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    Pros and injury prevention

    Hey all, Thought this could be an interesting topic and one that I haven't seen debated too much. Which pros really stand out as having avoided injuries throughout their careers? The following names come to my mind: Federer (yes had the back issues in 2013 but never took time off), Djokovic...
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    Incomplete pronation on serve

    Hi guys, judging by slow motion video I have incomplete pronation on my serve. What I mean is that the racquet correctly approaches the ball with the edge of the racquet face, then pronates to make clean contact, but then on the follow through it never really makes it to full pronation. Federer...
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    Best Nadal match so far in 2015?

    What do you guys think has been Nadal's best showing so far in 2015? Not talking about his performance in an entire tournament, just his best match in terms of sustained level of play. To me the Berdych match in Madrid stands out far above the rest. Anything else ?
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    Weird Federer FH grip

    Hey guys, I don't know if anyone else noticed this on the ATP World Tour website today: On the picture Federer is about to hit a FH on the run and his grip doesn't look like his usual FH...
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    Low maintenance tennis style?

    I recently played against a well ranked junior in an open level tournament and got destroyed. It got me thinking, this guy is practising every day whereas I am lucky to get two or three sessions a week, due to adult life constraints. So just due to that there's probably no way to beat him... Or...
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    Next racquet for ex-PT 630 user?

    Hi guys, My very last PT 630 recently broke, and I've grown a little tired of hunting for those on e bay. Besides I'm looking for something slightly more forgiving, with a larger headsize. I have tried the Babolat Roddick PD for the last few months out of curiosity. I like the comfort...
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    Wimbledon 2014 - new generation finally coming of age?

    Couple observations: Looking at the 3rd round, I see: Dimitrov, Raonic, Nishikori, Kyrgios, Vesely, Kuznetsov all there. Even Jerzy "can't win a match in 2014" Janowicz could join them if he beats Lleyton. And Tomic, although he didn't make it past round 2, impressed many people in his...
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    Good tennis club in Hong Kong?

    Hi guys, I will likely move to Hong Kong by the end of the year and am already trying to plan a few things, including where to live and obviously where to play tennis! I'm looking for a tennis club with a good concentration of high quality players, and indoor courts as I understand it is...
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    Tennis in Beirut, Lebanon

    Hey everyone, I'll be in Beirut for a month in June. Anyone there, or know about good tennis clubs? Cheers, Mikael
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    Tight/sore left lower back after playing

    Hi guys, I sometimes get a sore/tight left QL (quadratus lumborum) after playing - I'm a rightie. The physiotherapists I've seen have all confirmed it's the QL, but unfortunately none of them know much about tennis so I haven't been able to get any advice other than "stretch it before and...
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    Getting rid of elbow pain

    Hi everyone, Over the last couple years I've been facing a difficult situation: whenever I play more than 3 hours on two consecutive days I start feeling pain right between the forearm and the biceps. I guess it could be some mild form of golfer's elbow (I say mild because the pain always...
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    Will Mardy Fish qualify for the ATP Finals in London?

    What's your take on this? He lost in the 1st round this week in Basel. Currently ranked 8 but a good 500 points clear of Almagro and Tipsarevic. Del Potro and Simon are slightly further behind. How likely is it that one of them ends up catching Fish?
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    Who else has beaten Federer, Nadal and Djokovic in slams?

    As of today Tsonga has beaten Nadal (AO 08) Federer (W 11) and Djokovic (AO 10) in grand slam tournaments. Quite impressive. Who else has managed it? I can't think of anyone off the top of my head. Soderling and Del Potro both have the Fedal scalp but not Djokovic. Safin has Djokovic and Federer...
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    Enqvist vs Soderling ?

