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  1. Eddie G

    Rotation Style Play For Public/Park Tennis Courts

    Hi Tennis Nation, Do any of you all remember the details to the rotation-style play used in tennis courts when 5 people are present? This system rotates the 5th player in so that everybody gets to play. I just cannot remember whether the rotation happens a) After every game or b) After every...
  2. Eddie G

    What To Do About Shoe Strings - Barricade Shoe Strings!!!

    Hi all, So I got this Adidas Barricade (Link Here). Awesome shoe when the laces stay firm for the first 30 minutes of play. However, after usually that 30-45 minute mark the lacies basically get loose and just ambushes my footwork. Have any of y'all had this loose lace issue with the...
  3. Eddie G

    Overhead View of Foot Positions During Serves

    Hi all, Could you all please take a look at the foot positions provided with the links (Position1 and Position2) below. So is it true that the left foot should always point to the target direction of your intended serve? I indicated the target direction with the purple arrow. My spidy senses...
  4. Eddie G

    Pressureless vs Pressured Balls

    Hi guys, So ok, I get that most practice balls are pressureless balls, and that balls you use in games are pressured. Where I draw a question mark is whether you're supposed to use pressured balls sometime during practice so you can accurately simulate the "real game" feel right before a game...
  5. Eddie G

    Twisted Calf Muscle Twice (Because of Spin Balls): Is This Common?

    Hi guys, Know those balls where people just spin the ball like crazy, and instead of the ball bouncing along its flight trajectory it either goes sideways or straight up. I have twisted my right calf muscle twice due to my muscles having to instantly trying to adjust to the unexpected ball...
  6. Eddie G

    Drills for Speeding Up Racquet Movement

    Hi guys, I'm new to tennis and wondered what is the popular drill to improve the speed of your racquet movement especially those times you're switching from forehand to backhand as well as when volleying. I've seen a couple of tennis players at the court where I play at that seem to have...
  7. Eddie G

    Weird: My Opponent Hits Baseline-hugging, High Bouncing Balls

    How exactly do you return (or counter) these balls that go direct to the baseline then bounce real high? An opponent I played in a match used this technique a lot. It's difficult to return the balls because you have to backup all the way back to the fence where you tennis racquet is almost...
  8. Eddie G

    Great Tennis Court Speed/Agility Drills I Came Across

    I ran into some very interesting on-the-court speed and agility drills. There is none other I've seen on the internet so I figured to share it. Please let me know what y'all think.
  9. Eddie G

    Any Roadmap of Drills/Practice Using My Ball Machine???

    Hi guys, So for coaches or experienced players out there who have used ball machines to improve their game. Are there any particular drills and progressions I can leverage to improve my game using a ball machine instead of just doing a guessing game playing with the different machine settings...
  10. Eddie G

    Why do some recreational players have so many racquets??

    Some tennis players I play with come to the court with four to five different racquets. So I guess this is the norm. If it gives you some kind of advantage bringing different racquets to the court, how do you know which different types of racquets to get?
  11. Eddie G

    Most Comfortable Mens Tennis Shoes

    In your opinion what is the name brand & model of the most awesome tennis shoes you've worn on the court. By awesome I mean the combination of comfort and performance.
  12. Eddie G

    Handling Short Balls

    My greatest achilles heel has been short balls. Specifically identifying whether a ball is gonna be short so I can advance into the court to hit it. My normal position is usually about 2 1/2 feet away from the baseline. Have any of you more experienced players cracked the code on identifying...
  13. Eddie G

    Tennis Buddy Finder Portals or Apps

    Hi y'all, Are there any tennis buddy finder portals or apps that y'all recommend? I've searched all through google but the best I could find in my local area (Dallas/Fort Worth) doesn't seem very good. Have any of you had any success using a tennis buddy finder app that's effective and...
  14. Eddie G

    Billie Jeans Eye Coach

    A buddy of mine recommended this equipment during one of our tennis lessons. Is it any good? What are your opinions? I wanted to make a pretty good effort to get opinions of the tennis community. Link to the Eye Coach is below. Also, what the heck is the difference between the Pro version...
  15. Eddie G

    Demo Tennis Racquets Are Always Sold Out!!!

