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    Proof: Roger watched the RG final.

    Roger watched his buddy Stan winning the French while attending a football game in his hometown Basel. :)
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    Swiss Indoors Basel 2008: I ran into Roger Federer (sort of)

    Me and my wife had tickets for yesterday's final of the Swiss Indoors in Basel. Since it was a sunny day, we decided to go a little earlier so we could do some sight seeing in the old town of Basel. As we were strolling around in the town, we eventually saw the hotel "Les trois rois", a...
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    Federer/Wawrinka vs Bryan/Bryan

    Federer/Wawrinka vs Bryan/Bryan 7:6 6:4
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    Olympics: Federer vs. Blake

    Your thoughts?
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    Tsonga vs. Nadal: Final version

    I just finished what someone else started, just for the fun of it. This isn't meant as a Nadal bashing thread.
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    Federer interview on swedish television (english)

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Enjoy.
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    Why is everybody talking about Sampras…

    …in the General Pro Player Discussion? He retired 5 years ago.
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    Federer talking about the rivalry between him and Nadal
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    Why they put Fed and Lopez on a night session?

    the match will be broadcasted at 3 am CET. Pretty stupid. Or is there a sort of schedule rule the organizers have to follow?