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    Worth upgrading from Lobster Grand Elite IV to Grand Elite V LE

    After years of service, my Grand Elite IV started acting up. When I called the Lobster Support, I was told I needed a new touch panel. This would cost me $150. If I want to upgrade from IV to V LE, that would cost me $600 Should I bite the bullet and do the upgrade or spend $150 and sit with IV...
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    Specific shoes for sliding on clay

    I play on Har Tru courts during Spring and Summer. Couple of questions: - Do I need to buy a different pair just for clay if I wanted to slide? Currently I use Asics Court FF on hard courts. - What videos would you recommend to learn how to slide? - Is there any difference sliding on red clay...
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    Help needed with a loose bolt in Eagnas Beta machine

    I have this machine in a blue color As shown in the pictures, there is a bolt that is just hanging there inside the spring and I don't know where it goes. Maybe I am missing a part that fell off the machine. I have marked the loose part with a red...
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    Service toss rule

    I was recently playing with an opponent who stood right next to the Service Line center mark on the Ad side and tossed the ball way to his right where went over the center mark to the Deuce side. Is this legal or is it a foot fault?
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    How to calibrate Eagnas Combo 910 machine

    I just bought a used Eagnas Combo 910 machine: I checked the tension and it seems it is always less by 2-3 pounds than the reference tension. I don't have a user manual for this and was wondering if someone can tell me how to adjust this difference in...
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    Eagnas Combo 910 Calibration

    I am new to stringing on my own. I just bought this used machine (Eagnas Combo 910) and decided to calibrate it using a digital scale as shown in the pictures. The tension was set to 50 lbs but the scale reads 46.80 lbs, when the tension is set to 54 lbs, the scale reads 49.6 lbs. Two...
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    courtesy for returning the tennis ball

    Recently I was playing on outdoor clay courts and on the court next me there were four people playing doubles. There balls frequently kept coming to our court and I just rolled the ball back with my tennis racket back to their court. One of the players on the double's court was annoyed and...
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    How can swingweight be so off?

    I bought two rackets and the specs said the swingweight on them was supposed to be 307. I used TW match service and the swingweight was listed as 268. That is almost 40 points off. This is highway robbery. How can there be so much discrepancy? And why should we let the manufactures get away with...
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    2 rackets same make model different weights

    I recently purchased two Volkl Oragnix V1 Mid Plus from an online retailer. One weights 10.1 oz unstrung and other weights 10.5 oz unstrung. I called the retailer and he was ****ed and said I was being too picky. He will take the overweight racket back but I don't understand his reason for being...
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    Looking for a used Pro Kennex Q15 4 1/4

    Looking for a 4 in a decent shape. Yogi
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    Used 4 1/4 Pro Kennex Kinetic Ionic 15 PSE

    I'm looking for one or two of Pro Kennex Kinetic Ionic 15 PSE in L2 size in decent condition. Yogi trideva at gmail dor com
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    Looking to get used Donnay Pro One OS Ext 1/4 or 3/4 grip

    I am looking to buy two used Donnay Pro One OS Ext rackets in L2 or L3 grip size. Let me know if anyone wants to sell theirs. shivakali at hotmail Thanks. Yogi
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    Reliable ball machine

    I currently own Silent Partner Smart. I'm very disappointed with it. It has broke down three times during last year. Maybe I got a bad machine but at this point I'm looking for robust reliable machine (if such a thing exists -;) Some of the things I would like to have in a ball machine: (1)...
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    Adding weight in the butt cap

    I recently added some weight in the butt caps of two of my rackets using TW shown fishing weight and cotton balls method. While playing a league match, it was a complete disaster. The weights came off the cotton and started rattling inside the racket. I changed my rackets but the other one did...
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    Arm friendly Extended Mid plus racquets

    I'm a 4.0+ short male adult (5' 4") with compact swing and thin muscular build. I've been looking for an upgrade from Wilson Team FX BLX (Hd size 103, strung weight 10.3oz) to a heavier arm friendly racquet since my arm and shoulder started huring really bad with this racquet. I'm looking...
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    help with hybrid string configuration needed

    I've never used hybrid strings before so wanted to give it a shot. What I'm confused about it what to put in mains and crosses and at what tension. What is a general criterion to determine what tension I should have at the mains and crosses? I was looking at Solinco Tour Bite 17 &...
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    is transition from OHBH to THBH needed?

    I have a decent one handed backhand except for handling high balls. I am short so when I receive high ball, I usually end up slicing it. Besides this, lately I have been considering the physical impact of just using one hand to play both forehand and backhand in tennis. I feel OHBH may tax...