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    Good shoes for fast tennis players

    Hello, After playing tennis with the "Wilson Rush Pro 3 shoes" which I was very satisfied with, I am now looking for new shoes. I am looking for a similar or better shoe. Because of my size (5ft 7) I mainly rely on my speed. Do you know a good men tennis shoe that is focuses mainly on speed...
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    Green tennis balls to practice against a wall during the lockdown.

    Now with the lockdown I would like to continue practicing my tennis strokes. I have a wall outside and can hit a light forehand, backhand with a regular ball. But if I hit harder, there is just not enough space. To perform these strokes I was thinking of buying green balls like on the url...
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    Tennis rebounder for extra training

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I am interested in purchasing a rebound net similar to: I am an adult and have been playing tennis for 2 years. I am not a beginner but I play at a basic level that can...