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  1. Backhanded Compliment

    Wimbledon 3R Tsisipas vs Isner

    young artist vs the serve in Round of 16 This will be a big test for both of them and the contrast should make for an interesting matchup.
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    Nothern Wisconsin, let's hit

    I'll be in Northern Wisconsin for a few weeks, lets hit. I played Div3 but even if you are a 3.0 its not a problem, Im not expectintg matches and hitting around for fun is fine. Minoqua, Rhinelander and Tomahawk are the easiest for me to get to. I've got a wicked wawrinkaesque backhand...
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    Midsize ? settled

  4. Backhanded Compliment

    Return of the Nike net

    TWE has this long sleeve: which recalls my favorite Nike checkerboard net design: I had two of these a...
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    Baghdatis vs Isner R1 Wimbledon 2016

    Who will win, will it be tennis? cmon... the Bag End Hobbit deserves to go a few rounds.
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    Angell TC95 16x19 flexy shakedown

    Day 1 test Subject: Angell TC95 Flex: RA63 (strung more like 58) String pattern: 16x19 Weight 12.5oz (strung) Balance 8 pts HL Length 27 in Grip (B) 4 3/8 (leather) Strung with luxilon adrenaline at 45lbs First impressions: Serve Boss. First two games with the TC95 were incredibly...
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    Suggest Stan's new pattern(s)?

    Look, Stan has opened Pandora's box. What hideous pattern could he assault NYC and professional tennis with? Share your finds... Here are some utterly tasteless/awesome ideas: Isnt this just dandy? Niiiiice chevrons I think this is a winner! Crazy pattern letters spelling out Yonex...
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    Baghdatis becomes Robin Hood in Nottingham

    Baghdatis is playing really well, knocked off Ferrer the #1 seed and in general looks like he is in really great shape, will he do it? I think he could play spoiler at Wimbledon too.
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    Review: Tour Bite Diamond Rough crossed with YPTP

    This is my first time using any tour bite. Tested setup: Tour bite Diamond Rough 17 mains, Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 Black crosses both at 44lbs on a Pacific X Feel pro 95 racquet. I prefer a dead, predictable string bed, and play a bit like Wawrinka mixed with Murray (including the hot/cold...
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    Berd crashes

    So Berd is out of Valencia... real opportunity for both Murray and Daveed: Robredo to be the other finalist? That would be a boon to his rankings, which should be higher as he's a dangerous lurker in any draw.
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    Baghdatis vs. Cilic US Open R1 2015

    Baghdatis vs. Cilic US Open R1 2014 C'mon Baggy beat Cilic: Don't break the racquets, or your face (see image above)... time to make a late career run. This isn't about being reasonable, this is about giving a player with the nickname "Baggy" some karmic support. Does he have it in him...
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    String advice for pacific x feel pro 95

    Ive been hitting with a Fischer Mcomp 95 and really like it, so Im getting a Fischer xfeel pro 95. What strings are people liking with this frame? My fischer was at 51/51 lbs Pacific toughgut 16L and Silverstring but it felt a tad springy for me... I do like it boardy. Perhaps 16 gage gut...
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    FT/ Prestige for Pacific x feel 95

    I have 2 prestiges I can trade for a pPacific x feel pro 95 or two 1 Head Prestige IG MP 9/10 this has VS 17 on the mains and Silverstring on the crosses with about 10 hours left on the string job (with black caps) 1 Head Prestige YT Pro 9/10 (strung with dead poly)
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    Recovery after travel tips

    Im a curator so I travel a great deal... and every time I do so my game takes 1-2 weeks just to regain its sharpness. Specifically, my legs feel unresponsive and mentally my clutch points just arent there. I play at a decently high level 4.5 (Im a former college 5.0 back in the early 90's...
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    Comparing 80's Prestige to an IG

    My doubles partner today turned up with a surprise... an near mint condition Prestige Pro from the 80's. Regular length and just like this one. He picked it up for 5 bucks from a thrift store. Brown grommets and all... the sparkle red finish looked great too. Lucky devil! Since we were both...
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    cracked Youtek Prestige MP

    Ive never broken any racket on court either on purpose or not... and have been playing since 1974. So I was shocked today when my favorite Youtek Head Prestige MP (I have 2 + a Pro) developed a crack at 3:00 on the hoop after a CAP scraping half volley nearby the spot. The frame is less...
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    WC SS mains Pacific toughgut 16L crosses

    The Pacific Northwest has had a very sunny and mild winter which means Ive been playing less indoors. Though it's cold 45-50 (usually 47) degrees the temp is fine. The only problem is the balls are extra heavy and dont bounce much in this colder air and I prefer a somewhat faster court. I...
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    Prestige MP, PT 630 options

    I love my Youtek Prestige MP but wish it was a little flexier and perhaps had a less tinny sound. Is the PT 630 less tinny? What are the options for something a little softer and solider? I do customize a fair amount. Been thinking about the Dunlop Bio 200 which has a 57 flex. Anyone care to...
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    Gut suggestions to cross with Silverstring

    I really like Silverstring 1.20 for a full bed... it does everything pretty well (while being the master of none) and doesnt kill the arm even in a full bed. But Ive been thinking about trying gut in the crosses to stretch the time between stringing (I get 10 hours of play with a full bed)...
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    Did Isner really tax Murray much?

    Lots of short points and not a lot of baseline rallies. Isner is more of a mental hurdle because he's so hard to break and Andy is used to being able to return more effectively. We shall see tomorrow? Did Isner sharpen Murray up mentally? possibly, but we are talking about Murray here...
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    Lendl is the answer for Murray?

    Murray has shown he has the forehand and game to be aggressive enough to win but it's the same old story... his brain. Lendl had the same problem but overcame it... I know it has been talked about before but now is the time. Lendl style total commitment is required... that requires a stoicism...
  22. Backhanded Compliment

    Cyclone tension for Head YTPMP?

    Ok I liked my hybrid setup of Proline II 17L on the mains (55lbs) and Gamma synth gut at 60 on the crosses (it cleared up my elbow problems with the Prestige MP with a full bed of RPM at 60) but I now want to try full poly again before the outdoor season really gets started here in Pacific...