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    USTA ratings 2010 - by the numbers

    city | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 4.5 | 5 | total | weighted average rating los angeles | 2.2 | 23.8 | 70.6 | 95.3 | 99.6 | 551 | 3.8 las vegas | 14.6 | 42.5 | 70.8 | 84.2 | 91.1 | 1147 | 3.7 san francisco | 7.6 | 36.9 | 79.3 | 96.3 | 99.5 | 9406 | 3.6 manhattan | 12.5 | 39.9 | 71.8 | 92.8 | 99.9 | 890 |...
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    Getting passed the plateau

    There's alot of very specific technical threads in this section, and that's great - but how about a more general question. What'd you do to get good? As in, at some point, you'd spent some time at a plateau in terms of playing level - as an adult, and then you did something, and you were...
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    Being a tennis fan - while quitting cable

    Has anyone found a decent strategy to maintain access to tournament coverage without cable? It appears the tennis channel now has the option of online streams of the grand slams, but what about the other tournaments? I'm not especially interested in bootleg streams. The goal here isn't theft...
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    A new low in USTA leagues

    With a playoff spot on the line, two captains collude and neglect to report scores in their final match until they see how the other teams do. Upon seeing the results, in which they're both mathematically eliminated from the post-season, they then not only lie about the results of their final...
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    A guide to managing one's rating

    The USTA doesn't do a lot of things right with regard to league play - but you know what's the best part about the whole experience? Tennislink! NOWHERE ELSE will you check out the records of players who stomped you in the playoffs, only to find they having losing records during the regular...
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    YAVR (yet another vantage review)

    Prologue - haven't had a chance to actually hit with them yet. There will be no pics until much later, if ever. Where I'm coming from Racket history: Prince CTS Graduate 110 Prince CTS Blast 110 Prince Graphite II 110 (still have) Prince Precision 690 Longbody Dunlop Muscle Weave 200g 95...
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    prince cushion grip system pallets?

    Anyone know where to source these things? Are vintage Prince CTS frames viable sources for more recent frames using the handle system, like the Shark? Or did the system change in the intervening years?
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    Your NTRP rating - by the numbers

    We've already had lots of threads about whether or not NTRP ratings are consistent from region to region, what's a sandbagger, how broken the NTRP is, etc. Inspired by this thread (, I thought I'd take a different tact. What do the NTRP...
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    Does TW have a shill policy?

    Do you guys have a formal policy in place for product shills in this forum? You'd think with the amount of power and visibility in the defacto tennis equipment message boards, you guys could at least get paid if unscrupulous companies elect to use your resources for free advertising. Off-topic...
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    What up with the OCD epidemic?

    I'm just getting a chance to watch the Djokovic/Nadal Canadian semi. Between Nadal's butt-picking/sock pulling/hair tucking/water bottle arranging and Djokovic's incessant - and even worse, inconsistent - ball bouncing before serve - I feel like I'm watching a match between a couple of Ritalin...
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    full poly vs. poly main hybrid

    Due to some recent durability problems, I've finally decided to see if the grass is indeed greener on the other side. Previous setup: BDE Rallye 16/PSG 16 at 59/61 pounds. Current test setup: Weiss Cannon MatchPower at 51/53 pounds. Poly is weird. This stuff definitely seems to have a...
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    Side by side testing

    I'm not sure how other people test rackets, but I stumbled on something interesting the other day. Basically, my normal testing procedure is just to hit with the darn thing. Either I like what's happening with the ball or feedback or I don't. Not rocket science. Well, just for grins, I...
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    Larry Stefanki

    This guy is just doing wonders with Gonzo. Put together with his work with Henman, Rios, Kafelnikov, and JMac and we're looking at a guy that could give Brad Gilbert's reputation (as opposed to Brad Gilbert) a serious run for its money. His prior charges at least had something to work with...
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    Commentary Dream Team

    PMac is so obviously the odd man out this year. Fowler and Killer Cahill are fantastic together. In fact, Cahill by himself has been more astute and more informative in the few matches he's done so far than ESPN's typical offerings all of last year. Stick Courier in there instead of PMac and...
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    ohplease's grand unified theory of everything in tennis

