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  1. Edgecrusher

    "Did you watch the match?"

    I really had a hard laugh Very entertaining answers from the players.
  2. Edgecrusher

    Peugeot Ad

    Sorry if somebody posted this already. Let them talk ;-)
  3. Edgecrusher

    Welcome back, Nole! Seems I‘m not the only one who missed a full-on Djoker to make things exciting again :)
  4. Edgecrusher

    Great sportsmen
  5. Edgecrusher

    Is this really Andy´s brother?

    I´m not quite sure. Would bet Jamie is Tomic´s brother :D
  6. Edgecrusher

    Very insightful and entertaining interview with Boris

    I think some of you will like it. Interview starts at 30:40.
  7. Edgecrusher

    Which song describes your tennis idol best?

    If you had to choose just one song which describes your tennis idol/favorite best which one would it be? Folks, I kindly ask you not to turn this thread into a stupid childish bashing area, just post songs about a player you like. Here we go ... My choice for Djoker is this one: LIONHEART...
  8. Edgecrusher

    Tennis fans in real life - Monte Carlo review

    I know I am quite late but nevertheless I wanted to give you some thoughts about the past Monte Carlo Rolex Masters. I was travelling with a bunch of friends MC and met a lot different tennis fans. Most of them were fans of Rafa, Nole, Roger but of course I met fans of other players as well...
  9. Edgecrusher

    Nole - a passionate sportsman

    I just watched this video: Love it to see how passaionate Nole is about Basketball. You can see that he'd rather be on the court than being tortured by sitting outside and waiting for what will happen :-D
  10. Edgecrusher

    Today´s a great day!!!

    I just ordered my tickets for the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters in 2015. My brother, two friends of mine and me will attend all 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals and the final. Will somebody else from this board travel to Monte Carlo in April next year? Looking forward to spring 2015 :-)
  11. Edgecrusher

    20% of the Swiss people don´t know Roger Federer

    As I am living in the very South of Germany (near the Swiss border) I am listening during work often to Swiss Radio. Today´s hot topic is that they did a survey with the result that 20% of the interviewed Swiss people don´know Roger Federer. WTF!?!? :-)
  12. Edgecrusher

    Tommy Haas to undergo shoulder surgery!

    German Magazine Spiegel reports that Haas won´t return to the ATP tour in 2014. (in German)
  13. Edgecrusher

    Indian Wells 2014 draw

    I just wondered that nobody already posted a thread about the 2014 draw. What do you think? Who will prevail at the end?
  14. Edgecrusher

    Djoker thought about retiring ...

    In this Eurosport news 4 days ago Novak states that back in 2010 he thought about retiring from Tennis. He said that after losing often to Roger and Rafa he had a kind of love/hate relationship to Tennis. But he came to the conclusion that he has to get through those tough times in order to...
  15. Edgecrusher

    The final GOAT decision :mrgreen:
  16. Edgecrusher

    How ignorant is this guy?

    Though his colleague Prim Siripipat pronounces Djoković correctly Greg Garber always prefers to pronounce Novak's surname wrong. This is ignorance at its best. He's been doing this for years now...
  17. Edgecrusher

    Sometimes it feels like ...

    "everyone's begging for an answer without regard to validity the searching never ends it goes on and on and on for eternity" Some moments ago I listened to one of my favourite records from the 90's and had to laugh when I heard again those words above. Somehow it reminded me of my daily...
  18. Edgecrusher

    GOAT obsession and fanaticism

    Hi there, for a long time I was reading interesting stuff on this board before I registered myself to take part in the discussions. To me what attracts really negative attention is this whole GOAT thing. People are arguing endlessly who is the best player of all times. I don´t get it ...