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    Looking for a hitting partner in Michigan

    Hello TT, I will be in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo area starting on July 29th for about a month. I am willing to commute a moderate distance for a good hit. I am a UTR 11, 5.0-5.5 level player. Looking for a UTR 8 or above, 4.5/5.0 and above level player. Please let me know by PMing or emailing...
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    Racquet Demos

    I have noticed that the demos on all the tennis websites have gotten so much more expensive. I am trying to demo the vcore pro and the ezone 98, and am located in New Mexico, so people don't really use these rackets. Do you know if there are other ways to demo for cheaper? Thanks
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    Going to be in Daytona Beach for December. Spending some time in Orlando as well. Looking for hitting partners.

    Hello TT, I am a UTR 10.5 player looking for hitting partners for December in Florida. 5.0+ UTR 9+ level. Please email me at if this fits you. Thanks
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    Strings similar to Razor Code 16

    I love the feel of razor code blue 16, but it is a bit pricy and not durable enough. I am breaking it once a hitting session minimum, and it is irritating. Any suggestions on similar feeling strings that are cheaper or more durable?
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    Who's a greater play currently? Thiem or Delpo?

    We all know that Thiem will probably end his career with 3-6 slams, and could be in the running for top 15 all time, but has he already surpassed delpo? Slam champions with 1 masters title. Does the fact that delpo had his injuries and had the arguably tougher era help him? I'm gonna say that...
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    Federer out. What does this mean?

    I really think, if this is something to go by, Federer might be on his last rodeo. We'll have to see. Federer trolls, please vent somewhere else.
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    Radical 2021?

    Just saw a tennis spin video revealing the new 2021 radical pro. Seems that the new face of the radical is Taylor Fritz. This is a move that I cannot understand, as there are much more successful players endorsing the radical line, such as Schwartzman and Garin. Any thoughts or explanations?
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    Australian Open Trophy Cameo in Wonder Woman 1984?

    I just wrapped up watching the movie, and saw an interesting glimmer at around 13:29 into the movie of a trophy. Looks a whole lot like the mens australian open trophy. Thoughts?
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    Albuquerque, NM

    I am a junior tennis player looking for some 4.5-5.0 level hitting partners in the Albuquerque area. Please email me at
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    Top 10 Players of All time(Men)

    There are always threads like this, but I think they should be refreshed every couple years. Here is my top 10 of all time: 1. Djokovic. 2. Federer. 3. Nadal. 4. Sampras. 5. Lendl. 6. Borg. 7. Laver. 8. Edberg. 9. Becker. 10. Mcenroe
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    David Goffin Racket?

    Saw he was using a new PJ during the W&S, but couldn't tell what it was. Is this the clash? If this is his old blade, can I get this PJ?
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    Razor Code vs Red Code?

    I bought a reel of Razor Code about 4 months ago. Before this, I would always buy a cheap, generic poly, and cared more about my racket, and other things than string. I had tried many more popular and expensive strings before: Hyper G, Head Hawk, NXT, RPM, Cyclone, etc. and although I did like...
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    Razor Code no Inking?

    I ordered a reel of Tecnifibre Razor code off of the bay. I love the feel, and it came with a real package, and feels like an expensive, good string. It has very little or no writing on the string itself. At first, I thought it was just a Tecnifibre thing, but a reel of Pro Red Code came in to...
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    Where to buy cheap starting clamps?

    Starting clamps are so expensive and overpriced. Please point me in the write direction
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    Practice Partners?

    Hello everyone. I am a junior tennis player looking for practice partners in the Albuquerque area. I play at around a high 4.5 to mid-low 5.0 level. Please PM or email to walrus314159 at if you are interested to hit some. It is very hard to find practice partners in my area.
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    Roger Federer Best Shoes.

    Im going to say that it has to be the paris 2018 shoes. PS, does anyone know if you can get these.
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    Probably already done, but: New Balance Fresh Foam Lav club

    I know that some people think that they're to heavy, but New Balance still has the touch.
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    Matteo Berretini new PJ?

    Is this the new paintjob for the extreme? Have to say, looks kind of uncreative and plain for the extreme lines history.
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    Thiem forehand swing motion???

    Is it just me or did he change it a bit??? Before: After:
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    Best Grand Slam Finals in History???

    Some of you may have read(and disagreed) with my list of worst grand slam finals in history. Here's my list of the best. Again keep in mind that I did not watch much tennis pre-2000: 10: US Open 2009: Just such a good high quality groundstroke match. An absolutely worthy final. 9: Wimbledon...
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    Worst Grand Slam Finals in history???

    I'll start this off, but keep in mind, I haven't watch much tennis before 2000: #10: Australian Open 2020. It wasn't necessarily a terrible match, but it was just so underwhelming based on what was expected by the way they moved through the draw. #9: Australian Open 2003. This was just an...
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    The most pathetic tennis gear in history.

    Get all your anger out at the manufacturers who actually thought of this gear. Rackets, clothes, balls, etc is welcome. Let me start us off with an awful timeless classic:
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    Greatest Rackets of All time?

    It's not about personal preference. It's more about the impact that the racket had on the industry. I have to choose either the Bumblebee Head Radical or the Pure Drive.
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    Has anyone tried the 2020 Ezone yet?

    I am still playing with the DR. Nothing even remotely close to being as good has popped up yet. Is the 2020 Ezone similar to the DR 98, or is it more of an iteration of the 2018 Ezone. Thanks!
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    Worst and Best outfits of each of the Big 3.

    Let me start us off. Federer's Worst has to be the UPS Fedex: As much as I love Uni Qlo, it just doesn't fit with RF. Nike did indeed save the best for last: Djokovic's best is just the simple one: He honestly hasn't had to many bad ones, but this has to take my cake: Nadal's best: Nadal...