    In essence, rackets are a trade-off. We want power, but we also want control (or at least, consistency in power). Finding your own personal balance is the hard part. But what if it turned out that your playing style is predetermined by that balance? In other words, is there any truth that the...
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    Safin's long lost twin brother

    Anyone catch the interview Arias had with Marat at the beginning of the Clement match? He's seriously turning into tennis' version of Snoop. I mean, really. That laid back sense of lethality. Obvious preoccupation with facial hair and hairstyles, in general. Abundant garden implements in...
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    Wimbledon surface speed: an analysis

    The claim is that Courier got lucky in 1993 because Wimbledon was hot and dry, and Agassi's run in 1992 was legitimately amazing (unlike Nadal's 2006). There's also a claim that the transition from RG to Wimbledon is easier today. If those claims are true, we should see more common...
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    Meta: Jocking your team or player - better than sex

    From here: ""The heart rates that we have recorded throughout the first stage of the study are in line with those experienced by an individual reaching sexual climax, and in some cases greater than that," said Loughborough's Prof. Ron Maughan..."...
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    The sky is falling. Again.

    I've decided that we should scrap the ATP and WTA tours and replace them with catty reality shows ala "American Idol." Catch a historical sure-thing like Sampras or Federer mid-career and their excellence and dominnce is boring. Fail to have someone lapping the field and we get complaints about...
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    The Scene: Roland Garros

    Trekked over the pond to visit some friends and watch some tennis last week. Unlike Flushing Meadow or Wimbledon, there's very little information online about buying tickets for Roland Garros. There's a reason for that - it's really easy (at least early in the tournament). You can either...
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    Goldstein blogging for ESPN

    Paul Goldstein is ESPN's guest blogger during the French:
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    Linking congressional salaries to the minimum wage

    A bill has been introduced in the US Senate to link congressional pay raises directly to increases in the federal minimum wage. Anyone want to dig up the historical increases in both for comparison's sake? Just for grins?
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    Purple courts?

    Weren't all the super 9's supposed to have purple courts? What's going on at the Nasdaq?
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    "Too heavy?" "Too light?" Meet the Relative Racket Finder

    Players rackets are too demanding for the modern game! Granny sticks will make your arm fall off! Etc. What's too heavy? What's too light? What's too small a hitting area? Who's to say? Everyone has there own opinion. If only someone could define an appropriate range... What if someone...
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    The "perfect" racket - statistically

    Just for kicks, what frames are marked "best selling" here at TW? Pure Drive Pure Drive Plus Ti.S6 LM Radical MP LM Radical OS Graphite Mid Graphite OS Warrior MP Warrior OS nCode 90 nCode 95 PS60 85 PS60 95 Hyper Hammer 5.3 MP Hyper Hammer 5.3 OS Hyper Hammer 6.3 RDX 500 Mid...
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    Volkl frames: weight distribution comparison

    This board seems especially fond of fighting over one another's demo impressions. For some strange reason, Volkl's 10 series is one of the favorite battlegrounds. You should still do and trust your own demo experience, but GIVEN THE NUMBERS - what do we know? Assumptions: 1) Uses TW specs...
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    Slam win w/highest degree of difficulty?

    Inspired by Marcos' current run (two top 5 players so far, three if he goes all the way): who's got bragging rights for the toughest slam victory? Agassi's 1994 USO win involved 5 seeds, but Stich's 1991 wimbledon was over three top 5 players, two of whom had met in the final the previous...
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    ESPN's corner coverage Hrbaty/Norman - kudos

    "wah wah wah. ESPN doesn't get it." They just dedicated time to a bunch of journeymen duking it out on an outside court. On a handheld camera! Then they switch out to Healey/Delic. Great coverage from the worldwide leader. In past years, we'd get a Venus rerun. Not this year. Well done.
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    Hingis: more of the same

    Yes, she makes women's tennis worth watching again (apart from the Belgians). Yes, as Todd Martin once said, she's still probably the best tennis player in the world (look at how much freaking time she gives herself between shots! Most times, she's recovered her balance before she's finished...
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    Looks like ARod has put in some work

    Kid looks like he's really stepped it up. He seems to have spent alot of time working on both his quickeness and the economy and precision of his footwork. He seems to be more purposeful out there. That's above and beyond the attitude adjustment. Nice to see. Best of luck to him this season.