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    Solecourt Boost Restock

    I saw that the Solecourt Boost in Ink/White got a restock today, with more coming July 31. All half sizes are listed between 8 and 14 except 10. I was wondering if those will ever be restocked, especially since the SoleCourt Boost is getting unfortunately discontinued and I was surprised they...
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    TW Chris on barricade

    Hi Chris (or anyone), I'm looking for a shoe that replicates the fit, stability, and durability of the Adidas Barricade 7. The barricades that came after when they started putting in boost werent as good for me, and i tried the gel res 8, but it feels a little long and i miss the torsion system...
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    Gel Res 8 cannot replace Barricade 7.. need recommendation

    My favorite shoe of all time has been the barricade 7, but since Djokovic left adidas they havent been made anymore. I tried the newer barricade boosts a few years ago (2016?) but i didnt feel as supported and I didnt like the tread pattern as much, so I went back to my stock of barricade 7s. I...
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    Durable poly at high tension

    I've been enjoying RPM blast 16G strung at 60-62lbs for years now, but it's a little expensive and I'm looking for a new alternative. I love the high tension but when it starts loosening up I really do not enjoy the trampolining effect that starts to appear within a couple weeks, so something...
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    Manual hold on order

    Hello, I ordered a matched pair of strung rackets last week, and I checked the order status and it was sent to the stringer on Friday and now it says "Order Status : Manual Hold - This order will not ship until manually released." Is this a TW internal hold on the order or is there something...
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    Need racket recommendation for my dad

    Hello! I play with the Aeropro Drive and a full bed of rpm blast strung at 60lbs. I know that's a recipe for elbow death but it's how I've played for years and I'm still youngish so not too concerned yet (will probably replace the setup soon since the rackets are aging). My dad, however, isn't...