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    Jelena has Mono

    Very sad, poor girl cant catch a break,dokic-diagnosed-with-glandular-fever.html
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    Wimbledon is over

    Jelena dokic is out first round, I am switching off now. Not worth watching:(:(
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    Pacific ATP leather Grip?????

    Hey guys, Anybody tried the Pacific ATP leather grip? I have just ordered a pair of exo3 graphites and the Prince leathers are horrible, and I am looking for a alternative. I have some fairways but they are short and light so I would then need to add lead tape under the grip to keep the...
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    She is beautiful looking but her celebrating, fist pumping celebrations are way over the top like Ana's. All the young girls coming through are ruining the sport with the over use of this. I understand big points or big plays but every time the opponent makes a unforced error is ridiculous.
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    Great story for Jelena Dokic fans.

    Great read for Jelena fans here
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    How good is Sveti looking!!!!!

    Svetlana looks to be playing amazingly well at the moment. She has improved her serve out of site lately especially the 2nd delivery, its up there with Sam Stouser's kicker. She is ripping the ball of both sides too. Looks more confident than I have ever seen her. Going out on a wing here...
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    Roland Garros court 6

    Anybody know where I can find a free live feed from court 6 for todays matches? Would really love to see Jelena Dokic play. She is 3rd match on court 6.
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    Bad String Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Funny story I have to share. I strung up a mates speedport black the other day at 61lbs with poly polar his usual set up, we headed to the courts for a hit up. I feed him the ball and he frames it, second feed he frames it, third feed he frames again, he then looks at his strings with a...
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    Drop weight to crank tension difference

    Hey guys, A question to the people who have moved from a drop weight to a crank machine, What tension adjustments did you feel you had to make to replicate stringbed tension when moving to the crank? I know drop weights are more or less a constant pull so they should be stringing tighter...
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    Microgel Prestige Arm Issues?

    I am currently using the FXP Prestiges but am having some slight arm issues with it. Fatigued upper arm and tender shoulder after a few sets. Was wondering if anybody that has used both the FXP and microgel has a opinion on if the Microgel is more or less arm friendly. Thanks in advance.
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    Poly Polar vs Pro Supex Poly Power Soft

    Hey guys, I am a huge fan of poly polar 1.25mm Best string ever made in my opinion, that leads to the problem! It's no longer made:cry: So I have been told that pro supex poly power soft is as close as I am going to find. I am hoping to hear from people who have used both. Could you please...
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    Anybody added lead to hoop of a extrme pro?

    Anybody added lead to the extreme pro? If so how much? where? what results did you get? Feels a bit too head light for my liking with a balance at 310mm, thinking of adjusting it up to about 330mm.
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    N95 16x18 vs K95 16x18

    High guys have done a search and found a bit of info on this but it was views just after the release of the K. Wondering what the consesis is now after a period of time. Interested in hearing from people who have played both racquets and what their view is on the difference, spin...
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    K95X vs N6.1 95

    Please note I am asking about the 27.5 X version Anybody made the swap from the N6.1 95 16x18 to the K6.1 95X? If so a quick comparrison would be greatly appreciated. eg serve power, slice serve comparison, does it really feel like 360SW, topspin production etc etc Thanks in advance
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    Switch from o3 White to Speedport Black???

    Anybody here done the switch from the the white to the new speedport black? I have seen some glowing reports about the black but on paper there is little difference between the two. Slightly higher swing weight (which only requires a very small amount of lead to match) and a bit stiffer and...
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    Gaudio to retire?
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    03 White Speedport?

    Is the there a speedport version of the White in the planning or on the way? Anybody found any difference between the red and speedport red? etc
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    Has the tennis4all website been shut down? The classified forum there was really good value but it seems the site has gone or I cant get in?
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    Pro Supex vs Signm PPP

    Hey guys I done a search and found a little bit of discussion on the pro supex strings but I was after a direct comparrison between the supex Premier Ace and SPPP. Has anybody used both or switched to the cheaper supex string? I would like to hear you feedback on the switch. And what about...
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    The Official SW2 Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, All the SW2 questions and talk is really jamming up the racquet forum and upsetting the none believers, so why dont we keep all the SW2 talk to a single thread? Hopefully Travlerajm and others that do these mods will keep a eye on it and support this thread and give the rest of us...
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    Signum PPP

    Hey guys, I have posted some pretty negative things on this forum about SPPP in the past, but I have realized that this string has a place in my collection, I had a few sets laying around and decided to try a set in my NXG OS which I could not make play to my liking with either a syn gut or...
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    increasing the SW of a FXP Rad Tour.. Travlerajm

    Travlerajm I after a bit of advice on bringing my FXP radical tour into the 365ish SW region. It is a 4 3/8 with a half heat shrink sleeve adding about 10gm's and a overgrip. What would I need to add? I have plenty of 1/4inch lead tape. Thanks in advance. John.
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    Anybody using a POG OS for doubles???

    Hey guys, Does anybody here use a POG OS for doubles play? How does it volley? Everything I read says its a great baseline stick. but I like to play doubles with a OS "crap volleys" and was considering one of these instead of a TT Bandit. I have also read that its a weak serving stick? any...
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    Prince TT Bandit vs Prince POG OS

    Do these racquets play similar in anyway? I have the Bandit "my first ever racquet" and I still use it for doubles sometimes, it is a really nice racquet and provides the best slice serves I ever experienced. It is pretty worn out and I dont know if the replace it with another or go for a POG...
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    Ljubicic to Head???????

    Anybody heard anything about this? Heard from a head salesman here in Oz that Ivan will be using a new Head racquet at the Oz open.
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    03 Shark Hybrid MP

    Not much talk on this frame lately, is anybody using it???? Had a chance to demo one the other day and despite having a very negative perception of the racquet before starting "due to the low weight and thick beam" I came away very impressed, it had a very solid feel, produced heaps of...
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    Wrist Assist

    Anybody tried one of these wrist assist trainers that Brad Gilbert is endorsing? If so how do you find it?
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    Trouble stringing Gamma Professional

    Has anybody had trouble stringing this super soft multi? "Gamma Professional" I have to overtighten my clamps to the point it crushes the string and leaves marks or it just slips in the jaws, even the linear gripper is flattening it out????? I have cleaned the clamps with alcohol etc and...
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    Nsix-one 95 16x18

    Hey guys I have just purchased a Wilson Nsix-one 95 16x18 and am about to string it up. I currently have in stock topspin cyberflash 1.25, Head FXP 17, Babolat premium xcel 17 and Signum pro poly plasma in both 16 and 17 gauges. What would you guys think would be the starting spot using any...
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    Signum pro poly plasma tension

    Hey signum plasma users are you stringing your racquets at a lower tension when using this string compared to a soft multi? If so how many %. Are many using the string solely or are you all hybriding it? Thanks John.