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    Nike Air Max Vapor Wing MS Black/Lime/Turq

    What’s going to happen with the supply on this shoe? I’ve been watching it the past several days and it has said availability will start July 8th. My issue is that size 14 disappeared from the list a couple of days ago. Will any 14s be available like they seem to be for the blue colorway?
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    Small, Simple fixes

    This is a thread for tiny fixes to big problems. Here’s my journey: I hurt my wrist turning over a piece of furniture 2.5 years ago. It hurt to hit a forehand for a year and I wore a brace for 1.5 years while I played. During that time I just wanted to survive on my forehand side. For the past...
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    Hydrogen Water

    Has anyone here experimented with any of the various forms of Hydrogen Water? From what I understand it comes in cans, or you can make it using magnesium bars, tablets that you drop in the water, or machines that add hydrogen to the water (you pretty much have to drink the glass/can of water...
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    College Tennis at the Aussie Open

    Right now the men's and women's teams from USC and USC (Southern Cal and South Carolina) are at the Australian Open to train and play matches against each other and against the Aussie Junior National Teams. This is the first time college tennis and a Grand Slam have teamed up to do something...
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    Isner Charity Challenge (with Roddick, Bryans)

    John Isner had his Ebix Charity Challenge event in Charlotte yesterday. This event involved an exhibition match against Andy Roddick followed by those two taking on the Bryan brothers in a doubles match. However, before the event, they held clinics (one for adults and one for juniors), which I...
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    Old junior rankings

    Does anyone know of a resource to track down old junior rankings? Specifically, I am looking for North Carolina rankings from the mid 1990s. All USTA sites I have found only go back to about 2001. Back then the rankings and the tourneys for the upcoming year were published in a magazine that...
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    What are your experiences and recommendations for recovery from pneumonia? I am on my last day of antibiotics now (huge improvement day by day). I have follow-up chest x-rays tomorrow, so I'll be able to get medical advice then. However, I have heard people say they came back too early and...