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  1. Jim A


    Anyone using this app? Just downloaded and set up to try and keep the communication streamlined this year. Had good feedback from some hockey friends who use it for teams they coach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Jim A

    **Unofficial Official 2016 Year End Rating Thread**

    We are expecting them to come out starting on Monday. I'm sure fellow captain's have their eye on players moving up/down. Vote in the poll and then let us know how it matched your actual year end!
  3. Jim A

    USTA Flight Tiebreakers

    Interesting example of why I think the USTA has head to head slightly further down when it comes to their tiebreaker process. District's this weekend, the opposite flight had a 3 way tie at 2-1. 1. Team A and Team B both finished 9-6 and Team C finished at 8-7 2. Obviously all 3 teams beat one...
  4. Jim A

    Seattle - local practice/drills/league?

    Fellow TT'ers, Likely going to be taking a long term (1 year) assignment that will have me traveling during that time, mostly to Seattle. Should know in the next few weeks but moving along in the process. Hoping to find a group to hit with on a consistent basis in the area. I'll be...
  5. Jim A

    Element Alternatives?

    I recently tried a full bed of Element in my GSP. It had a bit too much pop and tried it in a hybrid with my normal Tour XC as the mains Plays great for 4-5 hours and then gets a bit too powerful for me. Love the feel and ball pocketing it provides that is absent in so many polys. The...
  6. Jim A

    Phoenix Area Sept 13-20

    Hi All, 3.5 heading to Phoenix area for a week or so. Staying in Surprise area but flexibility to travel around (Scottsdale, etc). Wouldn't mind some doubles or even knowing where sone good mixers and drop ins might be outside of Surprise. Post here or jimanderson11 at gmail
  7. Jim A

    Junior Racquet Help

    My stepdaughter has taken to tennis the past couple of months. She always had a racquet to mess around with (Babolat Pulsion 102) but is getting to the point where she talks about it twisting etc. It's about 9.5oz strung so it's time to look at some new ones. She's a small kid 5'2", 100lbs...
  8. Jim A

    Enter the Radical?

    Bought a couple IG Youtek Extreme Pro 2.0 last fall. A nice change from my Speedport Tour. Too much pop for me and the Speed line seems too close in spec to my older Speedport. As I get older a little more help is appreciated For those who have used them is the Graphene Radical Pro a good...
  9. Jim A

    Orlando 3/30-4/2. 3.5 hit

    Going to be in Orlando for a few days at the happiest place on earth. Anyone up to meet for a hit on Monday or Thursday perhaps? Message me here or jimanderson11
  10. Jim A

    Orlando 3/30 to 4/2 - 3.5 looking for a hit

    Will be at Disney for a couple days of work. Monday and Thursday have some free time and wondering if anyone was up for a hit. JimAnderson11 (at) gmail
  11. Jim A

    4G + Break In time

    I just moved to 4G after using a softer poly (Prince Tour XP/Tour XC) for the past year or so. Changed racquets and was looking for something a bit stiffer. First one I thought I learned my lesson as after being strung it was so stiff I had trouble just getting the ball to the service line...
  12. Jim A

    Gasquet T-Shirt at Davis Cup Finals

    I looked on the Le Coq Sportif site but couldn't find it, reminds me of the Mad Ball T's which by Nike somewhat... It's the first photo of the Gallery if it doesn't load... Thanks!
  13. Jim A

    Adult Tournament Seeding Question & Replacement

    I don't know if this is even an issue in Adult Tournaments, but if there is anything in the actual rulebook please let me know. We are playing the #3 seed in an upcoming tournament, seeding is done by team results this year obviously. My partner and I haven't played together After the...
  14. Jim A

    Any reason to change??

    Back on the courts after a hiatus. Previously was using mostly Prince Beast XP, 16g. Arm feels good and don't seem to have issues with playability, flat hitter. Usually string at high tensions Poly is my go to as I break strings at a quick pace for some reason. Happy to see Beast is...
  15. Jim A

    Coumadin and tennis

    So I am about 2 months into what is hopefully a 3 month use of Coumadin after developing DVT. Best case is that I hurt it randomly (hockey?) and worse would be family genetics. Those of you who are taking you stick with singles? That is my mai. strength but have been told that...
  16. Jim A

    OATS Procedure on foot

    Anyone else been through this? Am currently in week 2 of recovery, in a walking boot and making progress. Seems to be done more on hips and knees but was the best option from our discussions. Hoping to start hitting around the new year
  17. Jim A

    Demo Time!

    Looks like I will finally retire my Speedport Tour's after a few good years and have started the demo process. I plan on tracking my progress in this thread. Picked out 4 from TW that I can't necessarily find locally here in Denver and they'll be here sometime tomorrow. 1. Donnay P1 16*19...
  18. Jim A

    Tecnifibre Tflash 315 TFlex

    Tecnifibre Tflash 315 Speedflex.... Outside of the cosmetic is their any difference between the old/new models that are on TW? If that is the only difference its close to buying 2 and getting one free, so I'm more apt to just get...
  19. Jim A

    Labor Day - The end of the tennis season?

    Out here in Colorado, Labor Day means a couple things. 1. The kids are back in school already 2. A couple of big weekend tournaments in the Denver area. 3. State Open starts next week 4. League tennis is all but done. We have a Flight Playoff next week and possibly Districts towards the...
  20. Jim A

    Beginner Racquet Purchase - A little help (Prince/Head users)

    About a month ago, my wife mentions wanting to take a tennis class and has really taken to it. In fact the past 2 Friday's, I've been on the court and ball machine. I think she'll be able to play some 6.0 Mixed by early spring and we'll go from there... I know what I'm looking for in a...
  21. Jim A

    Mixed: 4.0/3.0 vs 3.5/3.5

    I've played 7.0 mixed on/off the past couple of seasons and heading to Districts this weekend. One team we are playing has quite a bit of 4.0 men/3.0 women combinations. Haven't come across this in a match situation. Of course I expect the guy to be pretty steady and attempt to hit more...
  22. Jim A

    Lower racquet weight

    Thinking of dropping down in my racquet weight. Playing with a Prince Speedport Tour that is about 11.7oz 325swingweight Now that I'm playing against people who are hitting a bit harder and having less time to set up (my strokes are a bit long, but fairly quick swing speed as far as...
  23. Jim A

    Best Donnay for Flat strokes?

    Eventually I'm going to have to replace my Prince Speedport Tour(s) and I've been looking at the Donnay and will demo some down the road in addition to the usual suspects. I like that its quick through the air and am looking at the X-Blue and X-Red 99 as choices. The main thing I'm curious...
  24. Jim A

    Zoom Air vs Lunarlon

    Recently moved from the Breathe Cage II to CB 2.3 and my knees are just killing me. Granted its not the warmest weather outside but typically don't feel brittle out on the court. The biggest difference I can see is the use of Lunarlon in the CB 2.3 in place of the Zoom Air in the forefoot...
  25. Jim A

    USTA "Breakups"

    Interested in hearing other stories; I knew it would happen eventually but didn't expect the pettyness Since I started playing USTA in '09 I had played with same core group of people for Adult/Mixed. I missed all of last year, but was still there at matches to support my fellow...
  26. Jim A

    Indoor to Outdoor serve transition

    My serve has disappeared. Indoors it wasn't that big of a deal since I knew if I tossed it high enough and hit up quick enough I could get it deep in the box and move it around, totally fine for 3.5 dubs. Played a singles match today outside in typical conditions in that there was nary a...
  27. Jim A

    NTRP Threads

  28. Jim A

    Best Drills for a Club (3.5) Player

    So I've been playing again for about 2 years. Year 1 I played all the time it was great and my game was coming back. For the past year its been the opposite and I'm once again healthy and ready to play. Since I'm getting married in a little under 4 months, there's no $ for...
  29. Jim A

    What shot are you missing?

    If you could have any one shot/weapon that you are lacking at the moment what would it be? For me, it would have to be a powerful 1hbh. Something is missing in the stroke for me and while its serviceable I'd love to be able to really drive the ball at times during a match.
  30. Jim A

    Nike CB 2.2 Reviews

    I wound up getting some 1.2's around this time last year for $40 and they were overall a good shoe for me. Anyone using the 2.2? Thoughts and input on them?? Starting to see the price drops on the 2.2's and thinking of stocking up a bit. Typically the outsole warranty isn't an issue with me...