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    Generally how much better are racquets now than they were 15+ years ago?

    In golf the technology has advanced so rampantly out of control that using a driver from 2005 in a serious competition now is seriously hamstringing yourself - you are probably giving up at least 10 if not 20 yards on an identically hit ball and with noticeably less forgiveness too. This is...
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    Fade spin on serve

    I have noticed currently when I serve I am only capable of producing fade spin rather than the draw spin that I notice appears to be standard when I watch basically any form of tennis media. Obviously this means there is a problem with my motion, but I bring it because I'm curious *why* I don't...
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    SW forehand

    I am struggling a bit with this because I don't understand how it is supposed to be visualized. Is it more an overhand sidearm swipe like Eastern or more an underhand fanning jab like Western or is it either depending on exactly how strong of SW and where the ball is? I spent a solid 20 minutes...
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    Which pros have the most compact service motions?

    Title. Just trying to crowdsource names of players to study.
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    Overgrip questions

    How decayed can a regular grip be before it is too unstable to host an overgrip? I find myself needing to regrip two of my modern frames and don't really want to bother with a full regrip at this time so it seemed like a better opportunity to start testing out overgrips than attempting to rescue...
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    Serving grip

    Why do people say you need to use continental for strong serving rather than "frying pan" grip when this grip (i.e. Eastern) does not prevent you from performing any of the body motions such as ISR responsible for generating power on the serve?
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    Line call etiquitte

    What is the right way to treat a situation where someone hits back a ball that was out but they call it out more or less as they're hitting it? I see from this Australian website: Is this common consensus? (please ignore my embarrassing spelling error in the title :oops:)
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    Why do women still play BO3 rather than BO5 in slam matches?

    It is 2022 and there are equal prize pools, I see no justification for continuing to devalue their side of these competitions with mickey mouse formatting.
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    Why is syn gut more popular as a non-poly option than multifilament?

    I am curious if it is just the price or if there are other factors at play.
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    Why was Andy Roddick so bad at the French Open?

    A win at USO, three W finals, four AO semis, yet never past the fourth round at RG and that only once. Is it really just the reliance on his serve?
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    Best overgrip for leather?

    I recently unearthed a nice wooden racquet from a collection of things. It has a leather grip that looked intact, but when I went to hit with it I felt the grip starting to decay in my hand almost immediately. I stopped hitting before there was any serious damage, and since I'd rather not regrip...
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    Have you ever faced a member of the Big 3 in a dream?

    I just woke up from a very trippy nap, one portion of which featured me playing tennis against Nadal. I don't remember the context so the story starts with him serving the first game. He went easy on me, but after I uncorked a gritty skin-of-my-teeth short CC return winner on the first ad in I...
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    Electrolyte supplementation

    Is this something I should be doing? I often find myself with an irresistible craving to drink soy sauce after I make a serious effort to hydrate with water so I'm wondering if that is what I am trying (clumsily) to do.
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    Ratings Appeals

    Are more ratings appeals motivated by someone wanting to move up or by someone wanting to move down? I'm curious about the collective psyche of semi-serious recreational tennis players.
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    Is there a definitive guide to the different HC Slam surfaces over the years?

    I see these different names like Laykold and Rebound Ace mentioned in numerous threads when people are debating the legacies of pro players and it would be nice to have a list of all of them in one place. I tried to search first and didn't find anything so if I missed something obvious because I...
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    grip replacement help

    I am looking to regrip my racket and would like to know if there any grips that are known for being "rough" rather than just "tacky" or if this is even a product category at all. For those of you who play golf, I am basically looking for the tennis equivalent of a corded grip. I have spent a...