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  1. appdach96

    2019 Pure Strike 100 grommets

    Do you know when these will be available to purchase? Thanks, kT
  2. appdach96

    Khachanov new Nike shoe?

  3. appdach96

    Yonex Pro Series 9-Pack in Clear Blue

    Will TW be getting this bag? It’s the one Kerber carries...thanks in advance. Katie
  4. appdach96

    Adidas Solecourt Jr vs Men Gamecourt

    TW Staff, These shoes look identical but I’m guessing with price point they’re not. I have the Solecourt Jr. and I’m a huge fan...I love the Navy version of the Gamecourt but not sure it would feel the same. Do you know of any difference in how they’re made? Thanks in advance. kT
  5. appdach96

    Diadem String

    good afternoon~ Will you be getting the new Diadem Evolution string? Thanks, Katie
  6. appdach96

    Junior Shoes for 2018

    Will you be getting new color ways for the Asics line? And any other new colors for New Balance 996 other than the white? Thanks in advance
  7. appdach96

    Vika's Racket @ Roland Garros

    Anyone know what racket Vika is using? Reminds me somewhat of a Yonex??
  8. appdach96

    2017 Yonex Bags

    Will TW be getting the black/lime and/or the black/red thermo bags like TWE has? Thanks, Katie
  9. appdach96

    Caroline Garcia to Yonex
  10. appdach96

    Nishikori wearing Vapors??

    Saw this on Twitter- they don't look like Barricades but I could be wrong Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. appdach96

    New Balance 996v3

    When will you get the ladies version? Also will they be making a junior version of this shoe? Thanks, Katie
  12. appdach96

    ASICS GR 7

    Is there a release date for the new Asics? Thanks, Katie
  13. appdach96

    BNP T-Shirts

    Hello, the TW website states they are 100 % cotton...the ones I received are a 50/50 blend and I am not a fan. I have emailed Customer Service but so far no replay. Thanks in advance. Katie
  14. appdach96

    Fila Delirium

    will Fila make a junior version of this shoe? Thanks, Katie
  15. appdach96

    Asics Solution Speed 3 Junior

    Will TW be getting these shoes like TWE has? Thanks, kT
  16. appdach96

    Dustin Brown "Dreddy" in UA shoes Looks as if he's wearing UA shoes during AO practice.
  17. appdach96

    Lotto Stratosphere for Women

    It looks as if Yanina Wickmeyer is wearing a pink Stratosphere, will those be available through TW? Thanks, kT
  18. appdach96

    Cibulkova to Babolat PD
  19. appdach96

    New Bryan Brothers Prince Racket
  20. appdach96

    2016 Wilson Shoes

    Will there be an update to the Rush Pro 2.0 and/or new color ways? Thx, kT
  21. appdach96

    JR Asics GR 6

    Will TW being getting the new colorways like TWE? Thanks, kT
  22. appdach96

    Asics GR 6

    Will there be any new colorways? I saw some awesome colors (women and men) on TWE. Thanks, Katie
  23. appdach96

    Kswiss Shoes

    Hello~ When will the new KSWISS shoes be out in adult and in junior? Thanks -kT
  24. appdach96

    Ladies Wilson Rush 2 and Asics GR6

    When will these shoes for ladies be available in the US? Thanks, kT
  25. appdach96

    2015 Wilson Burn

    We have heard that the Burn line will replace the Steam seems as though the string pattern will not be as open on the 100LS, a 16x18 rather than a 16x15...Is this correct? Thanks, Katie
  26. appdach96

    Kswiss Ultra Express And Big Shot Lights

    Will KSwiss release the Ultra Express in junior sizes? Also any new colorways for the Big Shot Lights in the juniors? Thanks, kT
  27. appdach96

    PRINCE Beast Attack Hybrid 17G Tennis String

    I realize this string has been discontinued...Is there another brand that makes something similar? Does not have to be Prince. Thanks, kT
  28. appdach96

    Wilson Rush

    Hello~ Have any of the playtesters tried the Wilson Rush, not the Pro, just the plain Rush? Seeing if you liked or not. Thanks, Katie
  29. appdach96

    Wislon Rush Pro

    Any idea when they will release some new colorways? Thanks, Katie
  30. appdach96

    New KSwiss Colorways

    Hello! Do you know when the new colors are coming? Such as this one? Thanks, Katie