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    Strings for Diadem Nova 100

    Hi, Anybody has experience with this brand, looking for setup for young slim player with compact swing, tried Solinco TB @55 and it's sound too bold and bit stiff (that what I feel on my wrist/elbow at 55 years old), though my son doesn't' complain. Recommended range for this racquet 50-60...
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    Multi or Other strings for young player

    Hi, I just tried Mantis Comfort Synthetic 16 on my sons Diadem Nova and BBLT Drive Team, both really did not like it, it's moving like spaghettis, (and we can handle smell -). Can anybody recommend comfortable stings for slim body players 14,16 year old players. We prefer 17 gauge, nothing...
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    Dycrypt stringer label help HT/PF17 @59

    Hi, can anybody help to translate what kind of strings could be at this racket BBLT Drive racquet: HT/PF17 @59, those were hybrid. Trying to recreate for my son. Thanks Dai
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    Next full size racquet for 13yo 4'10" boy

    Hi Who can recommend full size racquet for my boy 13 yo, slim frame, 4'10" tall, very athletic, perfect pitcher, now in tennis business.. He likes internally Nadal line, but I think it could be too stiff for him. We're looking for max 300g weight and 4+ HL . Thanks Mario
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    Next racquet after Babolat EVOKE 102

    Hi, I got that Evoke 102 from friend and training now regularly with Pro for 2nd year, and she suggested me to progress to another level racquet, my current Evoke's strings move a lot now and probably could be restrung. I still like Babolat, while my coach recommends others like Yonex eZone...
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    Playmate Ace tennis machine remote

    Hi, Anybody can help to replace lost remote control for this machine, not sure if any universal one will work for this machine. This machine is pretty old however Remote unit by Genie I think was added recently. Playmate Ace Basic circa 2000... Thanks Mario
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    Kids rolling like corkscrew around front leg after FH

    Hi all, I'm having problem to explain papa an son (15) how to stop that corkscrew effect after their FH, both of them can rotate shoulders almost 180 with the stick, no problem. And both of them after FH rotate without any steps forward.-) Without moving any legs they can do couple of shots...
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    Babolat Junior 26 (Blue) stringing for comfy play

    Hi, Anybody can recommend good string setup for this racquet, my 11 yo player complained about some arm/wrist pain after playing with it. I didn't see any recommended tension posted, it was restrung from factory with Hyper G @50 which I assume in the middle of recommended range. I heard that...
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    Is it worth to restring 26 juniour racket from store

    HI, My son just moved to 26 racket we bought on amazon. Babolat, not cheap, and we found that is hard to play for him, there is no bite at all on ball, everthing goes into the net. No boom sound. Anybody noiced this for stock strings ? We never had this problem for 23,25 gen rackets he used...
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    Good old style Nike with mesh nose, are they still exists

    Hi all , I'm looking for any Nike shoes like on the photo, which is more traditional style with confrtable soft nose portion made of mesh or something else that looks like on the photo. Could not find any in big or online stores. I don't want to change my sponsor contract in the middle, so...
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    Leylah Fernandez strings with very low tension

    Hi all, for me looks like Leylah plays with trampoline racket, so crazy power and angles, do you think so ? anybody has insights how low tension she plays with ? and looks like her racket head is over sized too. Thanks Mario
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    Andy Murray UA shoes

    Hi, anybody knows where I can get those UA shoes he playes at Olympics, looks like Under Armour cancel tenni line. Thanks M
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    How to handle young players cultural customs in hot" weather

    Hi, I'm in moderately hot part of California playing with one 10 boy from Asia, who looks like instructed never wear short sleeve or Shorts on the courts. Rest is covered with SPF and his outfit is not from sport store. We play in 75+F weather which might not be a big deal but in addition...
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    Course for 10 yo student

    Hi, our boy play with personal couch for 2+ years, on and off, roughly 1.5 times per week, now he can do 10+ comfortable shots with the coach, can do about 40% first serve, what is the best next step to advance to competition play? or better say next step? Coach says that it could be bit early...
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    Balance for 25 junior rackets , all HH?

