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  1. aldeayeah

    The fight for #1 (US Open 2022 edition)

    This is how the top 10 would look like if we strip away the 2021 USO series points (source) Nadal 5,620 Zverev 5,040 Alcaraz 4,560 Medvedev 4,525 Ruud 4,335 Tsitsipas 4,255 Djokovic 3,570 Rublev 2,995 Norrie 2,985 Fritz 2,825 The top 6 players are separated by fewer than 1,400 points... and...
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    Stefanos, the Pirate

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    Philipp Kohlschreiber announces retirement

    The 38-year old German has announced that this Wimbledon will be his last tournament (he's currently in the second qualifying round).
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    Adidas Neo VL Court (original 2017 model) or similar

    Hello, I'm looking for shoes similar to the original Adidas Neo VL Court from 2017, or the original if available. My size is US 9 - UK 8 1/2 - FR 42 2/3 I know that there's a newer VL Court 2.0 model, but it has very stiff soles and a less comfortable fit. This has become a very common issue...
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    Tio Toni anoints Carlitos as heir

    Translated from this article by Toni in El País (paywalled) "Being so often repeated doesn’t make it less true. Despite being ultimately inconsequential for the lives of most fans, sport makes us live extremely special...
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    Madrid 2022 R32: Rafael Nadal vs Miomir Kecmanovic

    That's a pretty tough opponent for Nadal to come back against... Cakeman has reached QF or better in his latest 6 tournaments and is definitely underranked, playing around top 20 level. Then again, it's Rafa on a first clay meeting. H2H 1-0 Nadal (Acapulco 2020 R16 in straights)
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    2022 Barcelona QF: Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Carlos Alcaraz

    So it seems Alcaraz has managed to find his footing on the red stuff after a rough start, but will that be enough to stop the MC champion? Match should start in 2.5-3 hours from now depending on how long PCB - Ruud takes. H2H: 2-0 Alcaraz, both meetings on hardcourt (2021 US Open and 2022 Miami)
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    I just had this horrible realization

    With Djokovic slumping... With Nadal injured... With Medvedev skipping clay... Guess who could soon be #1? :eek:
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    Alcaraz talks a big game

    Some excerpts from this El Pais article after the Miami win (quick and loose translation): Q [paraphrased]: Do you feel ready to win Roland Garros this year? A: "I would say yes, I'm ready. I have the level, the fitness, the confidence and mentality to achieve that; maybe not Roland Garros, who...
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    Best point of the year so far?

    :eek: :notworthy:
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    2022 Indian Wells QF: Carlos Alcaraz [19] vs Cam Norrie [12]

    I may be guilty of propaganda, but yesterday's ownage of GuruMonf (check out the stats and the highlights, they're both equally hilarious) has made me think Carlos may be the actual man to beat in this tournament. Of course, reigning champ Norrie has also been solid in his way to the later...
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    Funny pro tennis videos

    Exactly what the title says. Please no fan wars :notworthy:
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    Simon: "I saw a Rafa who played at 75% of his former level" "On Sunday, I saw a Rafa who played at 75%, maybe 70% of his former level. And that's enough to dominate Daniil, who's pretty much the best hard court player in the...
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    Australian Open 2022 R32: Matteo Berrettini (7) vs Carlos Alcaraz (31)

    Choo choo, goes the hype train! The two favorites in Djokovic Caruso's section of the draw meet early. Alcaraz won both early matches in routine fashion, while Berrettini gifted a couple sets. H2H is 1-0 Alcaraz (Vienna 2021). Who do you think will win? I'll go with Alcaraz in 4.
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    Australian Open 2022 R3: Rafael Nadal [6] vs Karen Khachanov [28]

    First serious test for Nadal from Olympic silver medalist Khachanov, who after a pretty lengthy slump has somewhat picked up his level in the last few months. Rafa leads the H2H 7-0, but some of those victories were grueling, almost pyrrhic - 2018 USO R3 comes to mind. Both players won their...
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    2022 Sydney F: Aslan Karatsev [1] vs Andy Murray [WC]

