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  1. norcal

    Acceptable for a professional string job?

    This was posted in the 'classic racket' forum. When asked about the funky stringing he said he just picked it up from the stringer. Looks like stringer shorted himself on left side main, added a piece and shared a tie off with cross string at 9T. Sound right? Anyway as an amateur stringer I...
  2. norcal

    Citizen Ashe on HBO Max

    Great new doc about Arthur. We all know his story but this is a well made doc with great tennis footage, interviews and perspectives. I loved it. Check it out if you have a chance.
  3. norcal

    Bernarda is incomPERAble

    After being a journeywoman for years, living on the edge of the show and the minor leagues, the Croatian born American has won her first and second WTA titles in consecutive weeks in dominating fashion! Saw her play at IW some years back and always wondered why she didn't do better, nice lefty...
  4. norcal

    Dad makes epic catch while feeding baby

    I caught a foul ball at a Giants game once, not nearly as cool as this guy!
  5. norcal

    Carlos 'no escape from' Alcaraz

    Heard one of the commentators say this, looked here and was surprised no one thought of it. That is all.
  6. norcal

    GIF describing Djokovic's Australian Open, start to finish.

    btw, that's a gluten free beer his tossing!
  7. norcal

    Can anyone ID the logo on this tennis ball?

    Last can out of a case of Diadems - to my surprise the balls have a custom logo. Pretty random lol. College? Club?
  8. norcal

    $250 for this Pro's Pro/Eagnas Stringer?

    One of my tennis circle is moving to FL and doesn't want to take his stringer. He emailed the group and is asking $250. I have been using my trusty Klippermate for over 30 years (probably 1k frames!); these days only string 2-3 a month. Great deal or stick with the Klip?
  9. norcal

    How to get rid of old grip residue...

    Bought this racket (2011 Ezone) off the bay, grip was literally flaking apart and when I removed it there is a ton of residue stuck to the pallet which I am finding very difficult to remove (without damaging pallet). I figured someone here might know an easier way (been using miniscrewdriver...
  10. norcal

    KSwiss Ultrashot v KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme, fit similar?

    I love the Ultrashot I & II and would like to try the Hypercourt Supreme - for those who have worn both, are they similar fit-wise? Ultrashots fit my feet pretty perfectly. Thanks!
  11. norcal

    Anyone see a stranger factory defect in a tennis ball than this? *pic*

    A member of my tennis group bought a case of Costco Penn's and opened a can Sunday at our doubles. We were using 4 courts, I was never on the court with the balls in question. Anyway after almost 3 hours I was getting ready to leave and I heard that court talking about broken strings and a...
  12. norcal

    All the right Struff!

    Win or lose today (it's 3-3 in the 3rd against Tsitsi) I am becoming a big fan. Guy has really improved his groundstrokes and most importantly his transition and net game. It's nice to see a player with the self awareness to adjust their game to be competitive against the baseline bots...
  13. norcal

    This make sense?

    2 identical rackets (Ezone Xi), strung with same string, same tension, same machine. Despite using a DW with floating clamps my string jobs are very consistent (usually within .3 of lb). Been hanging on to a new Xi for a couple years, it has only been strung 3 times now. the 2nd Xi had been in...
  14. norcal

    Can anyone solve the Bublik's Cube?

    Love watching this guy, he's entertaining, isn't afraid of the net, big game, underhand serves and ...crazy. Now about that shot If he can put it together how high can he go?
  15. norcal

    Reviving new cans of balls that have been sitting too long

    So a while back I got a case of Penn's on sale, they arrived and when I opened a couple cans they were 'soft'. Must have been sitting around in a warehouse forever. I hate using mushy balls and I'm not going to be 'that guy' bringing mushy balls to matches. Not worth the hassle to send back so I...
  16. norcal

    My Doggo in a 60 second sudden death playoff in frisbee dog contest *vid*

    Every year since my dog was a pup (he's 4) I enter him into the local frisbee dog contest in our local Uni's Picnic Day celebration. This year he did well in the preliminary round and advanced to the final where he ended in a tie for 3rd with a Blue Heeler (beautiful cattle dog) so the...
  17. norcal

    This tension loss sound about right? DW v Crank

    So while waiting for some parts for my ancient Klipper, I strung a racket on my neighbor's Czech Tension crank machine (looks like this) He said he strung his rackets @ 60 and his felt loose compared to mine so I strung @70. Did not crank fast, clamped off pretty quick. Came off the machine...
  18. norcal

    Guess how much my emergency appendectomy cost? *invoice*

    Just got the invoice, surgery was in October. facts: after being in pain all morning went to urgent care. they told me to go to emergency (no ambulance; they offered). admitted to emergency late afternoon, mri showed bogus appendix, then surgery. released the next day noon-ish. How much do...
  19. norcal

    legends doubles final

    Is so entertaining!
  20. norcal

    22 y/o female police officer murdered in my town last night

    I was dropping my daughter off at her dance studio around 7:30 and there were sirens and emergency vehicles everywhere. Figured there was an accident or fire or something. Real crime rarely happens in my quiet college town so I wasn't concerned. As soon as I dropped her off I got a call there...
  21. norcal

    Racquet Tune 7.0

    Updated the app and it has added 4+ lbs to my tension readings even though it says all racket data is transferred over. Last week it measured the racket I'm currently using at #42, this morning it's #46 after the update. Anyone else having similar readings? What am I doing wrong here?
  22. norcal

    The Curse of TTW Strikes Again!

    It's two most hated players are now World Tour Finals Champions! Keep hating, TTW!
  23. norcal

    Palm Springs 6/10 - ?

    I'll be in PS for the next several days, looking to hit early before it gets hot. Have a private court to use. Alternatively anyone know of pickup games in town? I'm a solid 4.0 but will hit with anyone up or down.
  24. norcal

    Should WTA give protected rankings for pregnancy/childbirth?

    It's being discussed on the Tennis Channel this morning, commentary seems generally in favor. Should Serena be playing 1st round matches as an unseeded player because of pregnancy? Edit: Serena is currently ranked #422. When she left with pregnancy she was #1. From Forbes...
  25. norcal

    Yonex Durable 3 New Colorway?

    I saw the Blue colorway is being sold in Europe - Any plans to sell that here? Seems like Yonex put out their new line but no Durable version? Thanks!
  26. norcal

    Tip for keeping loose grip while serving

    Doesn't get looser than this! Wonder if he uses the 'pinky finger off the butt' technique?
  27. norcal

    Petr Korda's Son

    Sebastian, playing in the Oz Junior Final right now (ESPN 3). He is American (dad married an American?). Nice looking player. Looks a lot like his dad but not as skinny and right handed. His skills look like they could translate well to the pro game. Entertaining kid to watch. Loved watching...
  28. norcal

    If you're going to call a foot fault...

    ...make sure you call it AFTER they hit the serve. Was watching Mahut/Hebert dubs at the Oz Open and a line judge called a foot fault on their opponent, but the server caught the ball when he heard the line judge call the fault. So the umpire gave him a first serve (hinderance by the line judge...
  29. norcal

    What would you guess is the tension of this string job?

    Posting this for a little chuckle since we all aspire to string as fast and accurate as the pro's stringers: Marcus Willis: I wonder what the tension would be just pulling by hand...
  30. norcal

    My Review of a New Cross Stringing Tool

    First of all I want to let you know I do not own this product, I have no stake in it's success, I'm not being paid for this review, I didn't even get a Stringweaver tool out of it! A guy on my local league team (he is a professor at the local college and a good player) invented the...