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  1. Rorano_Fedalovic

    I have a beef with my bevels

    sup fellas Today I brought out my old Wilson K90 for some fun. What struck me immediately was the bevel feel I had due to the leather grip compared to the synthetic one on my Head PT2.0 My dilemma: I really like this from a feel perspective; however, using a leather grip chews up my hands...
  2. Rorano_Fedalovic

    Tomic Appreciation Thread

    sup fellas Imo there is not enough love for the GOAT Bernard Tomic here on TT; let's gather our Tomic luv here
  3. Rorano_Fedalovic

    AO2022 vs WC2022

    AO: Deportation of Novak due to not getting the shot; mass hysteria amongst NadulI fans, first re Djokovic and then re Slam #21 WC: Possibly all the top players infected; Cornet dropping the bomb about Covid during this year's RG; practice partners of Rafa withdraw due to covid; meanwhile, the...
  4. Rorano_Fedalovic

    A hypothetical for Nadal fans

    Would you prefer Nadal to win Wimbledon because everybody else got tested positive or banned because russian, or him play his best grass court Tennis with a complete field but lose to let's say Alcaraz in the final?
  5. Rorano_Fedalovic

    Does Covid strike again?

    According to various news outlets, Djokovic has been seen hugging a later to be tested positive Cilic and there's been proximity to Nadal and Berretini as well during/around that center court practice publicity stunt; Let's hope for the best as I want to see some goddamn grass tennis, but alas...
  6. Rorano_Fedalovic

    GOAT appearance

    Step 1: enter the center court in the douchiest attire immaginable Step 2: remove the douchy outfit to reveal your actual playing apparel: Step 3: Forget about haircuts, actually forget about hair in general because NFTs : Bamos!
  7. Rorano_Fedalovic

    HEAD PT 2.0 16x19 - stfu, take my money, but MAKE IT HAPPEN

    I need moar spin fellas I promise I will also mow the lawn of Sir Andrew Barron Murray's palace every day for the rest of my life.
  8. Rorano_Fedalovic

    Your favorite polys in 18x20 rackets

    Sup fellas I'm currently using my beloved T1 Black Knight (1.23) in a Head PT 2.0 and was wondering what your favorite polys for dense string patterns are?
  9. Rorano_Fedalovic

    Higher peak level in slams: Yannick Hanfmann or Henri Laaksonen?

    Going over TTW today, I came to find that amongst the great pantheon of expert tennis threads, this topic was sadly missing. I am expecting thorough analysis of both journeymens play, with an outlook on future endeavors and a rigorous analysis of whether they achieved their potential. (Btw, my...
  10. Rorano_Fedalovic

    Let's get philosophical : 21-20-20 or 61-0-0?

    couple of scenarios so can't be bothered to poll this mess. anyways, this is for the people with strong preferences for one of the big 3 over the other 2, here it goes: 1) would you rather have your guy be 61-0-0 or 21-20-20 ? 2) you get to choose between the 2 scenarios, but this time you...
  11. Rorano_Fedalovic

    There should be a Mug Slam

    So the mugs can win one too.
  12. Rorano_Fedalovic

    A different take on the Big 3 in January 2022

    I will make this short as I'm more interested in potential discussion than touting my own (or my preferred players) horn. As of now, all 3 of them hold a very strong argument to be the godkings of tennis olympus; 1. The Nadal; 21 - the current slam record. the most black on white argument...
  13. Rorano_Fedalovic

    Who will win Wimbledon 2022?

    Have a feeling the clay court season is gonna be a snoozefest this year, so why not go straight to interesting stuff. Discuss.
  14. Rorano_Fedalovic

    Time between 1st and 2nd serve

    this poll is long overdue imo
  15. Rorano_Fedalovic

    MSV Focus Hex silver

    sup fellas Any input on differences between the standard black focus hex and the silver color? I got myself a sweet deal on a couple silver reels and need to know if it's worth pulling the trigger.
  16. Rorano_Fedalovic

    Here's hope for the nexgen

    Backhand already better than tsitsimug
  17. Rorano_Fedalovic

    It's about time for a new era

    I mean, wouldn't it be the goat breakthrough if Jannik beat the undisputed clay king, the most recent slam winner and the ttw-declared goat back to back for a Schlemm? Forza!
  18. Rorano_Fedalovic

    The emperor needs new clothes, eh, strings

    sup fellas As the outdoor season is slowly coming to an end over here I am planning a little string testing marathon during November. I currently play with Genesis Typhoon (1.26) in a stock Yonex Vcore Pro97 330 and I'd describe myself as the quintessential brainless ball basher playing with...