    Andy in his first final since before the pandemic, Aslan doing some tuning before facing a very hard AO draw. Whoever wins, it will be good for tennis. I'll be rooting for the Russian with the (when it clicks) jaw dropping game. Let's just hope they don't murder each other and ruin their AO...
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    Mubadala WC 2021 (Abu Dhabi) - Rafael Nadal vs Andy Murray

    Exo time! Looking forward to this, they haven't played in more than 5 years! (last meeting was Madrid 2016) The match is scheduled for tomorrow, not before 7PM local time (4PM CET, 10AM EST, 7AM PST) Should be a fun, intense match - these two don't know the meaning of going easy lol
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    Daniil Medvedev calls old generations ‘worse’ than Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

    Following his defeat to Zverev, Medvedev told reporters in a press conference that it will not be shameful if the next generation win less than the Big Three, as the previous generation before them also won less. Medvedev said “when there was [Bjorn] Borg and [John] McEnroe, when they were...
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    Shanghai/Chengdu/Beijing cancelled, IW extended to 11 days
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    Nadal falls to #6

    After a dire second day, with 4 bogeys and 1 double bogey vs a single birdie on hole 13, Nadal has fallen from the 2nd to 6th place in the Mallorca Pro golf tournament.
  21. aldeayeah

    Novak out of RG

    One of the higher profile casualties of the RG qualifying draw, alongside other seeded players such as Ilya Ivashka, Damir Dzumhur, Pedro Sousa or Sumit Nagal. (It's been more than a day so I guess it's fair game for GPPD)
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    A Fed-less 2003-07

    From 2003 to 2007, Roger Federer famously won 12 majors. But what if he didn't? This is a thought game. Let's imagine Federer retired with injury in his first match in each of those tournaments. Out of the guys he beat, which of them would get to lift the trophy? Often the clear favorite will...
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    Now Djokovic has it all: war and peace

    quick and dirty translation, still should be much better than a machine translation Now Djokovic has it all: war and peace With 311 weeks at the top of the ranking, the Serb has ousted Federer as the most...
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    Med's streak

    So, this streak may go on after Sunday or it may end there, but it is a great streak either way. Currently running at 20 matches (12 vs top 10), undefeated since Paris last year. Also he beat every other top 10 player except Federer who isn't active: Paris 2020 R32: d. Anderson (86) 6-6 RET...
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    AO 2021 QF: Stefanos Tsitsipas (6) vs Rafael Nadal (2)

    Incoming war! Rafa looked good in R4 while Stefanos has extra rest after @tennis_pro retires. Usually Rafa has the upper hand in this matchup but Tsitsi is a dangerous fella. Still I say Rafa in 3, he seems pretty dialled in.
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    AO 2021 QF: Daniil Medvedev (4) vs Andrey Rublev (7)

    Top Russian duel! Med is the favorite and owns the H2H (Rublev hasn't beaten him since their junior days and then only once, apparently), but Rublev has been looking pretty good against some admittedly inferior oppostion. Who wins? I say Medvedev in 4.
  27. aldeayeah

    Russian Lion Karatsev

    So I haven't seen much talk about this, but Russian 27-year old Aslan Karatsev, ranked 114, in his major debut as a qualifier, is absolutely crushing his side of the AO draw with some Soderling-like ball bashing. Won first round in straights, then obliterated Gerasimov (who had upset Paire)...
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    2020 ATP Finals RR - Rafael Nadal (2) vs Andrey Rublev (7)

    Second WTF match, to be played Sunday 8PM local time. These two go way back, as this pic bears witness: They only played once in 2017, when Andrey was still a teenager. Rafa ended Andrey's first deep slam run quite brutally, beating him 1, 2 and 2 in the USO QF. Of course I expect a much...
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    2020 ATP Finals RR - Dominic Thiem (3) vs Stefanos Tsitsipas (5)

    The first match in this year's WTF (Sunday, 2PM local time) is a replay of last year's final! What are the odds? Thiem leads the matchup 4-3 (3-2 on HC), with their last meeting being last year's final. Neither has looked very good in the later stretch of the season, but I still expect a good...