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  1. TypeRx

    Wilson Eco-Friendly Rackets

    So, I receive an email from Wilson this morning featuring their limited edition "naked" line. No paint, dyes, or packaging so COGS should be lower than their existing rackets. They also used algae-based plastics to improve biodegradability. But, I figured due to "exclusivity", they would simply...
  2. TypeRx

    What sections are taking bonus bids for 2021 USTA Nationals?

    Our SoCal section is taking a maximum of 6 bids per event (six singles players and six doubles teams in each division). Endorsements will be made based on 2020 Year-End Rankings, 2019 Year-End Rankings, or NTRP information. What is happening within your section? -- from the USTA website --...
  3. TypeRx

    Good tennis ball collector?

    Guys - would love to hear your personal experience with different ball collectors (not hoppers). I've seen wire cage roller things, the lobster claw contraption, etc. What would be decent for someone that has a 250 ball cart? I might gift a local coach something but dont want to spend $350+. Ideas?
  4. TypeRx

    Who has a Geau Axiom Tennis Bag?

    Hi all: I am considering purchasing a new backpack to store my tennis goodies. I have moved on from the 9-12 pack bags in favor of a more compact solution that I don't overload with stuff. I am considering the Wilson Super Tour options but am also intrigued by the Geau offering. A couple...
  5. TypeRx

    UTR score updates -- logic behind data pulls and timing?

    Just a quick/general question about how and when UTR pulls results from sanctioned USTA matches. In general, my experience is that my UTR is updated 24-48 hours after my match results have been published on tennislink. However, I recently won a tourney (result posted on tennislink Nov 4) and it...
  6. TypeRx

    2020 Blade SW102 Autograph

    Just received an email from Wilson about this and didn't see a thread about it, so figured I'd start one. Is this racket expected to be any different than the prior sw102 or is it just rebranded? From the description, it doesn't appear to have the "technology" they put in the Clash or v7 Blade...
  7. TypeRx

    2020 (?!) Prince CTS Synergy DB26

    Prince decided to re-release this "classic" stick. I have been a fan of the Prince CTS lineup from since I was in HS. I still hit from time to time with my Prince CTS Graduate 90, which is a little thinner (I...
  8. TypeRx

    Chicago burbs (W/NW) June 17-July 6

    I will be in Chicagoland (primarily W/NW burbs) June 17-July 6 and looking to get some hitting or fun matches in while there so I don't get too rusty and fat. Since it is summer, public or HS courts are great but if you belong to a club I of course don't mind paying guest fees. I don't know my...
  9. TypeRx

    Recommend me some good podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

    I'll be driving ~30 hours in a few weeks and then another ~30 hours during return a few weeks after that. I've done this drive maybe a dozen times over the past several years and usually drive 14-16 hours a day including my gas stops. I typically listen to whatever music I have downloaded, have...
  10. TypeRx

    How to pre-stretch Ashaway Monogut ZX or ZX Pro

    While there are multiple ways to do this, here is a step-by-step on how I pre-stretch this string. You should aim for about 10% stretch with ZX/ZXP (e.g. 22-24" out of a 20' run). If using Kevlar mains, I also recommend pre-stretching (you can get 2-3” out of 20 ft pretty easily). Hope you...
  11. TypeRx

    Saddlebrook (Wesley Chapel, FL) -- Apr. 26-28

    Doing a 3-day clinic with some friends and figured I'd post here on the off-chance someone else from TT would be there at the same time?
  12. TypeRx

    Chicago burbs (W/NW) 12/26-1/2

    Hi guys -- longtime Chicagoan here (moved to SoCal 5 years ago) back in town for the holidays. Would love to get some intense hitting or a match or two in while I am in town. I'll pay for court fees and can play in most of the Western and Northwestern suburbs. Let me know if interested via PM or...
  13. TypeRx

    Volkl V-Sense 8 grommets

    TW: Are the Volkl V-Sense 8 grommets really different between the 285, 300, and 315 rackets? There are all listed separately but the VS8-315 grommets are OOS until May 27. Just wanted to confirm.
  14. TypeRx

    Need a FAT starting knot

    Hey guys: I am running into a problem with the starting knot of my OGSM 18g crosses. Basically, the knot is a bit too small and getting pulled into the grommet when I am pulling tension on the first cross. I know many of you use a starting clamp to avoid this but I don't currently have one. I...