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    Is it all about calories or does insulin play a bigger role in fat accumulation?

    If you ask anyone at school, work, gym, in your home and on the streets: "why are people fatter than ever and why are the obesity rates increasing?" They will answer: "People are eating too much and not exercising enough". That answer is what has been drilled into our heads from childhood and...
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    Does the rivalry of Agassi and Sampras resemble Vegeta and Goku?

    As the title asks: Does the rivalry of Agassi and Sampras resemble Vegeta and Goku? Quick points on Agassi: Child prodigy who turned pro at 16 years old and was touted to be the greatest talent in tennis Had great expectations placed on him to win multiple GS and be the number 1 player in the...
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    What is your maintenance calories?

    Just as the title asks: What is your maintenance calories for the day? I am 5 foot 7 and weight 147lbs and I lose about a pound on 2000 calories a week so I think my maintenance is 2500 calories a day. I mostly try to eat 2300-2400 give or take, in a day. If you don't know your maintenance...
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    For people who like Anime/Manga: This is my story: Front Facade; Chapter 1

    I wrote this story and drew the images. I know that at first it seems like The Mask. However, my story uses masks as the tools for power, like how One Piece uses devil fruits. Please let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is welcome.
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    Most satisfying videos to watch

    This thread is to display the things that give some secret pleasure/good feeling when you watch them: For example: This video of removing barnacles from a boat is so pleasing to watch Ear wax removal: A pro drawing: etc. Please keep it PG rated and post away or describe it.
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    Is Nadal the greatest prodigy in tennis?

    I believe that Nadal is the greatest prodigy in tennis as he demonstrated throughout the early years of his illustrious career. He was playing the likes of Moya during his teenage years while other kids around the world were playing against players near their own age. His career just speaks...
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    What is your regular eating cycle?

    The following is my typical day. I have bolded the times when I eat. As you can see, I eat two solid meals a day. I usually wake up at 5:50am and get ready for work. 6:15 am: Drink 250ml glass of chocolate milk. No solid food. 7:30 am: start work. 11:30am: Eat lunch, which I pack; usually a...
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    How many Wimbledon titles will Novak end his career with?

    Everyone keeps saying that Novak is better on clay than grass, which I don't really agree with as I think Peak Novak on Clay is equal to Peak Novak on grass. However, there is no doubt that he has accomplished a lot more at Wimbledon than at the French. Djokovic has three titles already by 28...
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    U.S. Open 2015 R4 - Tomas Berdych (6) vs Richard Gasquet (12)

    I didn't see a thread yet. Who do you think will win this match of beautiful forehand vs beautiful backhand? vs.
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    How long would you commute to work?

    My commute to work involves crossing a bridge and driving close to 38 miles one way. Since I leave early in the morning, it takes about 45-50minutes. Coming home takes about 80-90minutes. So total of almost 2.5 hours a day in the car. It is kind of annoying but it is a good job so I won't be...
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    The Great Tennis Sayings Club

    That "We need a clown for this circus" thread got me excited to find more great sayings of tennis. Please provide a either a video link or a quote with the expressions you deem should be added to the The Great Tennis Sayings Club. Let's get a few of the obvious ones out of the way: You...
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    What chances does Roger have against Nadal in future slam meetings?

    I know that everyone writes off Roger against Nadal and with good reason due to his 2-9 record against his rival as well as the fact that Roger has not beaten him since 2007. However, time keeps on advancing and Roger and Nadal are changing. Nadal for example has gotten better on Hard courts...
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    Agressive Nadal Matches

    I was watching the highlights for the 2010 Nadal-Murray SF and it was just amazing how well Nadal played in the match. The scoreline was tight for 3 sets and it resembled the two victories Djokovic had over Federer at the AO where it was just clutch play that made it straight sets. The stats...
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    If Federer, Nadal and Djokovic were the same age

    Alright, if it was Novak, Nadal and Federer in their primes at the same time (ie. they are the same age) then they would all take slams from each other. Novak would reign over AO, Nadal over RG, Fed over Wimby and all would fight at the USO, IMO. Everyone acts like Fed would never beat Nadal...
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    Super Proud of Federer

    There is too much negativity on these boards whenever a player loses a final. Especially for Federer, they call him a choker and talk about his 5 set record, and his racket change, etc. However, can any of you remember why you got into tennis? Tennis is just an amazing sport that is so fun...
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    Who is the greater player? Mcenroe or Wilander?

    Hey guys, I love watching John Mcenroe play tennis and even though I prefer his brand of tennis more than Wilander's, I respect Wilander a lot for his accomplishments and his great mentality and tactics. These two played in one of the toughest era's of tennis and they both won 7 GS titles...
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    At what point do you stop counting the H2H between Federer and Nadal?

    Hey everyone, I was just curious if you guys still count the H2H between Roger and Nadal? This thread was inspired by a Nadal fan on the boards (Champ) as he stated that he doesn't add to the H2H anymore as Fed is too old at this point. I personally think the head to head should be 18-10...
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    Do Nadal fans worry about Federer in GS matches?

    To Nadal Fans: Hey guys, I am just wondering if you as Nadal fans are ever worried anymore about Fedal matches or do you just think it is a foregone conclusion? Do you get think that Federer has a chance to beat Nadal and watch the match with uncertainty or presume that Nadal will win as he...
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    Who is the King of Wimbledon?

    Hey guys, everyone knows that Wimbledon is the biggest tournament in tennis and that the beautiful grass courts were conquered by some of the greatest players of all time. Basically, in the Open Era, the three greatest Wimbledon champions are: Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer...
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    Play Topspin 4 Here: Pickup TopSpin League

    Hey guys, I don't know if there was a thread but I searched for it without success. This thread is for anyone playing TopSpin4 online and wants to play new people and see how good our fellow Talk Tennis forum members are at the game. I suggest that people post in the following format...
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    Federer, cut from a special cloth

    Hey everyone, I know this is Nadal's day today so congrats to him and his fans. However, I was on YouTube and remembered one of my favourite Federer interviews. The link below starting from 5:00 is amazing and shows the criticism Federer faced as a tennis player before his breakthrough and...
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    Am I the only one who anticipates Fedal slam meetings?

    I have been a long time lurker on these forums and it seems that the majority of Fed fans hate Fedal slam meetings as Nadal wins almost all and hasn't lost to Fed since 2007. They cite that the reason these matches are boring and not in doubt is due to the fact Nadal hits to Roger's BH over...