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  1. Capt. Willie

    Adidas Pharrell Accessories

    Will you be getting in the Pharrell accessories....socks, wristbands?
  2. Capt. Willie

    adidas Barricade Mustachio

    I just saw this listed. Is it being rereleased?
  3. Capt. Willie

    Chris' Davis Cup Jacket

    In the new Pure Strike VS Tour video, Chris is wearing a vintage Sergio Davis Cup jacket. Is this old or is it being reissued? Please, please, please tell me they just came in and will be up on your site in the next few days.
  4. Capt. Willie

    Chris' Socks

    In the new Asics Gel Resolution 7 video Chris is wearing a pair of socks that are red and green with what appears to be a rooster. Who makes them and will TW be carrying them?
  5. Capt. Willie

    Travis Mathew Sizing

    How does the Travis Mathew sizing run compared to other brands? I was just looking at your sizing chart and it looks like the shirts might be cut slightly smaller than other brands. So I don't know if I should be going with my normal size large or go up to an XL.
  6. Capt. Willie

    2012 Babolat Pure Drive's

    Okay, I know this has been discontinued and replaced with the 2015 but is there any chance of you getting more in? I see the 2012 Lite still up on the page although there doesn't seem to be any left. Thanks.
  7. Capt. Willie

    V-Sense V1's

    Will Volkl be putting out a V-Sense version of the V1 Pro and V1 MP? And if so, when can we expect to see them?
  8. Capt. Willie

    Weiss Cannon String Reviews

    Will you be doing reviews of the new Ultra Cable and Red Ghost strings?
  9. Capt. Willie

    Chris' Wrist

    Just noticed in the latest vlog that Chris has some kind of wrist brace on. What happened?
  10. Capt. Willie

    Adidas Barricade - Alexander The Great

    I just saw you have the Adidas Alexander T-shirt. Any idea as to when the Alexander Barricade will be available?
  11. Capt. Willie

    Poly and sub 10 oz. Racquets

    Chris, I know from other posts you say not to use poly strings in sub 10 ounce racquets. I was wondering what your opinion was on very soft polys.....something like Twice Shark? Or is that still too stiff for light weight racquets?
  12. Capt. Willie

    Fila Borg Shirt (polyester)

    TW-Europe has this shirt, by any chance do you plan on getting it in? It is made of polyester rather than the traditional cotton. Thanks.
  13. Capt. Willie

    Barricade Wall Street

    Do you have an ETA on these? I see they are already available at TWE....but I know Europe tends to get adidas stuff ahead of us.
  14. Capt. Willie

    Wilson Blade 98S Grommets

    I just want to double check that I am looking at the correct item. This grommet strip: is for the previous Blade 98S Black w/white graphics not the black w/green correct? Also, is that...
  15. Capt. Willie

    V1 Classic vs. Organix V1

    My question is for any of the play testers who have hit with both the Volkl V1 Classic and the Organix V1 Midplus. I know they are going to play very similar but are there any significant differences in any category? In your opinion is one much more powerful, better spin, better to serve...
  16. Capt. Willie

    Question for Chris - Low Tensions

    Chris, I know you like stringing your polys at low tensions. My question is do you think it is okay to use a soft poly at a low tension or should this only be done with more crisp polys? Also, if I were to string a Wilson Blade 98S @ 40 lbs. could you recommend a string? Thanks.
  17. Capt. Willie

    2015 Wilson Blades

    Any idea as to when the new Wilson Blade line will be available? Will it be sometime this year or not until next? Thanks.
  18. Capt. Willie

    Big Bang Doubles

    Who would win in a mixed doubles match? Ryan Sweeting/Kaley Cuoco vs Jim Parsons/Genie Bouchard I'm really bored right you can probably tell from this.
  19. Capt. Willie

    Volkl Organix 9

    Is anyone using (or tried) the Volkl Organix 9? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
  20. Capt. Willie

    Dunlop Biomimetic 400 demo

    This past week I had a Dunlop Biomimetic 400 demo. I know it was strung with Dunlop Silk, by any chance would you know what tension it would have been strung at?
  21. Capt. Willie


    Do you plan on bringing back any more of the Slazenger racquets?
  22. Capt. Willie

    Sergio Tacchini

    Will you be getting in any of the Sergio Tacchini apparel you have on the TW Europe site?
  23. Capt. Willie

    TW Private Label Leather Grips

    Will you be getting in any more of your leather grips in the 25mm width any time soon?
  24. Capt. Willie

    Tourna Quasi Gut Armour

    Willl you be getting Tourna Quasi Gut Armour string in anytime soon?
  25. Capt. Willie

    Slazenger Aero V100 Junior Racquet

    Does the Slazenger Aero V100 26" Junior racquet come unstrung? I was under the impression that all junior racquets came pre-strung. I just tried to order this racquet and it was showing that I needed to enter a string. Could you please let me know if this is correct. Thanks...
  26. Capt. Willie

    Wilson Blade 101 Lite

    Any chance of getting the Blade 101 Lite in? I see TW-Europe has it.
  27. Capt. Willie

    Boy's Clothing Size Question

    I hope you can answer this question for me on Boy's clothing sizes. I notice on most brands 10-12 is listed as a size Medium. However, in the Wilson clothing 10-12 is listed as size Large. So basically a Wilson Large is cut about the same as a Nike Medium.... Is this correct?
  28. Capt. Willie

    Asics Clothing Sizing

    Has anyone tried the Asics clothing? If so, how does the sizing compare to other brands such as adidas, Nike or Fila? Knowing that the sizing is all over the place from model to model with the Asics shoes, I'm afraid the clothing might be the same way. BTW, I'm really interested in the...
  29. Capt. Willie

    adidas adipure Tour Hybrid

    Could you please list the weight of the adidas adipure Tour have the weight listed on most other shoes but not this one. Also, do you know if there are any other colorways coming in on this shoe?
  30. Capt. Willie

    Lacoste Clothing

    I was just looking at the Lacoste clothing here on TW, I had never really paid much attention to it before. Anyway, I was kind of surprised at the prices of this stuff. I knew it was expensive but it is way more then I expected. So my question to any of you who have any Lacoste shirts or...