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  1. graycrait

    What racket what string and what city and state are you ?

    Prince Twistpower X97s or 2007 APDs (mood dependent) Ashaway Kevlar 16g x Ashaway Zyex Pro 17g 62/58 Clarksville, TN My home court:)
  2. graycrait

    Nick Kyrgios was on an unstoppable run

    I am grateful for all the casual tennis fans Nick brings along and to see the stands full ($$) when he plays. My non-tennis playing wife of 40 yrs calls out when I am watching tennis, "Is Alacarez or Kyrgios playing?" If I say "No" she continues on with what she is doing, if I say "Yes" she...
  3. graycrait

    Why are people throwing the towel on Carlos Alcaraz?

    Didn't Carlos just turn 19? If no injuries I can't wait to see him when he is 23-24.
  4. graycrait

    Overwhelmed by strings

    Hey! He said he was a 3.0, don't make it complicated. Best is syn gut or cheap round poly in mains/syn gut crosses. Whatever is cheapest.
  5. graycrait

    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    @skydog ,
  6. graycrait

    Beatriz Haddad Maia US Open 2022

    That is one big strong fit young lady. With her skill set and physicality she can overwhelm quite a few WTA players. I like her chances if she can keep it together physically and game time mindset. This is kind of sad but...
  7. graycrait

    Helping a beginner get into the game

    @SV10is , Make sure you have a 70+ ball hopper and don't make picking up tennis balls a chore. At this point nothing she does is wrong. Everything is incremental to excellence. She needs to hit billions of balls, period. Right and wrong will evolve, with nudges. Recommend reading these books...
  8. graycrait

    Character stringing on 70s TV show

    I would rather spend time with my wife and my dogs than 99 percent of the people on planet earth.
  9. graycrait

    Character stringing on 70s TV show

    @USMC-615 , I wanted a Cockatoo - Beretta was so cool and I wasn't:) "Book em Danno." Now I am happy just to be alive. Me and mutts:
  10. graycrait

    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    @Astonish , I think it all depends on how you string your racket and how you use your machine and initial reference tension. I never string Ash Kev less than 62lbs on my Wise. 65lbs on the lockout. To me winch stretched means boardy for a longer period of time. But then the guys I string for...
  11. graycrait

    Intuitive Tennis, back again with the equipment knowledge bomb...

    Nikola Aracic was good OVC player 20 yrs ago. Hall of Fame for Murray State. I've hit with OVC champions on a number of occasions and enjoyed the chance as a rec hack. I remember one OVC champ telling me I wasn't fast enough, I exclaimed, "But I am 62 yrs old." They said "yes, I get that but...
  12. graycrait

    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    @tlm , How long does the Head Rip Control last? I have a friend who has been using Ash Kev mains quite a while . He was using NRG2 crosses but went to a slightly cheaper multi for the crosses. I think he said HDMX. We were laughing about how his Ash Kev can last 2-3 cross stringings. Yeah he...
  13. graycrait

    string suggestion 55YO 4.5 female

    @Ryebread , if the lady can effectively & efficiently swing those rackets at her age without any arm issues why change what ain't broken? Maybe nudge her in cutting out her strings a little sooner. She must hit the sweet spot pretty consistently.
  14. graycrait

    Crank machines: Prince NEOS 1000 vs Tourna 350-CS vs Alpha Axis Pro If you need to renew your NEOS 1000 for another 25 years all the parts are: Any other parts...
  15. graycrait

    Crank machines: Prince NEOS 1000 vs Tourna 350-CS vs Alpha Axis Pro

    @Oval_Solid , read posts 6 and 7. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but declare something with the reputation of the NEOS 1000 as a bad design is at best...
  16. graycrait

    Crank machines: Prince NEOS 1000 vs Tourna 350-CS vs Alpha Axis Pro

    What do you call "high tension." I've only had my NEOS for 7+ yrs, I purchased it used. I have never experienced routine or intermittent slippage while stringing crosses. I've only strung crosses up to 70lbs just for funzies on some 80's OS rackets. If you are stringing crosses over 70lbs and...
  17. graycrait

    Crank machines: Prince NEOS 1000 vs Tourna 350-CS vs Alpha Axis Pro

    @Oval_Solid , The Neos 1000 contacts the frame at the top and the bottom with 4 contact points. The bottom of the racket has two points of contact with a throat clamp that holds the racket down ensuring those 2 points remain in contact. At the tip of the racket you can see two white points of...
  18. graycrait

    string suggestion 55YO 4.5 female

    @Ryebread , I must of missed it, but what racket or rackets is she using?
  19. graycrait

    Redux: Fist pumping - will it up my game

    I think I would gain more advantage with the curled lip Sinner "pseudo" sneer. For whatever reason I have no box or fan base watching me play:) Generally I see a couple of black vultures circling above. But wait! Maybe those are USTA drones:)
  20. graycrait

    Redux: Fist pumping - will it up my game

    Is there a proven physiological or psychological advantage over the opponent via fist pump? Frankly, it irritates me to watch pros do it incessantly and then glance at their box for every winning point even on UEs. But if there is some science or pseudo science that endorses this please let me...
  21. graycrait

    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Odd. I had a 5.0 guy who lives 60 miles away contact me asking if I would string a few of his rackets with Ash Kev/ZX. He says I am the only guy "local" who knows how to string this stuff. He said he swung one of the rackets I strung and couldn't believe how comfortable with spin it played...
  22. graycrait

    Crank machines: Prince NEOS 1000 vs Tourna 350-CS vs Alpha Axis Pro

    Never used the lockout mode on the Wise. I string a "lot" of Ashaway Kevlar and Ashaway Zyex. I think I can "feather" the Zyex taffy-like stretch better with the LO. And instead of prestretching the Ash Kev I used to do 3 quick pulls with the crank.I think when you develop a rhythm with the...
  23. graycrait

    Crank machines: Prince NEOS 1000 vs Tourna 350-CS vs Alpha Axis Pro

    I've only been stringing for 7 or 8 yrs. I have only ever used a NEOS 1000. I have had a Wise for about a year. Knowing what I now know I would not have gotten one. I wanted to experience linear constant pull so got the Wise. I have no complaints about the Wise, but am toying with the idea...
  24. graycrait

    Racket for 70 yr old 3.5/4.0 Player

    @dirtballer, I'm 68. My recommendation is get a Pure Aero and experiment with string.
  25. graycrait

    How to deal with sweaty hands

    There is no "majick" fix for sweaty hands in hot humid conditions. There are only mitigation actions. I think the best is wide towel type wrist bands on each wrist. Then change often as necessary.
  26. graycrait

    Intermediate player - Do I need a new racquet?

    @mc9320 , before you spend money replacing a racket that specs really nice you might want to fool around with some lead tape. With your racket you can add weight anywhere to change the feel, swingweight, balance and static weight.
  27. graycrait

    Best/Worst Grommets

    I went through all sorts of issues with 80s Prince grommets. Funny how it seemed to be a "color thing." Have you tried Fittex in those old POGs? I went so far as to salvage old grommet sets, cut them up and use them. I had a Spectrum 110 that looked awful because of that but worked just...
  28. graycrait

    Strings moving too much

    This is the answer to all your "crooked" string problems: Mine is Gorilla Tape reinforced for the inevitable drops: When I hear someone complaining about moving strings I also expect to...