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    Barricade 5 pics here

    Not much changed lol http://www.***.com/menstennisshoes.asp?id=24&cat=adidas%20Futures%20mens%20tennis%20shoes#304
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    New Nike shoes vapor 5 and cage 2's on p w p

    New nikes on www.p w then nike futures tennis shoes
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    Any pics of the microgel prestige.

    I get the new prestige each season unless its dredfull, does anyone have any pics of the ne microgel prestige??!?!?!
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    New Roddick racket.

    New babolat, its the Roddick one third from the top, theres an extended version aswell. If anyones interested.
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    Contracts expiring

    Anyone know if any pros' contracts are due to expire, im eager for some new gear on some players or rackets, especially Roddick to get out of that boring Lacoste apparel.
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    Plastic racket bags

    I cant find any plastic bags to cover my natural gut string job could someone tell me where i can find them.
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    Floor stands.

    I have a Eagnas 126e stringer its brilliant but id like a floor stand to add to it. I've searched the internet and found various floor stands but im not sure whether they fit the 126e, my question is will any eagnas floor stand fit my stringing machine or does it have to be a specific one if so...
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    Natural Gut

    Where can i get a reel of Natural Gut, any brand, any gauge i just can't find a reel just sets.
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    Winning record against federer

    2 questions: What top 50 player has a winning record against federer and what top 50 player has won thier last meeting.
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    What would happen:Nadal vs Karlovic

    Say Nadal were to play karlovic i have no doubt that nadal would win but i think he'd find it harder seeing as he puts so much top spin on the ball and would therefore be an advantage against the players of average height but would turn out to be a sitter to just put away for the likes of...
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    Roddicks lead tape.

    Does roddick put Lead on the handle.
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    Leading up a Aeropro drive

    I want to put 30 grams on my racket but i need some advice on how much to put on the handle and at 3 & 9.
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    Any ideas on a racket for a big hitter with good volleys preferably a weighty racket e.g 330g/340g give or take. I have a double handed backhand and changing from a lm prestige mid Thanks
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    Leading up an 03 tour

    I've tryed an 03 tour and liked it but my god does that thing ever need some lead but i thought of the holes. Is it possible to lead it up if theres a thin reel of lead tape or is there no chance.
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    Robby Ginepri and Under Armor

    I just recently looked on and saw ginepri wearing under armor when did this happen i thought he was still with nike.
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    Greg in a final.

    I just heard on tv that greg rusedski was the last man to reach a grand slam final is this true if so what year and what slam. Seems surreal that he did it before Tim.
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    100% 1st serve

    Has there ever been a match where someone has had 100% 1st serve record if not whats the closest anyones ever got. Exclude Bharami for obvious reasons.
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    Any pro's using the racket with the right paint job.

    From all of these threads about paint jobs i get the feeling that none of the pros use the racket with the correct pj. I know the babolat players use the correct racket but is there anyone else that uses the same racket as the pj.
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    Bryan bro's singles.

    Do the Bryan bro's play singles just not at a high level, If they don't do you think if they did play that they would be any good. Iff they were to play singles they would get more publicity.
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    Eagnas 126e?????

    Could someone please tell me if the Eagnas 126e is a good stringing machine for someone who is a beginner. It's in the post and i just want to know if its good. Bear in mind i won't be string 20 rackets a week just probably 3-4. Comments would be appreciated.
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    Shocker of a pj for grosjean!!!!!!!!!! Check out the shocker of a pj the famous long grommet strip is missing on his "prestige" does anyone know what he really uses.
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    Sole changing.

    Does anyone knowif or where i can get the soles on my tennis shoes changed to suit the surface im playing on. I dont know why nike dont sell grass court shoes or clays they'd be rakin it in from the spaniards. If federer had his S2's with a grass court sole at last yr's wimbledonthen there must...
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    Slazenger X1/Pro braided

    Why don't slazenger make Tim Henman have his racket painted like the X1 because it can't be good for there sales and i havn't seen a pro braided anywhere. Surely it would help slazenger 'cos the only reason why british little kids buy slazenger rackets is because of there only decent player.
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    Estusa for pros

    Do any pros use estusa rackets i think becker used to use one but is there a more recent player that uses them.
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    3/4 Length pant at Wimbledon.

    Ive heard they're not allowing the nadal 3/4 lenghts at wimbledon this year if anyone could give me a little more detailed info it would help. Surely if the vest tops are allowed then they should be to.
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    Reebok Bricks.

    They just dont make a resonably light shoe do they ive tryed loads including the pumps and they're just so weighty does reebok expect people to have calf muscles the size of tree trunks. Nike Vapour S2 now theres a lightweight shoe.