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    Chang v Roddick: Who was the better player?

    chang and it is not close.
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    Is Graf the best female player ever on all surfaces

    yes, she maybe the best female player on each surface, i don't buy the crap she never face any True grass courter, clay courter, hard courter. You can only play the opponent in front of you, if one wants to give certain players play all formidable opponent, go buy virtual tennis or topspin and...
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    How many slams does Serena need to be the GOAT

    I think she needs 24 slams in order to pass steffi graf to become goat, yes i know graf won 22 slams, but she has calendar golden slam and won at least 4 times each slam, a big plus, so serena has to have 24 slams to surpass graf in my goat list.
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    Just one question

    When i watching federer roddick 09 wimbledon , it never occur to me that roddick will win even though that score happen, Nadal is and always be the toughest opponent for federer no matter the surface they play (except maybe indoor)
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    Technical difference between Nadal's backhand and Djokovic's backhand?

    I agree djokovic backhand is far better, if nadal still have his 2008-2009 backhand, then it is close, but now he only has **** backhand, but since he is winning many matches, so i guess it is fine.
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    Will Nadal achieve undefeated seasons on all surfaces?

    Why is there so many stupid threads? I will understand op posting this thread if it is wtf already, but it is only beijing, still have shanghai and wtf to play. Stop making stupid thread.
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    Is Federer a better clay-courter than Nadal?

    Please stop posting this ********.
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    Nadal is too overrated after his 13th slam.

    He is overrated in the sense some people calling him goat now, while reality right now federer is goat
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    If AO '14 was changed to rebound ace, would one of the Big 3 still win?

    Nadal, for some reason, i think slower hardcourt favors djokovic more than nadal, djokovic out of this world hardcourt defense can retrive any ball onn it.
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    That one point that could change the outcome of a match and rivalry,

    2006 Rome Final, 2007 Wimbledon Final, 2012 AO Final, 2013 FO Semi for me.
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    rAFA is the New World No.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for some reason, i think nadal prefers to be no. 2 spot, i think he won more slams and titles as no. 2 than as no. 1. Can someone verify that?
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    Is Federer better than Muster on clay?

    Of course federer is better, it is not even close.
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    murray return confirmed

    I think it is too little early, but it is s great that he tries first in exhibition.
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    Can Djoker surpass Fed on clay?

    He still has to have results for another three year before he can surpass federer on clay.
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    Toweling Off

    Tennis isnot as "sport" like other sport, it is not an coincidence that people dont consider golf and tennis sport.
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    When did federer overtake sampras in the all time ranking?

    When he claimed his 14th, he already passed sampras, i would argue also when he won 13th or even 12th.
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    Why doesn't Nadal have two forehands?

    The question you should ask is why don't Nadal serve in right hand occasionally.
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    Which player at his best could beat any other player at their best?

    Federer at his best could beat anybody but nadal (except indoor), match up problem. some say djokovic 2011, but i think prime fed can beat him most of time, no match up problem. As for prime nadal, djokovic 2011 beat him, but not as convincingly like what happened in 2011. As for nalbandian...
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    Disappointed in djokovic major final record.

    You guys shouldn't disappointed, he is playing with roger and rafa, of course it is hard, plus he should have lose the AO 2012, but he won so no need for disappointment.
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    Objective method considering all surfaces to determine GOAT

    Determining GOAT has many ways. Everyone has different criteria, personally the most objective determining GOAT or the greatness of a player is the following: number of slams ( duh), winning different slams multiple times (capable of winning on defferent surface, no fluke slam), the above two...
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    Is taking time offs a legitimate strategy ?

    Let me ask you a question, do you thing serena williams legitimately won all her slams while time after time she tank match and skip tourneys throughout her career?
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    Does Murray ever smile?

    He and nadal rarely smiles during matches. Both are different personality on and off court.
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    Will Djokovic become greater than agassi?

    Novak will definitely surpass agassi, but i dont know when.
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    Do you agree GDimitrov will win multiple grand slams?

    Errr, why dont we talk about this after he won an atp title.
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    Tier 1 players from Sampras' Era

    Too bad during that era, there are no tier 1 greats aside from sampras.
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    David Ferrer the greatest overachiever in modern times

    He is extremely consistent, he always fights, a late boomer though. Too bad he is in time with nadal, could have won FO.
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    Who is the better hardcourt player? Djokovic or Federer?

    Wtf, the answer is federer not even close.
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    Forgot about this match...

    Federer from his prime days has always struggle againt excellent retrieving players, i am not surprise
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    Rafael Nadal is the Shawn Michaels of Tennis.

    Federer is Stonecold , Nadal is Undertaker. Man, you reminded me the days I watch wrestling.
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    Tennis popularity in China...

    Tennis is popular in urban provinces/big city in China. Football is #1 sport, follow by Basketball. In China, Federer is the most popular tennis player, follow by Nadal. Djokovic has the most female fans.