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  1. tyu1314

    Any news on the new Wilson Blade?

    The last version has been released over two years ago, shouldn't there be a new one this year?
  2. tyu1314

    Does Head youtek IG prestige mid grommet fit on microgel mid?

    I see that there is no longer grommet for microgel/youtek prestige mid. Does the youtek ig prestige mid's grommet fit on microgel/youtek mid?
  3. tyu1314

    Does the 2015 blade 18x20 grommet works for the older versions?

    I have a 2011 gold blade 98 18x20. Update: No, it doesnt. Figured it out the hard way,even cutting and trimming doesnt work.
  4. tyu1314

    blade 18x20 gold/black vs silver/black vs green/black

    I have been using the 2011 blx blade 98 18x20 for a while, and I am considering of updating it. I have no complains about my current racquet of choice. Just wondering what is the difference between the gold/black and the newer edition.
  5. tyu1314

    Black out Federer racquet retail version for 200USD.

    Found this on the taobao,chinese version of eba/y. The title says it is authentic. Maybe since the racquet is manufacture in China, some of them got leaked out? The descriptions says recently a secret batch has arrived in China. What do you guys think??
  6. tyu1314

    Main 6holes pull from top, 8 holes pull from bottom

    Hi , i am just wondering why when the number of holes at the throat is 6, you pull from the top, and when the number of holes is 8, you pull from the throat? I learned it from the instruction manual, but always wonder does it matters? The other day, i was trying to string a 16x19 racquet...
  7. tyu1314

    video gamer get scholarship for college!

    Robert Morris University just added League of Legend, a popular online game into its school's athletic program. The e-sport athletes will have the same treatment as the normal athletes. What do you guys think...
  8. tyu1314

    My forehand wants you

    Hi, i am looking for advice on improving my forehand.:) I have been playing for about 4 years and have never taken any lesson. I am the one in blue near the camera. Any advice or comments are welcome.
  9. tyu1314

    Are apparels from different season same?

    I am just wondering are there a difference between summer clothing line and winter clothing line? Like are the shirts or shorts thicker or thinner? I am not so sure about this because i know that pros travel around the world and play in high temperature through out the year.
  10. tyu1314

    3.0-3.5forehand warm up(1min video)

    This video is filmed approximately 5mins after i start hitting. Sorry the video is so short, I forgot to charge the battery,and it went dead after like4mins. Whole...
  11. tyu1314

    yt extreme pro and ig extreme pro same grommet?

    Does IG extreme pro grommet fit the youtek extreme pro?
  12. tyu1314

    klippermate older version part broken

    I just helped my friend bought a klippermate on the bay, it arrived but the rocker bumper is broken . The problem is, this is the older version, and the one they sell on klipperusa is the new one and is larger, which cant fit into the older machine. Any advice?? I contacted the seller, he does...
  13. tyu1314

    which of the two blx 61 95 16x18 is fake?

    I just realize my two six one 95's PJ is different, the decals are not in the same position.Both racquets play really different,i first thought its because the wilson quality control. Which one is fake? right or left?
  14. tyu1314

    Why some usless thread got views?

    Just wondering, threads in the reference section that has 0 replys has like 50-80views.Who is that bored and click those thread?
  15. tyu1314

    Is this the reason why people hate eagnas?? I know that eagnas machine use cheaper parts, but you pay what you get for.Just wondering is this the reason why so many people dislike eagnas machine?I never use their machine, but i will probably not buy machine from this company because i read so many awful...
  16. tyu1314

    Any one know about this wilson racquet? price is over 1000usd

    I found this racquet on a chinese site(tmall), and the price vary from 6K RMB TO 8.888K RMB, which equivalent to 970usd to 1438usd [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] Do you guys know about this racquet? Did they ever release it in US??
  17. tyu1314

    Novak Djokovic apparel is finally available online!!
  18. tyu1314

    Signum propoly:fiber titan,special,power 17g

    Any one have experience with those three strings? Which one is better? Also, signum pro mega force. I can not find much information about those strings through search.
  19. tyu1314

    Could this be the new wilson racquet? design is same as the six one series.
  20. tyu1314

    Wilson Tour Ikon Silver problem

    I play with this shoe for like two hour,and i almost roll my angle 4times. Is this only me? I never have this problem with other wilson shoes, such as wilson tour vision, and tour spin.
  21. tyu1314

    Indoor har tru ball

    what type of ball should i use? the regular duty one? i know those are for indoor hardcourt, what about indoor har tru?
  22. tyu1314

    Would be get sue or be arrest if you hurt your opponent??

    I am just wondering is it a crime if you hurt your opponent really bad with tennis shot ? Like a big smash into him at the net, are they able to call the cop on you?
  23. tyu1314

    12days of saving

    Is this promotion only for apparel? would there be shoes, racquet ,or string?
  24. tyu1314

    When would the new six one be out?

    2014? Or 2015?
  25. tyu1314

    tension for pacific classic natural gut

    I am just wondering what tension should i strIng my pacific classic natural gut 16g. I usually use BHBR 16G 52LB on blx six one 95 16x18.This is my second time using NG, I am always a full poly user. The last time i tried mamba premium natural 16g at 56 and think that it was too mushy so i...
  26. tyu1314

    2010 6.1 95 16x18 to new blade??

    I am considering switching from my current blx six one 95 16x18 to the new blade 98 16x19, or blade 93(if there is a 16x19). I like my 6.1 95 16x18,it gives me easy power ,control and nice feel , but the cosmetic of the new blade is just impossible to resist. I am just wondering what change...
  27. tyu1314

    different type result can get from a dropweight?

    So, on this forum i heard bunch of comments like using certain method would produce certain effect. I am stringing on a klippermate and how can i change the feel of stringbed that is string at the same tension?
  28. tyu1314

    UNIQLO would have online store!!!!!!!!!!

    just checked their website, they say there would be online store. sign up for newsletter and be the first one to know.!!
  29. tyu1314

    How do you ship strings and shirt.

    Which method is the cheapest and efficient to ship string or shirt.How do you get the packaging stuff?.. I never ship other things beside tennis racquet.
  30. tyu1314

    Tourna Liquicool Towel Tube

    Any one ever try this? I have the frog togg chilly pad,and wonder how this compare to frog togg's.