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  1. The_Order

    Djokovic creeping up to Federer's slam semi final appearances

    Novak reached his 43rd at this year's Wimbledon. Federer sitting on 46 currently. Nadal has reached 38 including this year's Wimbledon. Insane numbers. The next closest are Jimmy Connors with 31 and then Lendl with 27: What it tells us?
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    Kyrgios still undefeated vs Novak on hc... hasn't lost a set and hasn't been broken in 5.5 years

    Shocking to believe this... Novak has not only not beat Nick Kyrgios on hc... but he hasn't even won a set... More shocking, he hasn't even broken his serve on HC... in 5.5 years and counting....
  3. The_Order

    We all know Nick is going to be copping some massive fines now...

    All the swearing and carrying on cannot be allowed to go unpunished in a Wimbledon final. He is also going to cop a fine for wearing that red hat during the trophy presentation... Question I want answered, will he get fined for wearing that green hat during the match???
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    Kyrgios wants to remind us... he's pretty good...

    I wasn't surprised he struggled a bit in rd 1... like I said in an earlier post... that rd1 court was not like the other grass courts. It's was recently made and it is as level as a good billiard table... ball kicks up higher than it usually would on a traditional grass court and it plays a bit...
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    Is Djokovic under more pressure at Wimbledon than he was at the US Open to win the grand slam last year?

    There's a lot on the line for him here... With it being highly unlikely he'll be able to compete at the US Open and looking unlikely for the AO next year as well... If he doesn't take home the title this year, he's looking at going another 12 months before he gets another real shot at winning...
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    The logical way to compare the greatest players at the slams

    So many times I see people comparing surface success as if it is like for like... when it's blatantly obvious that it isn't... You don't compare hc titles with a hc specialist vs a clay specialist... obviously the hc specialist should be stronger in that department... Just like you don't...
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    Cool video chronicles history of RG champs

    "His 6th Roland Garros!" "Who can break this record? WHO?!" It was (and still is!) such an incredible achievement for Borg to have won it 6 times.
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    Create the nightmare

    What's the nightmare draw for Djokovic at this year's Wimbledon championships? I'd go with something like R1: Korda R2: Kyrgios R3: Cressy R4: Cilic/Opelka QF: FAA SF: Alcaraz F: Nadal
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    Since Moya has been Rafa's coach in 2017

    Rafa has reached sf+ at 15 big hc events... Novak the same... sf+ at 15 big hc events... They've met only once on hc. There's no way anyone can buy the propaganda being spewed that Nadal has been trying to avoid Djokovic on HCs... The fact is, Novak is nowhere near as dominant on hc as Nadal...
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    The career inflation era argument is utter propaganda

    So, Rafa and Novak have been 'piling on' the majors in their early to mid 30's and so there's only one viable explanation for this... No, it's not due to the 'career inflation era' that Fed fans are arguing about ad nauseam... Rather Rafa and Novak are just better than Federer at the...
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    Med set to rack up some more weeks at #1

    Do you think he'd rather have the AO + RG titles?
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    Re-live the journey

    What a ride it's been!
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    Some more mind boggling stats for us to wrap our heads around now...

    - Open era slam leader with 22 majors - Won 34.4% of slams he's participated in (22/64) - Won 25.9% of RGs in the open era (14/54) - Oldest RG champion at 36 years old - 14 RGs equals Pete Sampras' entire career slam tally - 22 slams is as many slam wins as Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi combined...
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    Time to dispel the narrative

    Seen too many posts suggesting Zverev choked.... 6-2 was a commanding lead, but he didn't lose that TB due to choking, rather Nadal played perfect tennis to claw it back. Have to say Zverev actually showed great maturity in this sf... his usual antics were nowhere to be seen he remained calm...
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    Tom Brady inspired by Nadal... Nadal is top 100 most influential people in 2022...
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    Real time rankings
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    Moya has just OWNED Mouratoglou...

    Translation: Mouratoglou: "Nadal won't arrive at RG in his best shape" Moya: "17 years in a row top 10, RG20 with only 3 matches in 7 months, AO22 with only 3 matches in 6 months.... a little respect and memory @pmouratoglou"
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    What the Fokina is going on?

    No doubt that question must've been running through Novak's mind to end up getting breadsticked and booted out of Monte Carlo... The world #1 is now 2-2 for the season and we're 15 weeks in... yeah no wonder Novak fans love their weeks at #1 stat...
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    Seasons without winning a major after getting their first

    Federer - 9 2011, 2013-2016, 2019-2022 Nadal - 3 2015-2016, 2021 Djokovic - 3 2009-2010, 2017
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    The most shallow analysis of eras while pretending to be deep...

    Seriously this clown reckons Zverev at last year's US Open was tougher than Safin AO05.... Gonna have to side with Fed fans on this one.... no way...
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    The toughest/most impressive Masters double out of these

    IW + Miami - 7 players have done this... Sampras, Agassi, Federer, Chang, Courier, Djokovic & Rios. Djokovic has done it 4 times and Federer 3. Hamburg/Madrid + Rome - 2 players only... Nadal has done it twice and Djokovic once. Canada + Cincinnati - 4 players have done it... Agassi, Rafter...
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    Rafa going for #21 again...

    This time, 21 wins to start the season... Can he do it and give even more meaning to the awesome 21 t-shirt?
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    The slowest ace in tennis history...

    Wow.... when you think you've seen it all... something like this happens...
  24. The_Order

    Can Federer beat Nadal's slam title record?

    Can Federer have one last run in him and over take Nadal's 21 majors? Or will he forever be behind Rafa in the slam race?
  25. The_Order

    The road to the double 500

    With Rafa's historic and heroic victory at the AO he has now clocked up 501 victories on hard court. Currently he is sitting on 464 clay court wins... Typically he racks up about 20 clay match wins per season - last year 19. Can he get to 500+ wins on both hc and clay before he retires??