    Whenever I go to order demo tennis racquets a message that reads "out of stock items are in your cart" always shows up. (See the screenshot below). No matter if the items are shown as in stock or not. I've actually literally tried to order every single demo tennis racquet and I got the same...
  16. Eddie G

    What are the strange fractions?

    Does anybody know what the highlighted numbers in fractions are? You see these when you try to choose racquets for the TW demo program.!Arv2e5yP4PPe4nls4CzeZGA5f2qy?e=usfOsg
  17. Eddie G

    Recommendation For TW Racquets

    Hi all, I'm trying to use TWs demo program to try out some of their racquets. I want to get two tweener (middle of the line) racquets, one for power, and one for control. So far I have identified the Babolat Pure Drive 2018 as a good tweener but could sure use recommendations for an...
  18. Eddie G

    Is This A Good Drill?

    I had wanted to find out if this drill would improve my forehand? Its basically to take a 15lbs dumb bell and make several repetitions mimicking a forehand stroke. Link is below: Forehand Drill
  19. Eddie G

    How many balls you use for doubles?

    Ok, too few balls and you have to pause the game a lot for ball pickup. Too many balls and you risk having balls behind you that you'll trip over. What's the recommended number of balls to use when playing doubles? This is for recreational tennis
  20. Eddie G

    Recognizing balls with backspin

    How in the name of Tenos do you recognize these crazy balls with backspin? I happened to play a really good guy (easily a 4pointer). Not only did the guy play dirty by dumping some of his returns right at that spot where the pole connects to the net, randomly he plays these shots with crazy...
  21. Eddie G

    Why Recreational players carry many rackets

    This might sound like a trully dumb question to veteran tennis players but I'll ask anyway. See, I just started playing recreational tennis about 5 months ago. I noticed that some players come to the court with many rackets (some up to 5 different rackets) These are not professional players...
  22. Eddie G

    How would you rate Bill Gates? 2.5, 3.0, 3.5?

    This is the link of The Match for Africa where Bill Gates played tennis with Roger Federer in a fundraiser to benefit the charity. So which NTRP rating would you give Bill? A 2.5, 3.0, or a 3.5
  23. Eddie G

    Tennis Ball Machines

    For those of you recreational tennis players have using these ball machines been effective at all? Guy I had a conversation with at the bar swore by one of these ball machines claiming it was the next best thing since sliced bread for tennis practice....but I always default to "skeptic" when it...
  24. Eddie G

    Pickup tennis culture in your area

    I'm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It seems that the courts in the metroplex are usually populated by specific skill levels. 3.0s are found at certain courts while 3.5s/4.0s are usually found in specific courts in the metroplex. However when I visited Chicago for a week I found all the skill...
  25. Eddie G

    Tennis and Running....time guzzlers!!!

    Average recreational tennis session for me on any day I play is 3 hours. When I run it takes me at least 2 hours. Both are recreations that I have a passion for but they are really expensive from a time perspective. Do you guys have a time management rule when it comes to tennis or your other...
  26. Eddie G

    Lost my serve mojo

    I had spent 3 weeks practicing forehand, double-backhand, and slice backhand. Now it seems like I forgot how to serve. Very frustrating as before I started practicing the backhands my serve was more than decent. It actually brings me to a question. Is there a certain weight/combination of...
  27. Eddie G

    Recommended sequence for practicing techniques.

    Some guy at the court told me I'm better off practicing in this order: 1. Serves 2. Forehand 3. Backhand 4. Backhand slicer 5. Directioning the ball. However, when I go to other courts some other veteran players say thats not a must. For you highly experienced players is there a best sequence...
  28. Eddie G

    My wrist felt broken after returning serve

    Ok, I was playing some guy at the neighborhood court and he dished out a fast serve. I had returned his serve at a bad angle now my wrist feels broken. I know of course that it's not broken as I got an Xray done and it was negative. However, now when I'm cooking or carrying stuff around if I...