost Nadal the match. Outrageous.
  12. George Turner

    Now don't tell me Fed is not peaking

    Best Federer performance ever, best Nadal performance ever. They will peak again next year.
  13. George Turner

    Nadal v Federer over hyped

    This is a terrible match all right. I'd rather watch a re run of Djokovic-Goffin, or one of his beatdowns over Nishikori. True drama.
  14. George Turner

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: S Williams vs. B Strykova

    I already made a thread talking about this issue. Feel free to add to it ;) This thread though is focused on the Williams - Strykova "match."
  15. George Turner

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: S Williams vs. B Strykova

    Crowd really got their moneys worth there. Hopeless mismatch.
  16. George Turner

    ATP is heading for a crash

    If Sampras/Agassi never existed; -Ivan Lendl wins a ninth major at US open 1990 -Ivanisevic would have won two or three Wimbledons. Becker would have increased his tally to four or five. Goran might also have won the 1996 US open. -Stich would have US open 1994 -Rafter would have won Wimbledon...
  17. George Turner

    Federer vs Nadal Wimbledon final 2028

    Will it happen? Who will win?
  18. George Turner

    The ATP is a joke.

    This Querrey-Nadal match is epic. Really dangerous QF opponent in Nadals toughest draw ever!
  19. George Turner

    The ATP is a joke.

    RBA to win Wimbledon ;)
  20. George Turner

    ATP is heading for a crash

    Kei has become David Ferrers spiritual replacement. While there is a role in Tennis for a Ferrer/Nishikori, we need a bit more than this to have a healthy, deep tour.
  21. George Turner

    Wimbledon 2019 QF : Roger Federer (3) -SUI vs Kei Nishikori(8) -JAP

    That scoreline flattered Kei, he was struggling almost every service game. Normally a player who wins 57% of the overall points will win in three easy sets.
  22. George Turner

    ATP is heading for a crash

    The WTA is too inconsistent for my liking (what the heck is going on with Osaka right now!) But yes the ATP would be in a worse state without the big three. Players like Goffin, RBA, Anderson etc. Would struggle to get past the fourth round in any other era. When next gen megastar Shapo loses...
  23. George Turner

    ATP is heading for a crash

    I don't see it as realistic, but if Murray did make it back to that level i would be very happy. Uncompetitive Quarter finals like Djokovic vs Goffin are not good for the sport and they're a regular occurance now!
  24. George Turner

    ATP is heading for a crash

    If the big three didn't exist, we would be looking at a semi final line up of Goffin vs RBA and Querrey vs Nishikori. At the next major throw in four other random names for those semi finals. Like Pouille vs Coric and PCB vs Anderson. The latter has already happened, in a tournament when there...
  25. George Turner

    Jo Konta complains about questioning

    In both cases the player appeared to be saying what they thought, and it turned into a story. British Reporters like to find stories, this reporter seemed to be poking the bear so to speak. She sounds like she could be a British PE teacher. Although i'm no Konta fan i personally have a soft...
  26. George Turner

    Jo Konta complains about questioning

    Konta, who is hardly the most clutch player there's ever been, got prickly when a reporter suggested she didn't play the big points well. Is Konta right here? Or was the reporter just doing their job? Are reporters generally fair when questioning...
  27. George Turner

    Double standards? Fognini fined just $3,000 for saying Wimbledon should be bombed while Kyrgios gets $8,000 in fines

    That isn't an apology at all. It's like doing monkey chants at a football game then saying sorry if anyone was offended. The word "sorry" alone does not constitute an apology. That said, Kyrgios' offense was worse. Fog obviously doesn't literally mean he wants Wimbledon bombed. It's like when...
  28. George Turner

    Querrey vs RBA Wimbledon final: would you watch?

    I would be quite happy to see either win. Sure their games aren't that interesting to watch, but at least it would create a feel good story among all the dross we see on the ATP these days.