    Interesting to compare these two considering they are both Swedish, have (more or less) similar games, almost identical height/weight and the Sod has often stated that he used to look up to Enqvist as a role model. Even though they are exactly 10y apart they still played 4 times on the ATP...
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    Improving the first serve

    What's up guys, My problem is the following: - I like my second serve. It's secure, it can have a high kick, impossible to attack, can even set up points from time to time. - My first serve is great when it's on. It's powerful, flat. However, my first serve percentage is most often...
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    Increasing extension on the forehand

    Guys, Any tips on increasing extension on the forehand? For years now I have known that my forehand lacks extension, typically after contact my arm wraps up too quickly, kind of like Tsonga in the middle pic here...
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    Jim Courier vs Jaime Yzaga May 2010

    I was quite surprised to see this match-up advertised at my local club, I had no idea Jim Courier would bother flying to Lima to play an exhibition match against Jaime Yzaga. It was fun to watch Jaime practise every single day at the club, leading up to the exhibition match. I think he was a...
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    Tsonga forehand lacking extension?

    Anyone else feel the same? Instead of hitting through the ball it seems like he is almost just "slapping" the ball. Check out these pics:
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    What's wrong with Safin's forehand?

    Anyone? I'm watching his match vs Stepanek and his forehand is all over the place, it seems he can't hit two aggressive forehands in a row without making an UE. I've been noticing this in his game since last year. His forehand used to be a real weapon and a consistent one, even though his...
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    Top 10 getting taller in spite of slow surfaces

    I just realized that compared to a couple years ago the top 10 as a whole seems to be getting significantly taller: Federer and Nadal at 6'1'' Djokovic at 6'2'' Murray at 6'3" Roddick at 6'2'' Del Potro at 6'6" Monfils at 6'4" Verdasco at 6'2" Only leaves two "shorties" under 6ft...
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    Playing in super slow conditions, what would you do?

    Hi guys, imagine you are playing on a slow court with very fluffy balls versus a fit opponent who doesnt make UEs and plays good defense. You usually win points with the pace of your shots and are not very patient when it comes to digging trenches and slugging through 20+ shot rallies...
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    A few notes from Moncton challenger

    Hey guys, I spent the last three days at the Moncton challenger... the tennis was good but man is it tough to watch 3 days' worth of tennis without being able to play. Anyway, I saw a lot of interesting stuff, discovered new players, etc. Looking at the draw before the tournament two names...
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    90s player wants to use a 21st century set-up

    Hey guys, after many, many years of playing with a Head Pro Tour 630 w/lead tape at 3&9 o'clock, strung at 60lbs with standard 16 gauge synthetic gut, I'm starting to feel like I belong in the 90s. Occasionally I have tried slight changes, like removing the lead tape, using 15 gauge synth...
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    Chiropractor: am I getting ripped off?

    Hey guys, I just came back from my 2nd visit to my local chiropractor in one week and I am still a little puzzled about the whole deal. It'd be great to hear some opinions about this. Here's the background info: I went to see the guy because of some lower back pain that resurfaced while...
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    Day 7 at the French Open

    So I went to Roland Garros today, and thought I'd share some of the stuff I saw with you guys. I only got tickets for outside courts, so unfortunately I can't comment on the Davydenko-Ljubicic match, or Hewitt-Ferrer... But I did see two very interesting matches! First...
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    Going to Toronto Masters Series, advice needed

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of going to Toronto in July just to watch the Masters Series tournament there... So here are a few questions for those in the know: - is there a "ground pass" system? How much does it cost? - can you just show up in the morning and buy tickets, or do you have to...
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    Roland Garros day 1 impressions

    Hey guys, I went to the French open today and got to watch about 5 hours worth of tennis... not too bad. So here are a few thoughts, hope you enjoy them: - What's wrong with Robert Smeets? This was my 1st time watching him live... granted Berdych was playing well, but Smeets was like...
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    Lateral knee pain

    Hey guys, So I have pain in my right knee, more specifically the outside part of my right knee. It first came while running about 2-3 months ago. That first time, I tried ignoring the pain to complete the run and I paid for it: the pain became quite acute over the next few hours and I had...
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    Bjorkman imitating McEnroe, Becker, Edberg, Jarryd...

    I don't think this has been posted here yet! Found this little gem on youtube.. Would love to see more vids of him impersonating other players, but can't find any!
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    McEnroe overruled?

    Interesting article on the BBC: