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    What Killed Serving & Volleying?

    If you pull up any matches from the early and late parts of Stefan Edberg's career, you can see exactly how much the game changed between those two points. That's one of (maybe the) best S&V players of all time and even he started staying back on serve near the end
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    Do people over-estimate their ability when selecting rackets?

    I think people conflate "ability" with "situation." Most rec players can hit ok with just about anything. Maybe a few mph more or less depending on the frame. But what happens under pressure? I've personally found much better results solving for how to best neutralize offense vs. optimizing my...
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    Decision Paralysis, Help Me Out

    If you're looking for more easy power coming from a ti.radical, the first thing I'd try is a more lively string at lower tension. In degrees from there in order of power increase: opened patterned player's 98s (current radical 98, pure strike, blade 16x19, etc.) tweener 98s (ezone/vcore/aero...
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    KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme lovers - what other shoes do you like?

    I haven't tried the hypercourt supremes, but have been thinking about getting them. They're supposed to have the same midsole material as the ultrashot 3s, and my experience with those is the opposite of yours - outsole is wearing quickly, but cushioning is holding up (not sure if insoles matter...
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    12 year old vs you know who

    Love it. Also, I was going to say the kid has amazing shot tolerance for their age, but then the kid tries the shot at 10:40 lmao. Still true though
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    My first USTA league singles match...

    FiddlerDog has it right. I was mostly struck by your tactics. Guy in black is no slouch, but he very rarely hurt you with his backhand. He absolutely murked you every time you gave him a slower or shorter ball to his forehand though. Developing a reliable deep 3/4 pace roller to the backhand...
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    Anyone still using a Dunlop 200GMW?

    Beyond just getting older - the game has changed. I used to play sticks like the MW200G, Volkl Tour 10 mids, Flexpoint Radical Tours, etc. back in the day. Now I use a Prince Beast 100, and spent a long time with the Volkl V1 Classic. When most people were using lower powered sticks, you could...
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    Ultrashot 3 not for me, what to move on to that’s more like Ultrashot 2?

    The problem is the ultrashot 3s stretch out quite a bit more than the 2s. I also have the Resolution 8s and they're a different shoe - much closer fitting and pretty painful (which is why I got the ultrashot 3s) until they mold to your feet. I'll probably use the asics for matches and kswiss for...
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    Minimum number of practices per week to "get better"?

    I've also heard two times a week to tread water, three times a week to get better. That said, not all sessions are created equal, and not all players make the most of their sessions. You can easily go out everyday and not improve at all.
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    What combo of pace/topspin on the groundstroke ball is optimal?

    Someone else already said this is British Tour level. For those following along at home, here's a conversion chart Spoiler - LTA 2 is like an NTRP of 6.0. Maybe don't drop the thread of what level someone is (uh, really high) if you don't...
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    Should I use single vision or progressive lenses in goggles when playing tennis?

    Definitely NOT progressives. They're great for reading, but the last thing you need is different focal lengths when trying to track a ball in flight
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    The Most Exhausting Opponent to Play Against

    So let's log the points. Orange wins about half his net points. Most of the time, he's only there because green wants him there via intentional short ball or drop shot baiting. Once orange is up there, green can pass him cross court or down the line off either side, and almost every lob is...
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    The Most Exhausting Opponent to Play Against

    Green shirt basically never lets orange come into the net on orange's terms. Orange will rightfully come in when green gives him a short slice, but that's just green setting orange up for a pass or lob. In fact, green rarely lets orange hit anything with his feet under him. Orange was yo-yo'ed...
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    Adding pace - specific how tos?

    It's not length of swing path or even necessarily technique, but swing speed. Cleaner hits will impart pace more efficiently, but it still ultimately boils down to swing speed. Part of the struggle here will be what you're bringing to the table. You've had a lot of success with court coverage...
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    League Team Tips and Tricks

    Fun or competitive? Pick one. In my experience, people mostly want to be part of fun teams until the team starts getting blown out. Then they want to be competitive enough to not be at the bottom. Not being at the bottom can be achieved in lots of different ways. Most do this by playing down a...
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    Serena Williams

    Here's the thing - McEnroe claimed at the time that he was caught out then because there had just recently been a rule change that removed the set penalty and instead now went from game penalty directly to default. Notably, for all of McEnroe's history of bad behavior, he was never defaulted...
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    WTT nationals 4.0 singles

    (deleted duplicate)
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    WTT nationals 4.0 singles

    Word. The guy in blue can easily play 4.5. That said, the guy in orange is just toying with his food. Orange spends most of the time hitting half, sometimes three-quarter pace and drawing out errors. The tell though is when orange wants to crack one, he does so essentially at will - and off of...
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    I have the strokes. I know the game. I just can't win.

    You need a different metric other than match wins and losses. Even points won/lost aren't that great a measure. Instead, find a pattern or one small thing to focus on during a match and keep track of how well you honor that one thing. Every groundstroke deep. Every serve to the backhad. Only...
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    League Captain question about bad behavior

    I've seen that exact thing happen. Match was completed after the blow-up. A grievance was filed, offending player was banned for quite some time. You don't need a USTA official there, but they'll probably ask for multiple statements from team members from both teams.
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    What age did you lose a step of speed ???

    This. Good tennis can still be played, but the question is how long before your body starts to drag. Maybe the second match? Or the second set?
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    Best light (< 305 gr), powerfull and armfriendly racket

    Nth'ing the Volkl V1. The specs don't make any sense at all - too stiff, too light. Nevertheless, it plays great, is super comfortable, and has tons of pop.
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    Trying to leave the Pure Drive

    No one's mentioned it yet - but the Volkl V1 is a really nice option in terms of comfortable, light, and powerful. I've been using the Classic, and actually find it just as arm friendly (maybe even more so) than the ProKennex Kinetic Ki5.
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    Ice baths for recovery

    I've done the experiment. If I've playing multiple days in a row, I will for sure feel better/fresher if I soak in the coldest water coming out of my tap. It's not fun.
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    What's the first body part to move,

    That video illustrates the problem - Fed is hitting nothing but forehands, but he hits them all differently. In the first one he plants, then rotates around his dominant leg, pulling his other leg and hip back. In the second one he plants, then transfers weight to his other leg and rotates his...
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    What's the fastest court you've ever seen?

    I've played on indoor wood and carpet. Both are super fast. The worst though, was dusty, indoor rubberized gym flooring. Not only did the ball not come up and shoot through the court, you couldn't plant your feet. Basically a race to end the point as quickly as possible.
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    What can you do to add MPH to serve?

    What are your mental cues for your serve? Do you have any? You should have some simple checks at different stages to remind yourself you're doing the right things. Those checks will differ from person to person, as everyone has different ways to slack off from what they should be doing. For...
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    For max improvement, should I ditch 4.0 and play Opens?

    You can win a match and have no idea what you're doing. You can lose a match, and played better than you ever had before. The difference is how well you're doing what YOU want to do. Are you honoring your plan? Do you even have a plan? Are you able to execute against that plan? Your...
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    TW Shotgun 15

    Mad props to Jason when playing Andy - talk about being committed to taking your cuts.
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    TW Shotgun 15

    Thanks for posting these. It's really nice seeing the playtesters actually playing instead of just testing.