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  1. tyu1314

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Is the new blade pro matte finish or glossy?
  2. tyu1314

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Anyone know if V8 blade pro is just a pj change? or there are more changes? Also if the v7 blade pro grommet still works.
  3. tyu1314

    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Glad you were finally able to get it replaced. Did they offered you a voucher of the MSRP or the purchased price? Do you remember if Asics used to say Gel Resolution 8 has six-months durability guarantee on the product page before? I no longer see it, and the shoes did not come with a warranty...
  4. tyu1314

    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    I got the follow reply when I emailed them about the six month warranty. I hope this email finds you well. Thank you for contacting ASICS regarding your desire to submit a warranty claim. I apologize for the delayed response to your email. At ASICS, we stand behind our products and are happy...
  5. tyu1314

    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Does anyone know if you get a warranty on gel resolution 8 if you purchased from the ASIC's own site? I don't see any info regarding the six-month outsole warranty on the product page.
  6. tyu1314

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Anyone know if you can buy grommets for the 18x20? Or if any other bumper guard will work? Edit: Nvm, its available on Wilson's site. I thought it wasn't available because when I emailed their customer service if they carry the grommets and they told me no.
  7. tyu1314

    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    I only got $97.50 voucher from Nike for my cage 3. When did they change their policy to give you the voucher based on your purchase price, instead of the MSRP?
  8. tyu1314

    Where is Uniqlo selling this gear?

    Was at the Uniqlo Soho Uniqlo store, they still have plenty of socks.
  9. tyu1314

    Uniqlo WTF 2019

  10. tyu1314

    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    Did Nike change their warranty process center? It used to be Memphis, TN. For the latest claim, it's asking me to ship to Indiana.
  11. tyu1314

    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    Still have three months left. Do you guys think its really?
  12. tyu1314

    Federer Shanghai Uniqlo 2019

    They are available on the Uniqlo CN site. Price for the match shirt and shorts are both $27.84 USD(199RMB).
  13. tyu1314

    Just got my new Blades!!

    Is the 3 and 9 areas also grey, and the rest black?
  14. tyu1314

    Any news on the new Wilson Blade?

    The last version has been released over two years ago, shouldn't there be a new one this year?
  15. tyu1314

    Nike Summer 2019

    Are there still RF match clothes?
  16. tyu1314

    Muhahahaa... Nike wont give Rodge his Logo

    Why on Nike's website, there is still a category name Roger Federer? Is Nike still allow to use his name?
  17. tyu1314

    Nike Winter 2018

    Do you know if there is anymore after this one?
  18. tyu1314

    Nike Winter 2018

    Is there anymore Federer clothes ?
  19. tyu1314

    Nike Fall 2018

    Anyone know will there be more Nike Federer match clothes this year? Are the two polos with the big V the final RF gear?
  20. tyu1314

    How frequently should insoles be replaced?

    I replace it when I feel like the comfort is gone, which is around 4 to 6 months.
  21. tyu1314

    How do you junkball a 5.0 basher?

    Get to 7.0, and you will beat a 5.0 with any junk ball easily.
  22. tyu1314

    Can anyone translate?

    Find something to turn all of them to text, and Google translate.
  23. tyu1314

    Nike Cage 3

  24. tyu1314

    Nike Cage 3

    My 5 weeks old cage 3 cracked again.
  25. tyu1314


    is this a different paint job , or a newer edition. What else has changed?
  26. tyu1314

    Downloadable pro stroke video?

    Download them from youtube using conversion site?
  27. tyu1314

    Nike Cage 3

    Anyone else have this problem with your cage 3? The bottom cracked on both shoes.
  28. tyu1314

    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    Should be good to go, you only need one shoe to expose its midsole to claim the warranty.
  29. tyu1314

    Nike Cage 3

    Anyone know how does the new cage 3 fits compare to cage 2? I know cage 2 is fits bigger, so you have to go down a size, is it the same for cage 3?
  30. tyu1314

    Nike Fall 2017

    Also what are the dates for the next few release?