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  1. spoonfed

    Ymers shoes?

    He's been using Adidas forever, in Washington the Barricade. But in his match against Korda he played in a shoe I couldn't identify. The logo on the inside of the shoe looked kinda like the Pacific logo. Any ideas? Maybe he brought too few pairs of shoes or someone offered him a bundle of cash...
  2. spoonfed

    Gel Res 8 back in stock?

    I've tried to search for an answer to this with no sucess, so I'll just have to ask: Does anyone have a clue when the gel res 8 will be back in stock (in new colorways, I guess)? They're all out in Europe, at least, it seems. (Not counting the odd pair of unpopular size.)
  3. spoonfed

    Higher tension feels softer?

    I recently strung my first racquet. Around the same time I picked up my other racquet after having it strung at the local tennis shop. Now, they strung at 49 lbs on a huge electric machine. I strung at 51 lbs on an old crank machine. If I bang the stringbeds for sound, I can clearly hear the...
  4. spoonfed

    TF Icecode prone to break or bad stringjob?

    Today I broke a string, on the second hit with my new TF40 305, strung with Icecode. I've never broken a poly before. I realize it could have been an unfortunate mishit, but isn't it more likely the string job was bad? Or is the string prone to breaking? If it was a bad string job, how can I...
  5. spoonfed

    Help with alternative to 360 Radical Pro

    Hi! I am in sort of a jam, and would very much appreciate any help you guys could give me. I've been trying out the 360 Radical Pro and in general I really like the results, i.e. my game has improved. But I absolutely hate the feel (and the sound): too stiff, with a really dull sweetspot. In...
  6. spoonfed

    Advice on tennis balls for clay

    Hi! In Sweden we're still allowed to play indoors, but clay season has started as well, and this year I want to try clay specific tennis balls. Could someone with experience of share advice on some good ones? Indoors I prefer the Head Tour (previously Atp). Albeit, they get slow fairly fast...
  7. spoonfed

    Help wanted: funky knot, bad stringjob?

    Hi all, I would be very thankful for any help on this issue. I just had my first hit with my second Yonex Vcore Pro 97HD. I bought it strung with Poly Tour Pro from TW Europe, just like my first one. After a while I noticed this funky knot (see picture), in one of the smaller holes. I don't...