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  1. MrFlip

    Bad stringer - the full story

    Can someone please help trying to understand what is going here. I'll give the short version Been getting a guy from the local club to string racquets last 7 years. Most of the time they are not the correct tension and in fact, they always almost usually feel exactly the same minus one pound +...
  2. MrFlip

    We are all spoiled

    Dark ages of tennis coming soon. Still can't believe Nadal won but let's face it, this is potentially his 2nd last slam win
  3. MrFlip

    Who is more talented, the player who won slams or the player who didn't?

    Hey guys, here's another one for yous ALso, who's more talented Kygrios at COD not trying to win COD or Murray at FIFA10 Playstation semi-trying
  4. MrFlip

    Cheating 2020 Australian Open ?

  5. MrFlip

    Name matches which were better than the final with eventual winner of the Slam

    2018 Wimbledon Djokovic d. Nadal 2011 US Open Djokovic d. Federer 2006 Aus Open Federer d. Davydenko Makes you think about the perspective of the losers who could have been champions
  6. MrFlip

    How long between the true "Next Gen"?

    By the time the big 3 retire, which will be 2022-2025, I think we will see the next batch of multiple slam winners or potential GOATs come through
  7. MrFlip

    Djokovic should have been in the 2007 Wimbledon Final

    This match doesn't get discussed, nor is there any decent footage online. I remember Djok won the first set easily then had to take a MTO for blisters on his toes or ball of foot? At any rate, he was playing way better than Nadal and I think he should have won the match.
  8. MrFlip

    Winning two slams 5 times in a row

    Fed will soon be overtaken by Nadal this year and Djokovic will most likely equal or surpass Nadal overall, but..... None of the two will ever accomplish the feat of winning two slams 5 times in a row, within 6 years. Fed also cant match Djok's post-prime peak, but when the two were in their...
  9. MrFlip

    Sampras - how many slams with a bigger head size racquet?

    Could he have as many as Djokovic has now?
  10. MrFlip

    Nadal 2006 Australian Open kit

    Anyone got photos of the kit for the slam he missed?
  11. MrFlip

    Enjoy what is left of this generation

    It'll be gone soon and there'll be a long wait before we see 3 GOATS playing at the same time. People on here don't deserve what we've witnessed.
  12. MrFlip

    Arthur Ashe Stadium

    Is it really hot and humid in there now because of the roof trapping in the air or is it just a really hot summer...................or is Fed just old? Discuss
  13. MrFlip

    Negative attitude towards tennis

    Been reading these boards for a while and I think this is the lowest point I've seen the forums at. Seems the only thing to do now is read endless (pointless) threads about how many slams a player will end up with then proceeding to start a defaming war towards said player. I'm going for...
  14. MrFlip

    Player research findings

    Thanks to the efforts of scientists on forums I can present to you the latest findings from the research conducted: Borna Coric: - Ability to hit sensational down the line forehand and backhand winners and has multiple wins over Federer/Nadal/Murray already - Is a younger version...
  15. MrFlip

    Chung Djokovic comparison

  16. MrFlip

    Is Federer GOAT?

    I found out today that Federa has won heaps is he good?
  17. MrFlip

    Shapovalov to win US Open 2018

    After a poor FO and mediocre Wimbledon, Denis will turn the year around start of the American hardcourt swing. RU at Toronto (l. to Nadal) he will go on to get an easy draw til the QTRs at the US Open. He will beat Nadal in the semis at US Open followed by Federer in the F. (jinx thread...
  18. MrFlip

    Video replay of late line calls for umpires and players

    Why don't umpires have some sort of video recall to settle disputes over late out calls and whether it had an effect on their shot etc?
  19. MrFlip

    List your modified racquets

    I'll get the ball rolling Wilson BLX Pro Staff 2 95 - 16 x 19 (4 1/2) - Silicone added to handle - 12.1oz strung weight - 320 SW - 10 pts Headlight Comments: Before the silicone was added, the racquet felt like it needed some lead but I didn't want to disrupt the balance. I have always...
  20. MrFlip

    Samwell loves Federer FYI
  21. MrFlip

    You're not a true tennis fan if you hate either Fed, Nad or Djokovic

    Each one has something to offer to the game and it annoys me to see obvious trolling.
  22. MrFlip

    Wilson NCode 95 16 x 18

    Recently went back to this treasure after using a Wilson Ncode 90 (asian) 330SW, 370g. Swings unbelievably easy with control and power. Precise and crisp feel. Anyone still own some of these and what do you string with?
  23. MrFlip

    Djokovic needs to rethink his game

    He is a shadow of 2011. He loops the ball back with not much on it (a measure to counter Nadal game?) His forehand is the worst I've seen it in 3 years. No more DTL BH, it makes an appearance once every 2 or 3 matches, as opposed to when he would do it regularly. Thoughts?
  24. MrFlip

    ATP Grand Slam point allocation

    Should the ATP reconsider changing runner-up points to 1500, instead 1200. 800 points between Champion and Runner-up seems pretty large. What if the two players who are neck and neck all year face each other in 4 slams per year. Say that one player wins all 4 but only by a game or two in...
  25. MrFlip

    For those who don't believe how good Federer's backhand is or was Watch this. How much work did Federer put into defending Agassi pounding that thing all night.
  26. MrFlip

    I like Budge, but the only reason he won slams = No Nadal

    Come on mods, do your job and get rid of these pathetic threads. Thanks
  27. MrFlip

    US Open 2013 Champion Del Potro

    I didn't rate him, but after the Wimbledon SF against Chokovic he sure looks good. Could blow any one off the court on a good day.
  28. MrFlip

    - - - 2014: Roger Federer final year - - -

    I know it's a rule whenever Federer suffers a beating or heavy loss, an obituary is written for him. It's not the same as in 08 or 11. He hasn't won anything this year, and may only win in Hale the way he is playing. I think if he drops to #5 or lower he'll probably considering...
  29. MrFlip

    OHBH vs 2HBH

    Not sure about this, but for the first time in jesus knows how long, there are more single handers than double handers left in the draw at Roland Garros. Whoopdee doo
  30. MrFlip

    2013 Australian Open Final - Djokovic vs Wawrinka

    Title says it. The level of play from both was the best in the whole tournament. Perhaps Fed would have dealt differently with Stan since he regularly schools him but Murray vs Djokovic is not worth the money