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  1. mike84

    Eagnas stringing machine? (spare parts and general questions)

    Hi. Anyone know anything about Eagnas stringing machines? Been offered chance to buy Eagnes Flex 946 (like 10+ years old probably even more) I emailed Eagnes but no response in terms of spare parts. Worried that tension head is messed up. Are they even...
  2. mike84

    Vision issues tracking tennis ball..normal?

    I had 10 month pause on tennis due to shoulder issue. Started playing again and started noticing that if I track the tennis ball I am getting blurriness/tunnel vision..... basically turning my head toward the ball so I can track to contact point everything around ball is very blurry. Which...
  3. mike84

    Blisters any solutions?

    Anyone have any advice that helps get rid of blisters on palms? Is there overgrip that helps or cream? I have tried 5-6 various overgrips (Wilson, Yonex, Dunlop, Head, Babolat) nothing is stopping blisters on my palm which is pain in the ... to tape up. Really painful to play or hold...
  4. mike84

    Tennis book on mental game help

    Can anyone recommend book to improve mental toughness. I keep struggling in matches. Only have 3 tournament matches so far but I feel like its same pattern every time when I step on the court; nerves, extremely negative and miss shots that I can make all day in practice sets. So far I...
  5. mike84

    Prince NEOS 1000 need help.

    What would be good price for used Prince NEOS 1000? Its 4 years old and in good condition. 7.5-8/10 Also would this be good stringer for first time stringer? Are parts hard to purchase for NEOS 1000? Thanks.
  6. mike84

    Nerves before/during/after match.

    Nerves before/during/after match help So I played my first tournament at local club and I couldn't deal with nerves. There was 30-35 watching the match. Felt like my stomach was turning during the match :? Any tips that work to keep calm. And yes I lost the match lol...the...
  7. mike84

    Overgrip for blisters?

    Is there such a thing? I've been having issues with blisters, can barely last few games before blood on palm fingers. Currently using Wilson Pro Overgrip. (Had better success with Gamma Supreme blue color but it doesn't seem to be available anymore)
  8. mike84

    What Gamma stringer is this?

    Been looking for my own stringing machine for some time for personal use, few days ago friend emailed me about used Gamma for sale in local ad. However have no clue what model this is. Can someone clue me in and what would be good price. Pic. It looks similar to Gamma ST II or X-ST.
  9. mike84

    Luxilon ALU Power 16L problem

    Did Luxilon change something? I can barely get 8 hrs with alu power. Really confused after many years with alu power all sudden they break like nothing. Same racquets same tension. Always order from tennis warehouse tried ice, silver same result. Today after 3 sets.
  10. mike84

    Petrova 144mph serve! :shock::shock::shock: (must be a joke)
  11. mike84

    need advice on racquet

    Ktour vs K-six one team been using head liquidmetal 4 for long time but interested in stepping up to more advanced racquets. the head racquet is strung with alu power 16L. i am going for more control. also I am more of flat hitter and can generate tons of pace and keep points very short. my...
  12. mike84

    Tennis balls in Canada

    hi first post :) but long time browser of this forum wanted to ask if anyone knows any good deals on tennis balls in canada preferably bulk pack like TW sells. the prices in canada are almost double the price to us prices so if anyone knows any discount would be appreciated thanks