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    Wimbledon Federer's 2nd Serve % Tournament Comparison Filters/Adv: - Wimbledon - All rounds/results 03: 59.3% 04: 61.7% 05: 63.5% 06: 66.2% 07: 61.2% 09: 62.0% 12: 58.5% 17: 66.9% According to Fed fans, his performance through the tournament across all rounds...
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    Top 3 Clay Matches?

    1. 2. 3. (if anyone has a longer ver that is similar quality, please link)
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    Impressive Young Nole performances

    Young Nole underrated. Amazing ballstriking.
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    Simon: " We lost him (Roger Federer) on the way, the representation of the players does not matter to him. ”

    Full quote: Simon " On increasing prize money earnings for early tournament exits .... Novak is trying to tackle complicated issues in the interest of the players in general. We lost him (Roger Federer) on the way, the representation of the players does not matter to him. ”
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    Novak Djokovic and a New Players Group Want Tennis to Fix Its Broken Economics
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    Who's draw is harder now? Ned or Nole's?

    With Thiem out, seems like the difficulty is much more similar
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    It is what it is.

    I felt that the Djokovic DQ was fair personally. Yes, he lost his chance for another slam. Yes, he isn't getting any younger. Yes, this might be hard to recover from. But, it isn't the end of the world. Rome and RG are next. What happened, happened.
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    Do you think the reaction to this tournament would have been the same if Djokovic and Nadal had not participated and Federer did?

    Seriously, the amount of moaning and groaning about Djokovic is reaching astronomical levels. I sincerely doubt it would have been the same if roles were reversed. There's a certain level of it that I can stand and was prepared for, but the amount of complaining has seemed to reach a fever pitch
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    New Djokovic interview with the NYTimes What he said about vaccines > Djokovic said his own experience with the coronavirus had not altered his views on vaccines. He has said that he would have a difficult decision to make if...
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    One of the best 4 set matches finally uploaded in higher quality

    I had already watched it, posting here if anyone hasn't
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    Federer vs Djokovic: Underrated 3 set match

    Quality match, all court and high intensity tennis. Especially the first two sets