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  1. tusharlovesrafa

    As a die heart Rafa fan I have a very dark concession to make !!!!

    First and foremost I am still over the moon that Rafa won AO 22, I have seen the highlights of the final for like 10 times. And yes, I am secretly hoping for one more miracle comeback from Federer. He deserves one more Wimbledon after all the heart breaks. I would be very happy if he can do...
  2. tusharlovesrafa

    Just Finished watching DBZ and Dragon Ball Super!

    I always wanted to watch DBZ , I was unable to finish it when way back in early 2000s when it stopped broadcasting on Cartoon Network in India. Finally, I downloaded the whole series from the Torrent website.. I am still awe struck, also watched Dragon ball Super brolly. Saw around 40 episodes...
  3. tusharlovesrafa

    Number of UK coronavirus cases rises by 30% to 273: Wimbledon in doubt!

    Wimbledon should not be held even if there is a slightest of risks. We cannot risk a single life for tennis!
  4. tusharlovesrafa

    It's incredible seeing 45 years old Fed playing so well!

    Can't believe how a 46 years old fed keeps on doing it? Is he the G.O.A.T?
  5. tusharlovesrafa

    Can anyone complete this equation, LIGHT : MOTH :: MICKEY MOUSE TOURNY: R_______. ??

    LIGHT : MOTH :: MICKEY MOUSE TOURNY: R_______. ?? What should be correct answer?
  6. tusharlovesrafa

    What to do , my dogs seems to like fed more??

    Well, just recently I observed, my dog wagging her tail when watching fed's match on TV..She has a very short attention span, but she would rather watch fed play on TV than anything..She doesn't seem much interested when Rafa plays, she would rather play fetch ball when Rafa plays.. Is this...
  7. tusharlovesrafa

    Rafa won't win US Open 2019!

    I want him dearly to win..I can't see it happening..He has to go through Shortman, which would be tough..Shortman has Rafa's number and he is gonna run him ragged..Sorry can't see him winning this year..
  8. tusharlovesrafa

    Is 40-15 the reason for hate against Djokovic in ttw?

    Lately there seems to be barrage of anti Djokovic threads created here..Is 40-15 the reason behind it? What I find hilarious is that people here act as if they are some sort of saint..I can bet my ass that 99% of people would snap if put under pressure that top pros go from day to day.. Just...
  9. tusharlovesrafa

    Gotta love Djokovic for what he is doing!

    As a Rafa fan, I must admit.. Djokovic is Rafa's biggest rival...He has pushed Rafa so hard and made him to be a better player.. If Novak overtakes Rafa in slams count I will have no regrets in naming him the GOAT..Lately I have seen so much hate against nole that it has become nauseating to...
  10. tusharlovesrafa

    The Expanse

    One of best Sci Fi shows ever made..Syfy dropped them after the 3rd season..Jeff Bezos saved it, now it will be on Amazon prime this year..
  11. tusharlovesrafa

    I am gutted for Federer! Feeling bad for him..

    Not his fan! Apart from all the trolling and stupidity i feel bad for him..It was clear that Fed was the better player for most of the match...He just turned into a mental midget in the breaks..Really sucks for his and his fans! I hope he can win one final Wimbledon...
  12. tusharlovesrafa

    If Fed wins he is the 9th wonder of the world, if he looses he is too old!!

    Lmao! I would love to see the excuses if fed looses!
  13. tusharlovesrafa

    Fed fans can rejoice as much for beating post prime geriatric rafa on his weakest surface!

    Tommorow nole will put fed out of his misery! Hope Nole spanks him badly!
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    Brings nothing new, vultures on a weak era...Not ready to retire and let go off $$$...Thinks every one adores him...Obscenely rich, exploits swiss tax system...bad person...
  15. tusharlovesrafa

    Hand the Wimbledon Toffee to Nole!

    Fed will reach the final and will loose to nole in tight 4 sets...No point watching wimbledon anymore since winner is already decided, its written in the stars!!
  16. tusharlovesrafa

    Feds Seize Estimated $1 Billion In Cocaine From Ship In Philadelphia!
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  18. tusharlovesrafa

    As a Rafa Fan i dont care whether he Eclipses Roger's grandslam count or Not!

    I dont really care! I am happy he won his 18th slam! Vamos
  19. tusharlovesrafa

    Thiem has legitimate chances against Rafa!

    Thiem is young and hungry, playing back to back matches won't be an issue..He has already beaten Rafa! I expect thiem to fight for his life tomorrow!
  20. tusharlovesrafa

    Federer is such a Class Act! Djoko needs to learn from him!

    Fed may not be my favorite but comes off as very class! Djokovic needs a lesson from the Maestro!
  21. tusharlovesrafa

    Federer will win! He is the Goat! GOAT wins..

    Freddy will win against Ralph! He is the Goat! GOAT wins....
  22. tusharlovesrafa

    Suffering from Obsessive Oreo Disorder!! HELP!

    Last night I freaking ate half a packet of Oreos just before my sleep, which sucks coz I am trying to avoid eating junk food since last month as I had gallbladder surgery! Oreos are my weakness...HELP!
  23. tusharlovesrafa

    On my way to become a Billionaire!! Yaay!

    Just now I have been contacted by Nigerian Prince who is a Billionaire and willing to donate his wealth to me provided I send him a token amount amount of $500... After getting my freaking $1.5 Billion, I would open a restro bar and I'll set up a franchisee of hotels..Vamos!
  24. tusharlovesrafa

    Is Nole a smooth criminal?

    Nole has literally moonwalked to goathood! Should UN hold him accountable for atrocities committed against fedal?
  25. tusharlovesrafa

    Did fedal tactically tank their matches in Madrid to save their H2H against the mighty Nole?

    Disgusting of fedal to tank their matches to save their legacy against Nolan!
  26. tusharlovesrafa

    Really awesome to see fed playing on clay!

    He nearly beat Prince of clay! Lol.. It's insane how talented he is...He may not win anything on clay but really cool to see him play aggressive on clay...
  27. tusharlovesrafa

    Happy Birthday Sentinel!

    Heyy senti , happy birthday!! How does it feel being 70 years old?
  28. tusharlovesrafa

    Did Federer reach his prime in 2019? How long will it last?

    Was going through Federer's match in 2019 and realised boy oh boy, he looks to be in prime..Goat backHand, goat forehand...Goat movement, never gets tired! I could easily see him winning Rg, wimbly, and US open..he will further increase his tally to 23 !!:)
  29. tusharlovesrafa

    Eagerly waiting for Fed to take on Rafa on clay this season!

    As a die heart feddy and Ralph fan , i am eagerly waiting for Prime feddy to take on Ralph on clay and sent him packing...;)
  30. tusharlovesrafa

    I have cholecystectomy ( gall bladder removal surgery) tommorow!

    I will be having cholecystectomy tomorrow! I will be thinking about chicken wings , kebabs and 2008 RG finals before going to sleep...;)