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  1. YonexBoy

    New Yonex AO 2022 shoes?

    What are these new kicks from Yonex? Kinda look like Asics court FFs…
  2. YonexBoy

    New Balance - 6 Month Warranty Terms and Conditions

    New Balance in their "6 Month Warranty Terms and Conditions" says "The sole must be completely worn through" does that mean the tread is gone and the mid-section is visible? or do you have to physically wear through the midsection? Kinda confusing. Does anyone have experience with returns?
  3. YonexBoy

    Mizuno wave tour 5?

    Hey, I see RBA wearing what looks like the mizuno wave tour upgrade at Toronto this week. Anyone confirm this shoe?
  4. YonexBoy

    Tsitsipas's new Adidas shoes in Hamberg 2021

    Does anyone know when these are getting released globally?
  5. YonexBoy

    Alternative to the Head Extreme MP?

    Hey guys, I wanted to get some opinions. Little history - I've always been a Yonex boy. In the past I've played with the Yonex RDiS 100 than switched to the SV98 from 2017-2019. Then after having a go at my local club the Head Extreme MP 305g, I loved the feel and easy power. So I switched and...
  6. YonexBoy

    Best hard court shoes on the market?

    Could someone please recommend a good hard court shoe? I currently play with Ubersonic's 2's and the fit is great but they wear out way too quick! So looking for something similar.. I heard that Babolat Propulse Fury use good rubber. Thoughts?
  7. YonexBoy

    Do clay shoes wear out quicker on hard courts?

    I have a spare pair Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion clay shoes and I want to know if playing on hard court will destroy the sole? Currently, I'm playing with the Ubersonic 2's but the sole has completely worn away after 3/4 months of play. Should I invest in All court/hardcourt shoes or just play...