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  1. Hnefi

    New GR6 Outsole Slippery??

    Up until recently I've used Nike V9/9.5 almost exclusively... As I've been improving my level I've started to go through shoes (and strings) much much faster, so last summer I bought a pair of GR6 (the white blue and grey) and was very very pleased with them. Lasted me almost an entire summer of...
  2. Hnefi

    The last place you'd expect to find a PC600...

    Yesterday I visited one of my favourite local restaurants, a real greasy spoon kind of place that serves comfort food, all day breakfast, and many things good from the land of high calories and high fat. :) I know the owner a bit, real nice and simple kind of guy who runs his business and loves...
  3. Hnefi

    Grommets for Tfight 315LTD 16x18

    Hey TW - just wanted to check if you were going to be stocking more grommet sets for the TFight 315LTD 16M. I noticed you recently went out of stock, but still would like to purchase a few. Thanks.