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    Babolat Aeropro Drive Crack?

    My son uses a Bobolat Aeropro Drive strung with Luxilon Big Banger @ 55lbs. He recently noticed a crack next to the gromet hole @ the 2 o'clock position. He's only been using the racquet for 3 months and hasn't thrown the racquet about. Could this be because of stringing? Or is this common...
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    Switching to Luxilon Big Banger?

    Been using Pro Hurricane 16 Mains with PSGD 16 crosses strung at 57lbs/55lbs on the Aeropro Drive. Switching to Luxilon ALU Big Banger Power Rough 16L Mains with PSGD 16 crosses. Should I still decrease the Luxilon tension by 10% as recommended?
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    Why does stringing tension vary from actual?

    I recently asked the stringer to string 60lbs main and 57lbs crosses. I measured the tension on a machine after he had finished and it was 56lbs. He told me that it's normal for the pulling tension to be higher than the actual tension. :confused: Is he feeding me BS?
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    O3 Tour - Lopsided Holes

    Does anyone know why the holes on the O3 tour are lopsided? On one side it is higher than the other side. What is the benefit to the racquet?
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    Kevlar - Is it really BAD?

    I've read many times on this forum that kevlar strings are bad for the arm. Please share your experiences on this. Are there any out there that have used kevlar on a prolonged basis without impact to the arm. Would also appreciate any advice on how to minimise the effect of using kevlar ...
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    All O3 Tour users - List your strings/tensions and feedback

    All of you who are using the O3 Tour, could you please please post what strings and tension you have it strung at and your experience on the set-up. Thanks.
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    Cracks in a racquet

    Does anyone know how to test if there is a crack in the frame of the racquet? And what is the impact of playing a cracked frame?
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    Prince Shark LongBody MP Racquet

    Has anyone tried this racquet yet?
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    Different Tennis Balls - How do they play?

    My son's coach gets them to bring their own balls for practice. I've bought them the Wilson US Open balls. They play competitive tennis and the circuit that they compete in uses the Wilson US Open balls. I'm wondering what difference it would make if I got them Dunlop Fort balls to play with...
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    O3 Tour or Babolat AeroPro Drive for Junior Player?

    My 13yr old son plays competitive tennis at state level. He is currently using the Prince More Control DB850(Oversize) racquet and is currently looking to switch racquets. He has tried the O3 Red and says that it's better on serves and volleys, but not as good on ground strokes. He likes the O3...