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  1. J011yroger

    Has anyone actually worn out the tread on the new Barricade?

    If Adidas ever made tires it would be over for the rest of these bozos. I have defeated the uppers on a couple pairs that I went to war in and the bottoms look fine and dandy. Would love to see pics if anyone has actually worn out the outsole on them. J
  2. J011yroger

    I've got big balls!

    What the heck is going on with QC for balls the last 2 years. Especially Pro Penn Marathon. I just randomly get oversized balls. Probably not noticable to the average Joe but when you are feeding thousands of balls per day you notice 1/50 is bigger than the rest. Anybody else? Also noticed...
  3. J011yroger

    Current toughest tennis shoe on earth?

    I'm torn between VC4 and new Barricade. VC4 is by far the toughest Nike ever made. New Barricades look embattled after a couple weeks but they just keep chugging along like a diesel Mercedes. J
  4. J011yroger

    The Adidas squeak!

    Man these boys make some loud shoes. J
  5. J011yroger

    Clay shoes on the decline?

    Nearly impossible to find now. J
  6. J011yroger

    Any of you guys using the WHOOP?

    Thinking of getting one and wearing a normal watch since my Galaxy watch basically sucks. J
  7. J011yroger

    When to stop adding weight to main lifts for tennis performance.

    I set some arbitrary goals of 1 x bodyweight bench, 1.5 x bodyweight squat, 1.75 x bodyweight DL, and pullup. 10 reps each. Is there any reason to add extra weight after this for tennis performance? My plan was to just focus on range of motion, and move onto plyo, balance, and flexibility. J
  8. J011yroger

    Hitting the net man.

    Watching the Oz doubles final and thinking it's funny how USTA players get their undies in a bunch when you hit at them. J
  9. J011yroger

    Can you still buy white zinc oxide?

    All I could find last summer was clear. J
  10. J011yroger

    Tsits grip change?

    His FH looks more under the racquet and serve more towards eastern FH grip. J
  11. J011yroger

    Black Knight now available in 15g.

    I still have a couple reels but I will likely be ordering a few sets to try with my Grey Fire 1.30 crosses. J
  12. J011yroger

    Serve video 2 hours notice.

    @Chas Tennis had some questions about serve videos with willing participants and I had a couple of cancellations this afternoon so I can do a little video if there were any particular things any of you wanted to see. J
  13. J011yroger

    How many 6-2,6-2 losses are there between an absolute beginning league player and Novak Djokovic?

    Let's say that a beginner 2.5 loses 2&2 to a low 3.0, who loses 2&2 to a high 3.0, who loses 2&2 to a mid 3.5, who loses to a low 4.0 < mid 4.0 < low 4.5 < mid 4.5 < high 4.5 < mid 5.0/decent college player < high 5.0/average college player < good 5.0/good college player < 5.5/excellent college...
  14. J011yroger

    Myrtle Beach Feb 24-27

    Any ideas for tennis? Any good pros? J
  15. J011yroger

    It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!

    After a long 4 day weekend in Orlando which included drinking eleventy beers while watching my team at nationals, I returned to NY and began my training for 40+ greatness in 2022. I have hardly played the past couple years since Covid, but I have been hitting, teaching and playing practice...
  16. J011yroger

    Official 2022 ratings thread.

    When do we expect them? First week of December? Let's gather all our data points and such in one place. Should be a doozy. J
  17. J011yroger

    Tier 1 Prototype

    @TierOneSportsOfficial was kind enough to send me a prototype of a new string to demo, just broke it. Review to follow. Ok, String arrived in a nondescript envelope looking somewhere between Christmas lights and earphone cords, but fortunately strung up normally with no ill effects from the...
  18. J011yroger

    40+ 9.0 nationals, November 12-14.

    Anybody going? Would be cool to meet up with more folks from the boards. @schmke your services will once again be required. J
  19. J011yroger

    This is my Boomstick!

  20. J011yroger

    Give us a blazing fast indoor hardcourt!

    One of those early 90s indoor club courts we had to play on where you could see the shine of the lights like a basketball hardwood and a short backstop. Cool temperatures and regular duty balls. Turn all these guys loose and see what happens. J
  21. J011yroger

    Jack Sock is the Apex Park Player.

    Hustling his dad bod around the court, serving with a forehand grip, avoiding backhands wherever possible, preferring doubles. Great to see! J
  22. J011yroger

    Let down by my coach.

    I have been coached by one of my greatest supporters @LeeD for many years now but he failed to even show up in the thread for my greatest ttw match up to date against @MaxTennis . Max was illegally coached on changeovers by @nyta2 while I was left to fend for myself. Many times I went to my...
  23. J011yroger

    Playing in 2022 leagues with a 2019 rating?

    What a time to be alive. What happens if you play an early start league and then get bumped at year end? Is it up to each section/region as to how to handle it? J
  24. J011yroger

    Did Nike or Adidas win 2021?

    Lackluster effort from both companies... J
  25. J011yroger

    Tri Level, Mixed, and Men's for a self rate?

    Hey guys, Here Tri-level starts first in September, running through December, Mixed starts in November, running until April, and then Men's runs May to July. If a new self rate plays all three categories how is their rating calculated? Can you strike out of any category at any time? Do...
  26. J011yroger

    Why can't TW get clay shoes?

    Come on guys! J
  27. J011yroger

    Where are the 40+ 5.0s playing in 2022?

    2022 was going to be my year until they got rid of 40+ 4.5+. I'll keep playing 18+ obviously and mixed but it's really slim pickings. Adult tournaments were getting lame before COVID here and now it's a joke. J
  28. J011yroger

    So uh, how's 2021 going for you?

    Can't believe my year is over. Played one mixed match in November, and 3 men's matches and I was done for the year by July. I checked the tournament scene and it's pretty bleak. Seems like people just aren't into it. Tennis is booming, courts are full, selling racquets and stuff, lessons...
  29. J011yroger

    Defiant Generation Fit?

    How is the length on these suckas if I am halfway between sizes? J