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  1. Sephiroth619

    Pro's Pro Ichiban Spin

    I just bought a reel of the Pro's Pro Ichiban Spin and I think it's terrible, not worth the money. It reminds me of Gosen Polylon, not like Babolat PHT like they advertise. I know it's a cheap string but I was hoping it would be something like isospeed Baseline. The isospeed baseline is an...
  2. Sephiroth619

    Anyone play in the Diamond Bar / Eastvale / Chino / Jurupa Valley area?

    Anyone play in the Diamond Bar / Eastvale / Chino / Jurupa Valley area?
  3. Sephiroth619

    K90 or N90 w/full black strings

    Anyone have any pictures of a K90 or an N90 with full black strings?
  4. Sephiroth619

    Federer fans, who are you rooting for now at Wimbledon?

    I'm just curious who the Fed fans are rooting for now that Fed is out of Wimbledon. Personally, I feel this is Murray's one and only shot for GS title.
  5. Sephiroth619

    Caption this: Isner vs Mahut

    Isner: "You fail at life. Don't you dare look at me".
  6. Sephiroth619

    Federer's no look passing shot

    Fast forward to 2:35 The shot itself is at 2:50. How many of you guys would attempt a winning no look passing shot like this? I would definitely try it, but the chances of it going in like that? Pretty slim.
  7. Sephiroth619

    Can someone explain this point for me?

    Sorry, double thread. Please delete.
  8. Sephiroth619

    Can someone explain this point for me?

    Fast forward to 5:09 This was a pretty cool rally. Fed hits a backhand right to Santoro. Santoro returns it and Fed smacks it out the court but was given the point. Santoro looks like he did something wrong but it looked like a clean hit to me. I dunno.
  9. Sephiroth619

    Photographers aiming at Nadal's groin

    Look at the chick smiling. In fact, they're all smiling.
  10. Sephiroth619

    Poor court conditions.

    Say you're in the USTA Flex league. It's your opponent's turn to pick his home turf. He picks a court that has poor conditions for example: poor lighting, dusty, leaves all over the place, etc... however it's more than a playable surface. Do you complain to him or man up and play? What is your...
  11. Sephiroth619

    Federer and Birdy facial expressions

    Look at Fed's facial expressions vs Berdych. Berdych looks stressed as hell as if he's fighting for his life. Fed looks bored and barely focused.
  12. Sephiroth619

    How many string saver tabs are you using?

    1. How many tabs are you using 2. What racquet are you using with the string savers? 3. What area of racquet is getting the string savers? (Ex: Upper, middle, lower portion of racquet). 4. (Optional question) Why are you using the string savers?
  13. Sephiroth619

    Fed&Nadal during the Indian Wells Exo

    Way too many threads about Agassi/Sampras during the Exo. I just wanted to say that I thought Fed was hilarious at the Exo. He has a great sense of humor, humility, and kept things fun despite the awkwardness. When he kept rambling and Agassi asked who he was talking, I literally LMAO. And...
  14. Sephiroth619

    I love this shot from Federer.

    The match is Federer vs Tsonga AO10. Go to 4:01 Fed returns the serve from Tsonga and runs to the net, Tsonga lobs, Federer puts it away with back turned. I love the angle of the shot.
  15. Sephiroth619

    It's Federer, aka Ferrari

    Look at this stud Is there anyone cooler than him?
  16. Sephiroth619

    Wilson "Six One"

    Did Wilson dedicate their racquet line up to Federer's height? I mean why Six One as in N6.1, K6.1, etc...?
  17. Sephiroth619

    This guy kinda looks like Fed.

  18. Sephiroth619

    How important is a warm up before a match?

    In your opinion, how important is warming up minutes before a match? If very important, how do you warm up? Practicing your strokes lightly, moderately, or go all out?
  19. Sephiroth619

    Caption this.

    Nadal: "Just a little lower" Med guy: "Okay but we have to be slick about this"
  20. Sephiroth619

    Verdasco's cheetah back orange shirt.

    No sir, I don't like it. And he desperately needs to get rid of the hat. I was digging his center spiked hair at AO 09, or at least the mullet not too long ago. No hat please.
  21. Sephiroth619

    Poor Ernests Gulbis

    He has to face Murray in the first round. If there's a god, he will knock out Murray in the first round.
  22. Sephiroth619

    What a stud.

    May he win USO 09.
  23. Sephiroth619

    Quick review of the Gamma Monoblast 16 poly

    Had a chance to string my Dunlop Aerogel 300 with the Gamma Monoblast 16 poly string last night. Tension is probably 55lbs all around, maybe 1-2% higher. Gamma Monoblast sells for $4.25 a set, $68 + shipping on TW. Impressions: It's a decent poly string. From a looks perspective, doesn't...
  24. Sephiroth619

    Natural gut users. What stringing machine are you using?

    I'm curious, for all of you natural gut users, what racquet stringing machine are you using? Crank/dropweight/electronic? From my experience with natural gut, they stretch like no other. I can't imagine stringing natural gut correctly with a crank machine unless you simply added extra...
  25. Sephiroth619

    Cheapest place to purchase Pro Supex Big Ace?

    Anyone know the cheapest place to purchase the Pro Supex Big Ace reel?
  26. Sephiroth619

    K90 with full red string bed.

    Anyone have a picture of a K90 with a full red string bed? I'm just curious to see what it would look like.
  27. Sephiroth619

    Just got Nadal's AO 09 shirt at Ross.

    I feel like I just hit the jackpot. They had both of these shirts in my size at my local Ross: I almost pulled the trigger in buying the grey one at $50 and lucked out. Ross only sells it for $14.99. Question, what color shorts did Nadal wear with the second shirt? I can't find...
  28. Sephiroth619

    My dark sabers. Gamma G325

    I painted the white portion of my racquets black. Let me know what you guys think. One of the racquets I left the brown stripe there, the other I painted over it. Which one do you guys like more?
  29. Sephiroth619

    There ought to be two more grandslams on top of the 4.

    Like a South American Open and an African Open, one grass and one clay so that there's a total of 2 hard courts, 2 clay, 2 grass. Just a random thought since there's going to be such a long empty period from now until January when the AO starts.
  30. Sephiroth619

    Gorgeous tennis courts in Fountain Valley, CA mile park.

    I need a hitting partner. Preferably 4.0 and up. Email me: