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    excel + ...?

    So I'm planning on trying out a few different strings instead of my excel x bam. Two polys that I want to try are the technifibre pro red code 18 and the signum pro 17 tornado. What do you think about these choices crossed with babolat excel?
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    lead tape for lm radical mp

    As the title states, I want to 'lead up' my LM radical mp but I don't know what I'm supposed to use. Is stuff like the Gamma lead weight tape that they sell on tw good? And if so, at what thickness? Thanks in advance.
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    high school girls.

    HAHHA you know you're pretty bored when you come to ttforums to ask about life advice. I'm in high school and I feel obligated to ask my girlfriend to our school winter dance and I was wondering if anyone would contribute to helping me ask her in a cute/creative(?) way. No guarantees I'll...
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    bam and xcel

    Hey, I'm not a stringbreaker and I use the Head LM Radical MP with BAM crosses and Signum Pro poly plasma in the mains, not sure about the tensions. I think they loosened up from hitting without breaking. ANYWAYS, with this setup, I hit great on my good days when my stomach isn't grumbling...
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    Should I post how long I've played?

    The title says it all, but I'll elaborate. From what I've seen, posting videos comes with a great risk as anything you say can be an excuse for others to call you out as a bluffer or cocky a-hole. BUT, it's hard to judge someone at 4.0 who has played for his entire life to someone at 4.0 who...
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    finding a fail picture

    Hey, I need help finding that cartoon picture of a man climbing up a mountain to see that he wasn't at the peak yet and he was still far off.
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    Donald Young

    I'm relatively new to this forum, but I've seen a ton of Donald Young related jokes. Can someone explain?
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    warranty question

    To commemorate my one year anniversary of playing tennis, my friend decided to give me some advice on buying tennis shoes, as mines were constantly being de-soled. He suggested that rather than buying 50-60 dollar shoes, I should get nice shoes (~= 100 dollars) with the 6 month warranty...
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    smaller calves plase

    15 years old, 5'5'', 115 lbs. Not too skinny, but not fat by any means either. However, for cosmetic reasons, I've noticed lately that my calves are starter to look larger and have that defined bulge on the backs and I DISLIKE. Anybody have any odd solutions to making your calves look...
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    davydenko's forehand

    What grip does Davydenko use for his forehand?
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    noise canceling headphones

    Recently, I've decided that iPod headphones, even when played at maximum volume, allow me to listen to backround noise that I would prefer obsolete. No earbuds because I find them uncomfortable. Also, I'm 15 so I'm not planning on buying enormous, bulky headphones and walking around with...
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    lleyton hewitt

    just yesterday, i was playing tennis at the fremont tennis center in fremont, ca, and i saw some tall ass dude that was wearing a sleeveless top with a cap on backwards. i could've sworn he was lleyton hewitt except that google searches on him didnt seem to point him in this direction so...
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    I know there's already been a thread made on consistency, but I can't seem to find it. I play tennis for my high school team and frankly, I'm close to the bottom of the ladder. Some days, I hit great but on others, I can't seem to get the sweet spot and I feel like an uncoordinated idiot...
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    serve video

    hey can someone try to judge my serve from this one, sideways, video? i havent been able to get on the courts much, but ill try to film some on the courts soon.