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    Top 3 Nike shoes

    For those that were actually released I would have to say: 1) Roger's Day/Night Shoes from US OPEN 2009 They are both too...
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    Aeropro Drive GT??

    I know that there have been a bunch of threads on the subject but I can't seem to find a definite answer. So sorry if this has been posted but does anyone know when the AeroPro Drive GT comes on presale and when it actually fully comes out because I really want to try it and if I like it ask for...
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    Fit of Federer Polos 2009

    Anyone know anything about nadal's grand slam shirts? Are they looser than Fed's?
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    Chris wearing the new Adidas C.Y.D. Reflex

    O sorry yeah you are right I was just watching it and noticed it. My bad :S
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    Fit of Federer Polos 2009

    Sorry if this kind of thread has already been posted
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    Fit of Federer Polos 2009

    I was thinking of getting one of the following polos does anyone know the fit of Federer's Australian, French, Wimbledon, and U.S. Open Polos. Are they different and which is the loosest and most comfortable fit
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    Chris wearing the new Adidas C.Y.D. Reflex

    I was looking at the new Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Review and noticed that it looked like Chris was wearing the new Adidas C.Y.D. Reflex shoes coming out in 2010. Anyone else see this??
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    TW Prototype Playtest Racquets

    Oh sorry and I am a 17 year old high school tennis player who uses a western forehand and 2 handed backhand. I enjoy hitting with spin and am good at the net. So please pick me :) Thanks, Chris
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    TW Prototype Playtest Racquets

    Pick me Pick me for the AeroPro Drive GT Please my email is :)
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    how many people were fans of federer before 2004

    The first match I ever saw was Wimbledon 2004 and I was really young so I had no idea he was dominant and I only started liking him because he was the first player I ever saw so I don't know which category that fits in
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    When did you become a fan of your favorite player(s)?

    Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova for the same reason, the 2004 Wimbledon men's and women's finals were the first tennis matches I ever watched and they made me want to learn how to play tennis :)