    Hi, I'm trying to find HL 25 racket , definitely not Aluminum made. So far see that all cool Babolat versions are HH, anybody saw any 25 with HL ? For 25 balance point comes to 317mm. appreciate you advice, if anybody can point to another one. Thanks Mario
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    Junior balls with what racket size

    Hi I was recomended for my kids play with green balls , he still uses 25" racket, 10yo, below 5' tall. Is there any rules like something: Orange balls for racket <=25" Green 26" Yellow 27" or it's still individual and can be mixed up. Thanks M
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    Most confy / cushioned shoes

    Hi, all what would be most cushioned tennis shoes on current market, I need ones to recover after surgery. I still like to in trend and stick to tennis type. But if not then will move into general /running ones, something lile Puma RSX RS X . Or... probably there are some super soft insoles...
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    Fischer Pro No 1, 452 any successor in Pacific ?

    Hi, I'm looking for classic Fischer Pro No1 racquet, Or any other from its mold 252 Know that Pacific has X** Force Pro No 1, but could not find anywhere, even on AmaZone. Nothing is available. All Force * racquets without <No 1> have slighter wider frame. Looks like Pacific is up and running...
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    Adding weight to make it HL HOW TOs.

    Hi, I plan to add some weight to Lite racket (285g) with equal balance = 342 which is Pacific X Force Lite. Will adding some metal (15g) at the very very end of the handle will do right job ? I afraid there are some hidden secrets, probably weight should be somehow evenly distributed..etc...
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    Kids training: when good time to fix late Backswing

    Hi all, I'm playing with 9 yo slim kid and d like to get your input when do you think better to fix his late backswing, should it go along with the form or could be done later when he get bit more speed and foot stablity ? I play with him for 1 year 1-2 times/week. it's 100% late, always on or...
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    Women vs Men tennis shoes, is there diff other then color

    Hi, this comes to me as I try to buy shoes for my girl and boy 13,15 years old. I see that Women and Men categories, but If this only for Colors ? Thinking they interchange them sometime. Sizing is same, in my case I need US 7, and this is universal, shoes advertised for man and women are same...
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    10oz racket for 13yo recomendation

    Hi, Can anybody recommend friendly racket for 13yo, she is 5'5 and looking for full size 27. She doesn't like rackets I offered her and wanted something lighter them most friendly sticks are. Ideally Wilson. And head light 4+ Tx Mario
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    TV option for both Wta and ATP for 1 month

    Hi, I live temp in USA and would like to get access to both men and women tennis for 1 month, can anybody recommend good option, I don't believe in free live streaming, tried last year some but it's not stable if at all it work and save. For now I think that TEnnis Channel Plus is $100/year is...
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    Should WTA / ATP to care to dress players different colors ?

    Hi, do you think it's time for Nicke and Co make home/away colors, it's hard to watch games, especially while watching in office secretly with no audio). All girls area same 100%. WTA !!!!! please do this !!!!
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    WTA tv schedule

    Anybody knows why TW dropped WTA TV schedule from their site, before was there, are they co-op with Tennis Channel ONLY these days? This is kind of discriminating). I heard that next year Tennis Channel will change its name to MenChannel Tennis V
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    How to read Wmbld statistics help DIST. COVERED/PT. (M)

    Hi, anybody can help to explain what it the difference for those Dist.Covered , this taken from Djkokovic /Nadal What is Covered/PT ??? * M I assume means Meter Djok Nadal 6051.7 m DISTANCE COVERED (M) 6392.0 m 79.63 DIST...
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    WTA on Tennis Channel dead ?

    Hi, Just discovered that TC doesn't have WTA Rome semifinals, what happaned with them ? Again $$$??? Do you know where I can watch Sharapova in in US, CA ???/ Strange that there is no any official info on www or by TC, or ESPN. Who drop whom, in other hand it's freely available in Europe...
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    Need tip'n'tricks for 7yo backhand basics

    Hi I'm looking for tips and drills to get my fun student 7 yo (play 1.5 times/ week for 4 months). His backhand now always goes to the right, I can't use my common language, as I see some lingo and cultural barriers, they fresh in US from Asia, so I'm looking to find some tips which can look...
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    NON Continental on server for 12yo

    Hi, anybody can say that it's still can be OK, I play with 12 yo, he played before somewhere so feels really comfortable with FH continental on serve( V bottom on the right side of bevele 2), I ask slice no problem, kick into ad box (right handed) no problem, very power too. I gently tried...
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    Pink/Salmon prevails in Men AO

    I so surprised to see so many pink colors in men draw, looks like big Sponsors try to make some statement?? Dai